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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Lets see those sears

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Bob IN
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Posted December 09, 2014 - 08:33 PM

Lets see your sears garden tractors. I only have 1 at this point. Sears suburban 12. Id really like to have a early sears custom. Always had a soft spot for sears garden tractors. They sure do pull a lot for what they are. Use it around our farm to pull empty hay wagons around and stuff like that. And for turf tires those ugly old sears tires sure do get good traction on about any surface. (don't care for the looks of the tread, but they work) Last year we had ice on our drive way and it drove up hill on a pure sheet of ice with no chains pulling my salt spreader. Impressed me. Not the best looking but I sure do like the darn thing.

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#2 KennyP OFFLINE  



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Posted December 09, 2014 - 08:49 PM

Will later models work here? Most of mine are '81 and newer.

Image067.jpg   FF#1
Image006.jpg   FF#2
Image039.jpg   Craftsman III and #2 GTV/16
Image039.jpg   Craftsman II
Image007.jpg   #1 GTV/16 (The one that started it all!)


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#3 Bmerf OFFLINE  


    Patina Farmer / Rust Collector

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Posted December 09, 2014 - 08:54 PM

Here's mine:




All dressed up and no where to go, hope to have some action shots soon. Just not to soon.


My ST-10.png

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#4 hamman OFFLINE  


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Posted December 09, 2014 - 08:57 PM

This is " Charlie " he came to us after my wife's father passed away. He is a 1968 Custom 10 XL with a 3 speed trans with High Low gears. He has a Rear lift which is fitted with a Sleeve hitch from Agri-Fab made for a Craftsman tractor. He has a mower deck, front dozer blade, chains and pulls a york rake and rear box blade. He also pull a set of discs and drags. He can pull mos anything we put behind him. He was mainly used for mowing until last year when we got a newer Troybuilt Pony for mowing. Here he is in all his glory. By the way we have all his service records from the day he was bought until we brought him to our home as well as the original sales receipt for him and all of his Sears attachments. He has a Briggs fuel pump on him due to his original failing and they are not making them anymore. Roger



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#5 tinbender7 OFFLINE  



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Posted December 09, 2014 - 08:59 PM

here is my GT 18, this is the third old Sears I have owned and liked all of them and have used them for about everything they are built for.

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  • IMG_9377.JPG

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#6 Sawdust OFFLINE  

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Posted December 09, 2014 - 09:03 PM

I first saw a SS14 in a scrap yard & wanted this so bad only to find out it had been sold...broke my heart. Two weeks later I was told a guy had some Sears for sale so I called him & he had two that had been sitting for years in a barn. Both were SS15's one was hydro & the other was manual. Since all four GT's I have were hydro I bought the manual. This thing was covered in barn dust. I never did a thing to it & it started right up & works fine. I also got a snow/grader plow with it. My wife claims it because of the metalic baby blue & white. I would like to leave original but she wants it perdy. I could go back to see if the hydro is still for sale & restore that one for her  :dancingbanana:

ss4.jpg ss5.jpg ss6.jpg ss7.jpg

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#7 Bmerf OFFLINE  


    Patina Farmer / Rust Collector

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Posted December 09, 2014 - 09:15 PM

Could that 1986 be a typo and it's really a 1976, Roger? A 1986 would be more like the Craftsman II or III. I can fix it if need be!

I think he meant 1968, as "Charley" has the early style grill. 

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#8 dthomp17 OFFLINE  



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Posted December 09, 2014 - 09:21 PM

Here's my sears SS/16 and it's my workhorse.  Not sure of the year but I believe it's a 1976.   I use it for just about everything such as cutting grass, plowing, pulling bushes out of the ground, or pushing my 6 X 12 utility trailer and boat trailer around the yard.  I replaced the engine about two years ago with a Honda 18 HP twin cylinder.  You can see a picture of the tractor with new engine under GTT "Articles", "Custom Projects" and I believe it's the third article listed.



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#9 classic ONLINE  

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Posted December 09, 2014 - 10:04 PM

Not the most powerful tractor sold by Sears , but I always wanted a '59 and finally found one locally. I use my '76 Sears SS18 to blow snow, and I use a '69 Suburban bought new by a neighbor once in a while.

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#10 MH81 OFFLINE  


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Posted December 09, 2014 - 10:24 PM

ST16 and GT19.9
PB170774 (Large).JPG
The one that got me hooked: My SUburban 12
Mom's Newest Addition to the fleet
Custom 7 (have an electric version too, can't find pic)
Another Suburban 12 (currently not running, lost spark)
1963 DB 725
DB725 cyberman.JPG
1964 DB 725
My Rainbow Brite 18/6 (have another, but no pics)
PICT0131 (Custom).JPG
Resurrected Clunker Suburban 10
There's a picture somewhere of Dad's Custom 6 and a couple of parts units that I don't have pics of.

Thanks for the cool thread. I thought we had done this once before, but I can't find it either.
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#11 AfterShock95 OFFLINE  

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Posted December 10, 2014 - 07:56 AM

This is my 72 sears custom 8 it does run but the trans axel is shot I do have another on for it a 3 speed with High and low but I can't find a set of keyed hubs for it that are not broke so for now she is parked in my buddy's barn

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Posted December 10, 2014 - 08:18 AM

Here's the one that started it all, 1968 SS12 I inherited from my wife's uncle. He gave it to me over his nephews cause he knew I would do something with it, 10 yrs later, still sitting in garage on a shelf. :(






The SS15 I bought as project then sold, just too much work for me.




73 or 74 ST16, PO took apart, painted frame then lost interest. I have been on it for another 2 1/2 yrs, not making much progress :wallbanging:







Bought his from a buddy for my son. 64 DB725. He is supposed to ear it down and restore as a 4H project, but he seems to have lost interest, I will probably end up doing it.




This is my go to worker, '77 16/6 single. I do about everyting with it.


When I brought her home not running- drop valve seat









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#13 CRFarnsworth OFFLINE  



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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:52 AM

A  SS14  ready to push snow.

two XL10's  and an old suburban patiently waiting their turn.    Rick

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  • 006.JPG
  • 010.JPG
  • 011.JPG
  • 014.JPG

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#14 Bob IN OFFLINE  

Bob IN
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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:26 PM

Nice bunch sears on here. All pretty nice looking tractors. :thumbs:

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#15 Jazz OFFLINE  

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 08:34 AM

My first and currently ONLY tractor. I had no idea when I bought this thing it was such a well made piece of machinery.

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