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Move Loader From 317 To 318?

johnson loader

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#1 PhantomV180 OFFLINE  

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Posted December 01, 2014 - 09:36 PM

I guess the biggest question is how much difference is there between a 317 and 318 frame?


I am a new owner of a JD 317 with a Johnson loader and a Cozy Cab with metal doors.  The loader (needs hoses) and Cab (needs wiring update) are in reasonably decent shape.  The tractor is well used and in need of major TLC or replacement.  The guy I bought it from got it from his neighbor and "fixed it up" before selling it.


Before proceeding let me say that this is my first tractor - always wanted a small tractor with a loader and got this now that I'm retired.  I paid $1600 for the outfit.  I figured the cab and loader were worth that and the tractor came with the deal.


I'm considering replacing the tractor rather than repairing all the things that need to be done on this one.  My question is whether I can put the loader on a 318?  I don't know the model of loader other than it is a Johnson - part of the original tag/label is still attached and it says Johnson Manufacturing Co. on it.


The loader mounts to the front of the 317 via a bar assembly on the lower portion of the loader frame and spring loaded pins on hte top of the frame.  The back part of the loader assemble sits and is bolted on an "assembly bracket" that mounts cross ways under the tractor frame in the location where the mower deck woud normally sit.  There is no bracketing that goes to the rear axel.  The loader bracket was not made for the 317  because it was all out of wack when I got it.  I had to shorted the assembly by 1/2 inche and replace the front arms on the assembly to get it to fit correctly.  It now mounts correctly.





#2 lyall OFFLINE  



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Posted December 01, 2014 - 10:05 PM

first welcome to GTTalk

what is the problem with the 317?

you should be able to fix the 317

I would leave the loader on the 317, once you fixed the 317 

#3 Leonard VanCamp OFFLINE  

Leonard VanCamp
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Posted December 01, 2014 - 11:25 PM

Hmm, you would be going from a closed frame tractor to a open frame one, so I don't think you could use the same mounts without major modification.

#4 nbent OFFLINE  



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Posted December 02, 2014 - 01:07 AM

welcome if you can post some pictures of you loader mounts and the pump mount that would help im sure it would fit but you might have to do some modifying an advantage to putting it on a 318 is the power steering 

#5 KennyP ONLINE  



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Posted December 02, 2014 - 05:34 AM

:wave: Welcome to the forum! Can't help with the tractor part, but I do have help with pics in my signature below.

#6 Alc ONLINE  



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Posted December 02, 2014 - 06:19 AM

Welcome to GTTalk !    I don't know the differences either but it's sure would be nice to have p/s and individual rear brake if the 317 doesn't have them .

#7 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted December 02, 2014 - 12:23 PM

Welcome to the forum. The 318 is a totally different frame than the 317. The biggest diferences are in the rear which wouldn't be an issue for a loader mount. The 2 frames will be close to the same size and the front attachment area where the front hitches and front of the mower deck mounts is probably going to be the same dimensions. You'd have to do some measuring to see if it would fit. If you can find the model no. for the loader you may be able to find out if it would fit a 318.

#8 PhantomV180 OFFLINE  

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Posted December 10, 2014 - 11:45 AM

Thanks for the responses.  I have been slow to respond because I'm still trying to figure out how to access and use the forum.


My concerns with the 317 are: front tires need replacing, rears a marginal, hydraulics seems very loud, no power steering, no idea of engine model, no idea of tractor serial number.  I had a friend who is very experienced look at my engine in an attempt to find the model/serial number.  He looking everywhere he could think of - saying it should be here or here.  He finally gave up and said he has no idea how to find the model/serial number as the tag/label/numbers must be gone.  I also do not know the serial number of the tractor because the previous owner coverer everthing with spray paint.


Regarding the loader.  Model may be difficult to find - spray paint issue again - but there may be something hidden by the cab.  I'll have to move the cab to find out.


I haven't figured out how to send photos yet so let me describe the bracket that attaches the loader to the tractor.  The bracket is attached at 4 points to the frame of the tractor directly in front of the rear wheel.  I do not have a mower on the tractor but it looks like it is mounted in the mower mounting area.  The mounting bracket is made up of 4 components.  The biggest piece is the cross member that runs from one side of the tractor to the other.  This part is a 3x3 in steel tube with 1/4 wall.  Welded to each end of the tube is a platform to which the loader is bolted.  The platform is made of 3x3x1/4 angle about 4 inches long.  The angle is welded to the back side of the cross member resulting in a rear facing platform for loader.   There are two spring loaded pin asseblies welded on the top of the cross member.  These pins fit into short metal tabs welded to the tractor frame and hanging about 2 inches below the frame.  Finally there are two 3x1/4 iron arms welded at an angle to the front of the cross member.  Two spring loaded pin assemblies bolted to the tractor frame fit in holes drilled in the end of these arms.   I suspect the loader was made to fit a slightly larger tractor because I  had to shorten the cross member bracket by 1/2 inche and replace the front arms to make it fit properly.


The front of the loader is mounted to some kind of attachement assembly and spring loaded pin assemblies that appear to be part of the tractor.


The reason of my original question is I thought purchasing a 318 which is easier to find than a 317 with power steering would give me power steering and a newer model engine.  However, since my original post I found a 317 with power steering and newer model engine for sale.  From the pictures appears to have a rear PTO which my  tractor does not have.  I'm trying to arrange a look at it.  Price on tractor is $1100.

#9 Cvans ONLINE  



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Posted December 10, 2014 - 12:42 PM

  From my experience any loader can be installed on most any tractor if you have the fabrication knowledge needed to do the job. I've never worried about what a loader came off of when considering a new installation of a used loader. The Johnson loader on my Bolens GT-2000 may have come from a JD 318 but I didn't find this out until sometime after I was done with it. A sub-frame under the tractor was fabricated and the loader bolted to that. I've installed loaders on full sized farm tractors and garden tractors and I don't recall any taking more than 2 days to complete. Another day to complete the hydraulics. 

 Take some basic measurements. Is the loader frame wide enough for your tractor? This will be the most difficult thing to modify.  The frame length of the loader is easy to modify. Is your sub-frame reusable? Take the loader off of the 317 and drive the 318 into the frame and get an idea what if any modifications will be needed. You might be surprised at how little work it will take to complete the project. 

Hope it goes smoothly for you.  :thumbs:

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