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Snap-On And Other Tool Truck Brands.

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Posted November 25, 2014 - 12:50 AM

You can't talk about craftsman. They have changed for the worse and the new stuff isn't that good. Been turning wrenches for 20. I bet one drawer in my tool box cost more than most people's entire till collection. Here's what I'd get if I were you...

Harbor freight wrenches
Kobalt sockets
Kobalt ratchet
Name brand Allen wrenches.

You don't need tool truck tools for gts and most car mechanic stuff.
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Posted November 25, 2014 - 10:24 AM

I have a set by allen. II believe it's american made. The ratchet is kind of rough working, though.
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Posted November 25, 2014 - 11:05 AM



These are my favorite tools.  I worked for a company that sold these tools when I was first out of high school.  I got a huge discount so I bought a lot of their stuff.


Made in America!



Q:  Where are your tools made?
A:  All Wright tools are entirely manufactured in Barberton, Ohio, U.S.A. We use no foreign blanks and only U.S. steel. We also carry nationally known brands such as Mayhew, Vise Grip, and Channellock.  

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Posted November 25, 2014 - 07:19 PM

I forgot to mention that I also have a couple small sets of S & K sockets and ratchets that my dad gave me back in 1979. Never had a problem with them and have worked great over the years.   They are American made and are great quality.                           Roger                                                    

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Posted November 26, 2014 - 01:04 PM

What do you guys think about Snap-on, Matco, Mac, etc. Christmas is coming up, and since I'm 15 and only work in the summer (spend most of my money on tractors) I am pretty broke. If I wanted to I could maybe get a small 3/8 rachet and socket set with the amount of money I have from snap-on. I am not asking for the new iPhone or whatever this Christmas, I want tools, and thats pretty much it. I want to get tools that last forever, I know craftsman has the same warranty as snap-on but I would rather buy a tool that doesn't break than have to waste 40mins of my day to drive to sears. Am I better off just getting a very limited number of snap-on tools, or some cheap craftsman tools? The 309 piece set from craftsman is about $180 from sears right now. I also want to hear your guy's general opinion of snap on and other tool truck brands.

To answer your question above, i'd say split it in the middle-- get a medium number of medium-quality tools to start with, for your 180 bucks.  That way you can handle the most jobs with the lowest risk of breaking something with junk tools.  Probably easiest to buy a few new, small kits to get started, shop around for the best value, build up a decent set of different brands.  Nothing sadder than seeing a $20,000 Snap-On roller garage starter set for sale on craigslist for $5,000 bucks never used.  Better to buy stuff you can afford and use.


Here is one possible breakdown, it is how i started, and kept it going, over the years, on the cheap.


Also you should ask yourself the question, what tools are you going to use the most?


If you are working on GT's and small engines, also cars/trucks it will probably be

1. medium sockets

2. combination wrenches

3. screwdrivers

4. pliers


First i'd start with a small metal box to get organized, then look to fill it.  Cheap plastic trays just piss me off.  Look for a box w/3 sliding drawers, you can get something decent at a big hardware store pretty cheap if you look around.  Can also check box stores. Get drawers that feel sturdy and don't fall out.  Should be under $50.  Then i'd look to fill the box.


For hand tools #1-3 above, pretty much the first rule is, don't buy from China.  Also I've never needed a 300-pc kit, seems like a lot of stuff i'd never use.  As many have already said, don't count on a warranty, especially once you start grinding them down or wailing on them w/a hammer.  So buy what you can afford and get spares as they break.


For the open top of the box i'd start with a 3/8 drive socket set.  I'd get deep sockets, 3/8-3/4" in size, and a strip to hold them.  Then a ratchet and a couple extensions.  Look for a ratchet with a small tail to change direction and a snap ring so you can take it apart and service.  If they even still make them like that, not sure.  Look for smooth action on the ratchet.  A wobble extension is also nice.  Around $50 if you look around


Next could be a set of combination wrenches, 1/4"-3/4" size, i'd look for smooth and thin, a snap-on copy, rather than the bulky Craftsman variety, just my preference.  Hold them in your hand and see what feels the best to you.  That will go in one drawer, say the top one, probably use that the most.  Under $50


You'll probably have around $50 left after those 3 things, box, wrench set, socket set.  Probably get the best quality/deals at auto parts stores or box stores on the sockets/wrenches if new.  Sears may be ok too, depends what is local to you.


For the middle drawer i'd get a cheap US or taiwan (not china) set of screwdrivers to start with, after a while you'll be using most of them for chisels/pry bars anyway.  Craftsman, Stanley, etc.  Over time you can get better ones or special shapes/sizes.


Last drawer could be a set of pliers, they can come from china if decent quality.  But spring for genuine US vise-grips, even if just one pair.  Cheap vise-grips will piss you off like nothing else.  genuine US Vice-Grips will take a beating and last forever.


Last thing would be a good set of US allen wrenches with a ball on the long end. 

That should get you started and use up most of your money.


Screwdrivers/pliers/allen wrenches probably find the best deals at hardware stores/box stores.


Then over time you can add things as you need them, ebay is good for that, used quality stuff, or yard sales/flea markets.  pawn shops if they're not sleazy


I learned about tools by working on my car with a neighborhood retired mechanic.  he'd yell at me to use the box end of a wrench or a 6-pt socket.  I'd see what quality tools felt like and what i liked to use.  1/4" sockets most of the time, better clearance and control.  snap-on small wrenches, etc.


And keep saving your money, eventually you're going to want a compressor, air tools, rolling cart, metric tools, torch, welder, grinder, etc.

good luck

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Posted November 26, 2014 - 03:16 PM

I used to buy Craftsman almost exclusively, but the quality is not junk. The ratchets bind or slip and the sockets wear out horribly. I have about 10 10mm 4 1/4 inch and 8 5/16 that have no grip to them anymore they are rounded off inside and they are not that old.


Gearwrench is making some terrific ratchets now. They are fine toothed and I used mine for a year and a half until Heath wandered off with it and it never failed no matter how much I abused it. They have a good warranty too.



I recently bought a DeWalt tool set. They seem to be good quality. Time will tell more about that though.


I do have a nearly 40 year old SK 1/4 inch ratchet that I worked hard. It still gets it done.


The few Mac and SnapOn tools I have had no problems out of. However if they do break I have no idea where I will find a truck to replace them.

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Posted November 26, 2014 - 03:34 PM

As a wrench turner for a living and working for toyota i need to set of tools cause i use no American standards at work. I but mainly form snap on since there will always be a snap on guy in the area where i live while mac and matco are hit or miss. For home i have a bit of everything harbor freight, craftsman, autozone brand tools, snap on, mac and matco when ever i upgrade at work i always bring stuff home.


Boxes i've had matco, snap-on and mac. boxes are not cheap i just priced a snap-on epic series and the quote was like 16,000.


At work i have a macsimizer series with a power draw and i like it but i'm not as happy with the draw slides so i am considering getting rid of it. The photo shows my old snap-on KLR 78 box it was nice just ran out of room.





The second box is a KLR 78 in black that was a repo and i payed what the PO owed on it was like 1,200 bucks i think i just want a stainless top for this one sorry it's a mess still getting moved into it.


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Posted November 26, 2014 - 05:13 PM

Most of my tools are Matco with a few Snap On tools thrown in.I have used the all but really like the quality and support from Matco. I buy most of my hand tools from ebay or pawn shops for about half of the truck cost. If I need specialty tools I get them off the truck. All that being said the Kobalt and higher end Craftsman tools work really well for home use. We have been trying Carlisle tools from NAPA at work and they are nice quality and are holding up to our abuse well.

Like others said do not skip on torque wrenches and have them calibrated on a regular basis.

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Posted November 26, 2014 - 06:05 PM

I've got sone Carlisle stuff and it's done well.
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