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Leaf Blowers Echo Or Stihl?

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#16 Bolens800uk OFFLINE  

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Posted December 07, 2014 - 11:51 AM

I always use Stihl products due to ease of use and reliability. The Stihl blowers are renown for their longevity and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

#17 sacsr OFFLINE  


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Posted December 07, 2014 - 04:22 PM

My blower is about 14 years old and Stihl going strong!

#18 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted December 08, 2014 - 09:24 PM

IDK if I mentioned this but I did get the STIHL BG 86....


but I am still aggravated by lack of support no matter where I went.

I figured out the difefrence between the BG 55 and BG 86   but not a BG-86 and BG-86C and BG 86 C-E 


Nobody wants to answer product questions. Everyone sells to the xact same price, to the penny.  (fixed price) Never ever does anyone put them on sale. Every Salesmen that sells STIHL or ECHO products seems clueless at least around here  basically leaving the customer to do the eeny  meeny miney moe  game,  to figure out what they want... even among those that sell both STIHL and ECHO, nobody can point out features or nuisances of one vs the other... the only "plus" anyone comes up with is to the ECHO side with their "5 year warranty" which is longer than STIHL even if you buy "their" requisite oil at same time as the blower/weedeater/saw to "double" their warranty....

but considering what the warranty is,  you'll know if there is a "warranteeable" issue within about the 1st 3 uses... so that is also relatively moot.

my last 2 previous purchases/ of a pole saw and gas powered hedge cutter/ I went with ECHO  for the warranty reason which should not be "the" determining factor. The pole saw, I used the snot out of for about a week-10 days when I got it, since though, it gets run maybe an hour or 2 a year. (I bought it to help remove the trees that fell onto my in-law's house after a tornado, wound up cleaning up all the broken limbs for about 1/2 the block they live on)

on the hedge cutter, I got tired of fighting with 2 Crapsman ones, could only ever keep one or the other running between the pair,  so I got the orange  version, I did Mom's hedges for about 2 years with it, then she decided to have us pull them out, after having had them border her yard for ~40 years.   All I know is that growing up, I had an electric Black n Decker hedge cutter which I hated. I decided from that and Mom's electric Toro weedeater  that I was done wrapping myself around what I was cutting, just to wind up having to splice the extension cord. again. and again.  (and I hate wrapping up cords when finished... with a gas powered version... no cords.

( Growing up, my other choice was manual loppers to trim the hedges/ a definite "No way") 


a leaf blower though, I will certainly get alot of use from....


what ultimately  made my choice on which blower to buy, was the "made in USA" label on the STIHL and the "made somewhere else" (I forget where) on the ECHO machines at the local Farm and Fleet. The Stihls were more expensive vs the "comparable" Echo models. 


Between the BG 55 and BG 86  they are same size (Cu IN) and HP  but the 86 is supposed to be "professional" duty where the 55 is "homeowner" duty. so hopefully that means the 86 also "lasts longer" under same conditions. The 86 has "slightly" more CFM and MPH ratings but it didnt seem like enough in that department to make a difference... I don't remember the numbers at the moment between the 2.

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