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B-1 Paint Colors?

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#1 vintageiron OFFLINE  

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Posted November 05, 2014 - 04:31 AM

Does anyone know if there's an off the shelf paint color to match the AC B-1 white and yellow?

Mine right now is painted what appears to be highway safety yellow, or the color of the state highway tractors, which is sort of a muddy colored yellow, no where close to the pics in the bochures.


I've also seen pics of the wheels on the B-1 being painted an off white, is there a spray bomb color that matches or comes close?

My wheels right now are painted yellow like the rest of the tractor, in fact, they painted everything but the seat upholstery, tires, and steering wheel the same yellow.



#2 Talntedmrgreen OFFLINE  


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Posted November 05, 2014 - 05:59 AM

Rustoleum Canvas white is a favorite for these tractors. The B1 yellow is a creamier yellow than machines 65 and later. It is code 921285, but I cannot find that anywhere. I used AC 921281 on my Big Ten, and it is creamier than oem for a 65 tractor. I think it would be a great color (best Ive found) for a B1 or early B10. I would recommend it. Industrial Touchups has this and thats where I got mine. I wouldnt use aerosol...its not tough enough and dries real slow. I would get a quart and shoot it with hardener mixed in.

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#3 vintageiron OFFLINE  

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Posted November 05, 2014 - 11:46 PM

Right now mine is painted sort of a muddy JD yellow I guess. I haven't found a match to what ever it is. Its too yellow, and too light compared to any color on that paint chart. There's a few chips here and there that shows it was painted a few times, I see a black layer, an orange layer, a bright green layer, then the yellow is last. What ever it is, its stuck pretty good but they made no attempt to clean up the thing before painting it. They painted right over chips and scratches. The yellow however did adhere well, where its chipped, its chipped to bare metal. I don't see any sign of an under layer of yellow, so either it was stripped completely when  it was first repainted or it didn't start life as a yellow machine.

On the number plate behind the seat, which is also painted over in several colors, the only stamped numbers is 9280AC and the top of the plate reads Allis Chalmers so its not a Simplicity.

The steering column is chrome, as are the armrest supports. Every thing else is painted yellow, motor, starter generator, belt, dash, all yellow. The steering wheel and seat are without any paint as is the grill which is missing a few pieces at the top. There is also a few overspray spots on the tires from where they painted the wheels yellow as well.


What got me is that the yellow paint job is so thorough, they didn't miss a thing, inside, underneath, etc.

Even hard to hit spots up under the seat pan and linkage is all covered well in yellow, hiding the last color which appears to have been bright green, sort of like a mountain dew can green. It gives me the impression of maybe having been a county or municipal owned machine but I don't see the kind of wear on the mechanicals to justify that, unless it just never got much use.

#4 mrmd OFFLINE  

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Posted November 06, 2014 - 12:22 AM

I,'ve painted five B series tractors(112's &212) and used four different paints, including 40$/qt DuPont. I didn't have a whole lot of fun doing any of them. The best paint job I got came from rustoleum old cat yellow, 30$/gal. You can also get it in spray cans for small items.