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My First Gt - Bolens H16

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#1 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 10:35 AM


I have introduced my self in the introductions thread but I though I would start new one to post up my GT and have a place to track my progress on it.

So here is the story... I have been looking for a few weeks for a GT to be used to plow and blow my driveway. After doing some research online and looking at what seemed like 100's of tractors I knew I was looking for a Tube Frame Bollens, more specifically a 12+ Hp hydro. (Really liked the 1256 but couldn't find one for a reasonable price).

After spending another couple weeks looking online I came across a H16 30 mins from my house for 200 bucks. Phoned the guy up and made arrangements to go take a look. When I got there I got all the details on the tractor, it had not run in 3 years and was left outside in the elements. It has had the wiring tampered with and burns about half a liter of oil every couple hours. Other than that it seamed to be in good shape with everything tight and in reasonable shape

Being someone that likes a challenge I picked it up.

Here are a few pics



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#2 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 11:15 AM

So after getting it home, draining the old gas, checking all the fluids, spark ect  I decided to try see if it would start. Put the booster on it hit the key and......nothing! A little discourage I decided to try and jump it right off the starter to see if at least it would roll and maybe kick.

So after hooking it up to the starter it would roll but no fire. So squirted a little fuel into the carb and tried again....Success, it fired up an ran for a few second. I kept trying this hoping it would stay running on its own but no luck ( I was not real discourage because I was already expecting to have to clean the carb). That is where I left it the first night.



The next day on to the internet I went to look for more info. Thanks to this site I got ahold of the Tec engine manual, I saw that I was missing a wire powering the ammeter and therefore the key switch. As soon as I got home decided to give it try. I ran a new wire and then gave it a try....rolled over....success! and the it decided to fire (without putting gas in the carb). It even stayed running. I was thinking this is great so I tired to throttle it up (from half throttle where I started it) and it quits...So I try it again, fires right up but as soon as I try to throttle it up it starts to quit so I quickly move the throttle back down but go too far. Behold it revs right up, I think to myself that is weird. So I try throttling up again, RPM goes down... Throttle back up RPM goes up. I have came to the conclusion that someone has hooked something up backwards and the throttle is working in reverse.


I throttled it up and took it for a spin around the driveway. Everything is great so I try to put the mower deck down, nothing. I try raising it higher and low and behold it goes down. So the hydraulics are backwards as well...


The only other issue I have right now is it is not charging, but I plan on essentially rewiring it so I will deal with that later. Aside from these issues I couldn't be happier, I even engaged the PTO and cut a little grass, which actually looked pretty good.


Next is to get a hold of some implements, I am going to look at a blower and tiller this weekend.

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#3 blackjackjakexxix OFFLINE  



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Posted October 07, 2014 - 11:23 AM

Way to go,a little tinkering and you made progress,those are nice tractors, the hydro really makes it nice cutting grass

#4 Husky OFFLINE  



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Posted October 07, 2014 - 11:33 AM

It sounds like you are doing well with it so far. You will like having the hydro. I love mine.

#5 Bolens 1000 OFFLINE  

Bolens 1000

    DR. Bolens

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 03:14 PM

Looks like a nice machine!

This one is around a 1973-1974 model.


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Posted October 07, 2014 - 04:06 PM

Nice way to  start right to the meat and potato's !

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#7 TomLGT195 OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 05:57 PM


I didn't see your introduction thread, so welcome. nice looking bolens. keep tinkering you'll have all the bugs out pretty soon. Tom

#8 Sawdust OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 07:32 PM

Welcome to GTtalk glad to have you. These are nice GT's. I recently bought a H16 myself & love it. Keep us posted. :thumbs:

#9 Gabriel OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2014 - 07:56 PM

Nice find!

#10 Bill56 OFFLINE  



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Posted October 07, 2014 - 08:35 PM

Glad you got a Bolens. Good luck with your project, and welcome to GTtalk!

#11 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted October 10, 2014 - 07:32 AM

Going to look at my throttle issue tonight andI want check/set my govener. What is everyone using to check their RPM? Tiny tach?

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#12 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted October 15, 2014 - 09:56 PM

So I finally got around to working on this thing tonight. Went through the wiring and found that the connector on the rectifier was broken. I soldered a new wire on and put some JB weld over that for strength.
Then I looked at the throttle issue. Someone has really did a hack job on it. Can someone please post up a picture on how the throttle cable hooks up to the engine and where the clamp bolts to the engine. The manual doesn't show it very well.
Thanks in advance

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#13 JohnWR OFFLINE  

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Posted October 16, 2014 - 07:36 PM

Here are some picks of my H16.

DSC_0323.JPG DSC_0324.JPG


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#14 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted October 16, 2014 - 10:09 PM

Perfect. Thank you very much.

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#15 Rathwell OFFLINE  

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Posted December 15, 2014 - 01:06 PM

Been a while since I have posted here so I though I would give a little bit of an update on my progress.


Since my last post I was able to pick up a few implements. I know own 2 snocasters (one pretty much for parts though) and a tiller to go along with my mower. First thing to look at is the blower since that is what I plan on using first....but more on that later.



The tractor was running pretty good but not great so I decided to look the valve gaps and rebuild the carb and fuel pump. Valves were close but not bang on so I adjusted those up (Really helped with starting and elimiated my oil buring issue) Went ahead and rebuilt the carb, fuel pump and ran new fuel line and filter. Now the this thing purrs like a kitten, runs like the day it was new. I couldnt be happier....except for every time I put the airfilter back on it runs rich and bogs under load. After a little reading it sounds like I need a new air filter. Will try an pick on up soon.


Next on the list was to get it ready for winter. My driveway has a pretty good hill with 2 turns in it so I knew I was going to need some traction help. I get calcium flakes for free so I decided to load the tires. Pulled them off the tractor, broke one side of the bead and poured it in while the tire was flat on the ground until I couldnt get anymore in. Took about 7 Gal per tire and it completly covers the rim when tire is stood back up (Important for corosion). See as how I used a complete 20KG bag my estimates have it at around 80lbs per tire. I also needed chains so I ordered a set of 2 link v bar chains from Tirechains.com and couldnt be happier with them. Very nice product.

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