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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Finally Caught Up With Times!

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#16 Jazz OFFLINE  

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Posted September 24, 2014 - 04:19 PM


I joined for business only, I'm not planing on talking to any family or anything, this is a easy way to list tractors and parts for sale. I am getting lots more tractors soon, (including a single front wheel farmall H) I can post them all on here and keep everything more organized and hopefully sell more!.


Facebook does serve a useful  purpose,  you will no doubt see  an increase in business . I no longer use facebook.  I keep in contact with my children who live and work in BC and western provinces through emails, skype, and that other thingy....the telephone. What I did find when I used a facebook account is there are plenty of women I had known in the past were now desperately trolling for "mates" Such is the changing times.


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#17 farmer john OFFLINE  

farmer john
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Posted September 24, 2014 - 05:07 PM

i thought i was the last dinosaur, i have a cell phone,my kids made me get a new one because mine didnt even have a sims card, now i have a phone that does everything but i dont even know how to answer it, i just say the batterys dead, never sent a text with it, never taken a picture, and whats up with these selfies, never looked on facebook, you tube, i check craigs list / kijiji / gttalk all on my home computerthe most i ever do is comment here and answer on kijiji or buy a tractor, i get my kids to answer ads if they want an email responce, my kids say i have to learn, i say i dont have to by groceries, sooner or later they get hungery and send my mail

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#18 toppop52 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 24, 2014 - 08:10 PM

Facebook is among the least used of my media tools, mostly phone, email, texts, Skype, mail and Facebook. I was reluctant to get a cell phone, then twenty years ago I realized how much work and time it was saving me and I never looked back. I'm no electronic media whiz or anything close, but why be a fool and rebuild a motor with a pipe wrench when I can use my rollaway boxes full of Snap On, Mac and Craftsman tools that are more suited to the job? Why would I limit myself, just seems counter intuitive. Then the time I save using all available resources is spent doing what I want, like sitting on my deck or playing with my tractors or cars. I don't fault anyone that doesn't use modern technology, but I would ask for the same courtesy for those that do. Like I love to say, the past is a beautiful place to visit, but I wouldn't want live there.
Or as Jimmy Buffett said 40 years ago...."yesterday's over my shoulder, so I can't look back for too long there's just too much to see waiting in front of me..." maybe thats why my '67 Impala SS has an LS1 and overdrive tranny. LOL Bring on the next big thing!
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