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Jd318 Starter Problem

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#16 Dcost318 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 09, 2014 - 04:06 PM

well, small update.

Removed hood, side brackets and engine cowls.

got my hand on the flywheel and was able to move it, no binding.

Tomorrow I plan on jumping direct to my Ferris to check the starter.


Here's hoping the starter spins.

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#17 Dcost318 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 25, 2014 - 10:38 AM

Update after work got in the way.

Took the bodywork off and disconnected the engine.

Lifted the engine up and out a bit to be able to get at the starter.

Couldn't believe the amount of dust and debris packed into the engine cowling and cooling fins.

Starter was hesitant to come out but got it out and let in sit so I could clean up things.


I took a set of jumper cable to the tractor battery directly to the starter.  Starter spins !!

Took the positive end and touched the solenoid connection and it engaged !

So starter is good, I think.


Question 1:  Is there a way to verify that the starter solenoid is good, example resistance?  Based on a failure of one of the two windings, engage or hold in.


Question 2:  if starter is good, what other interlocks would hold it out, preventing starter to engage.  This is my original thoughts as to the problem.


I have a seat, shift handle/neutral contacts but I think that is all.  Did I miss something?


Thanks in advance.


#18 KennyP OFFLINE  



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Posted September 28, 2014 - 06:11 AM

It would be nice to have some pics to see which Onan we are dealing with here. The brushes in that starter may need replacing. It may not work under a load. Depending on which starter this is, you may be to replace the whole back cover with new brushes and bushing pretty cheaply.


Edit: checked the manual and this is either a B43G (if early model 318) or a P218 (on later models). Do you know if the engine has points? If no points then it's the P218. Still need to see what the starter looks like to know what end plate it has.

#19 Dcost318 OFFLINE  

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Posted October 01, 2014 - 01:51 PM


Thanks for the reply.

Engine is a P218G.  Based on codes it is electronic ignition.

Starter is Onan # 191-1808-05. Starter is with Solenoid mounted above, similar to GM starters I have worked on.


I put the starter on jumper cables to the car battery and it works (spins) and hit the solenoid terminal and the solenoid kicks out.

I think the brushes are okay at this point.  I also plan on getting a new battery


I am inclined to put it back together and try again. I am just not sure about the interlocks as something prevented it from starting.


We'll see what happens.


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Posted February 08, 2016 - 02:37 PM

I had tough time starting my 318 even when kept on battery tender - just bought a new battery with something like 400+ cold cranking amps and no more problem starting.  I was told batts are only good for a couple of years ... hope this helps :wave:


That said, I need to find someone who knows how to tune it up and/or rebuild carb or something ... I have to mess with the choke to keep it running until it warms up and I don't think it is supposed to be like that .... I use it to tow a little trailer for firewood and such, so it is not like I run it for hours at a time ....