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Sears St/10 Identification And Info (New To Forum :)

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Posted September 03, 2014 - 08:33 PM

Hello Everyone :)


The bug hit me and I brought home a Sears ST/10.


I will have a lot of questions but for know the first goal of mine is to Identify what ST/10 I have as I haven't seen one like it through all the photos I have seen.  It is probably nothing special in it's own right but to me it means everything :)


Here's as much info as I can give and will post pictures next.


The Model number is :91725722  (all that I could find is it's an ST/10 but don't know the year.


Gears are: 1-3 w/reverse along with High and Low range  (is this considered a 3,4,6, or eight speed? )


The Chassis color is Brown but underneath it is Yellow which has me puzzled.  if some one repainted this they did the best taping job around the stickers (shift pattern sticker etc.) as it's perfect and the Brown paint looks around the same age as the yellow.  Did these Chassis ever come as brown?


The Grill has 2 head lights and is Aluminum and one piece.


The hood nose cone is also Aluminum.


The Hood and Vents are steel.


The engine as far as I can tell is a craftsman..  I have not seen a craftsman engine in one of these just Briggs, Tecumseh or Onan.  It is Electric start.


I do have the mower deck with it.  It has a belt that comes down through the center of the chassis to a pulley on a steel spindle (rod) that has a gearbox on each end that each individually spin a Blade.


I don't know what is original or not such as rims (rear are white and fronts are silver) so if you see something that stands out please say so :)


Engine runs Great although i need to clean the carb.  Hi/Lo range works perfect!  Transmission works perfect as well.  I am planning to tear it all down and restore it and or resto/mod without physically altering (cutting new holes etc.


Time for some pics :)   I haven't cleaned this yet  The Chassis is not rusty its just the brown color.



















Thats all I have for pics at the moment.


Thankyou for Your help and time :)



- Jeff

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Posted September 03, 2014 - 08:44 PM

Great looking survivor you've found there.
The year may be a bit of a guessing gamebut I think around 76. I will try to narrow it down when I get a minute.

It is considered a six speed.

The engine is original, which is good. It's really a Tecumseh in Craftsman Tins.
The brown should be yellow, I think and the front rims might have been repainted or they might be from a newer unit.
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Posted September 03, 2014 - 08:53 PM

My guess would be a 1976 St/10 in the Custom series. Looks like a nice one  & clean. I would also say the frame has been painted the brown originally it would have been the mustard color in the pic.


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#4 440Duster OFFLINE  

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Posted September 03, 2014 - 09:18 PM

Wow Thank You! :)


I have been driving by this every day for over 2 years.  The bug hit me about 6 months ago when I was riding my JD LT 155 (the hydro is getting ready to go) and I was remembering when I was younger how every manual transmission rider I have ever used or owned never gave me any issues and how much more fun I had on them. 


The older gentleman that I bought this from was the nicest man I have met and we must have sat and talked for 3 hours about the old days before I brought it home.


That engine was driving me crazy trying to figure out what it was as I couldn't find anything about it.  But knowing now that it is the original (tecumseh with craftsman tins) makes it a little more special to me :)


How are the Transmission and Rearends in these (tough / reliable)?  I know nothing about them except that they are heavy as I can't lift the back by myself.  In retrospect my Toro Wheelhorses that I had (hydro) I could lift as well as my old white and JD LT 155.


I have a lot to learn about this ST/10 and have a alot more questions but I don't want to burn you all out with questions as I am sure you have answered them many times in the past...  So I will sneek them in from time to time

lol :)



I have to get ready for bed as I have an early morning tomorrow (taking my fiancee for a pre-op visit in St. Paul tomorrow morning.. about 1 1/2 hour drive from our home).


I will check back here sometime tomorrow :)



Thank You again For all of Your help and Time!!



- Jeffrey

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Posted September 04, 2014 - 08:07 AM

From the model number you posted, the closest I can find is a 1973 St/10, it is listed as 917.25720, you 722 is probably just a mid year slight change so it got a different #. I Know they did the exact same with the 73 ST/16's as there as been at least 2, maybe 3 different model #'s for that year for same tractor.

So, I would go with a 73. The last digits of the engine # will date the engine, but I would have to search my files to see if I could find them again.


Sounds like you have a history with Tecumseh, they are good motors, sometimes get a bad wrap, but I have 12Hp in my 68 and two overhead valved 16's I my ST's. The solid state ignition can be an issue, you may still have a magneto setup. I also get gaskets and some part through parts tree.com as Tecumseh went belly up a few years ago and new parts are getting hard to find.


It is a custom with a 6 speed ( some say 8 speed when they include reverse) and is a decent tranny, basically same tranny as in the bigger suburban models. The frameis slightly shorter than the suburbans and the front of the frame is enclosed so you can not use the same front implements as the suburbans. you would have to find a front snow blade, etc that fits only a custom.

Mowing deck is the same, it drives off the motor different than the suburbans but you have one so you are good.

Rear implements are the same as the suburbans, you just need to find a 3 point hitch assembly and then you can pull a plow, discs, back grader blade, etc if you need those.


They are a decent tractor, still a garden tractor, the front frame just makes them slightly lighter duty, IMO, than the heavier suburbans.


Color, they were a mustard yellow, not the brown. Someone must have done a good job repainting at one time as you said. A fairy decent match color is Rustoleum old Catepillar yellow I think it's called and the white is Canvas white or you can go with bright white. I've only be able to find them at our local Menards. I would not use the Valpsar paint from TSC, heard too many bad issues with it.


I would bet the upper grill is fiberglass, but I have never dealt with a custom, I know all suburbans are glass upper grill. The lower will be aluminum, yours must've been broke or something cause it's definitely not mounted correctly.



This is from the vintage sears garden tractor website......



The Custom style tractor first appeared in the 1964 catalog as the Custom 600. It remained in the Sears line-up for many years to
come. The Custom can be identified by its flat axle and lack of a channel type frame mount for attachments. The tractor's hood is
lower to the ground compared to the Suburban tractors as a result of this design. The hood height of a '71 Suburban 12 was 39.5
inches, the Custom 10 XL of the same year was 35 inches high. While the Custom gave up 67 lbs. to the Suburban, the wheel base
was less than half an inch longer on the Suburban of the same year.

The Customs had a mower deck that was driven in the center by a belt coming down from the engine. The power was transmitted to
the blades by shaft, with two gearboxes being used to provide the 90-degree turn needed for the blade shafts. Some of these decks
were made of cast aluminum.

These tractors had a rear "drawbar" for mounting a 3-point hitch just like the Suburbans. The tractors could not be fitted with the same
front mounted attachments as the Suburbans however because of the different frame/axle. Nor could they be fitted with a front loader,
or sickle bar mower. There was a snow blade, rotary snowplow (snow blower) and special 8 inch turning plow made for the tractors.

Most of the later Customs had the 8-speed "hi-lo" transmission like the Suburban. The older Customs and entry level "Compact"
tractors had the three or four speed boxes. The Custom got the designation of "ST", just like the rest of the Sears line, in 1973. Along
with the new title came the yellow and white paint scheme and new grill.

After being absent for a couple of years, the ST 10 returned in 1976, only to be replaced the next year by a line of tractors in 1977 that

more closely resembled the more modern, Murray inspired machines. Even though the post 1976 machines are not Customs in the true
sense, they were intended to replace that series and some were made by Roper, so I will include them here as time allows.

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