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Building Small Tractor From Scratch

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Posted April 10, 2015 - 01:39 PM

I am almost ashamed to even come back here and post again as long as it has been now.

Probably needless to say, I haven't began working on the tractor yet.

Heck, I haven't even fired the boiler up yet and here it is spring time already.  But I have done a lot of other jobs around here and side jobs also that people needed done so I have gotten a little ahead on the money flow for a change. But that wasn't easy because I was still paying the high utility bills but they weren't quite as bad as last years were. I think I have already said that last January's bill was $588.40 but this passed January's and February's both were just a bit over than $500 and they were the highest.

I have it ready now to fire up for the heat but we don't need any heat now. We do however use a lot of hot water so I am making two water to water heat exchangers to heat our domestic hot water and I want to try that during the summer so I can get the best idea of how much I'll save on the hot water alone.

The reason for two heat exchangers is because the hot water heater is so far from both the kitchen and then the bath too that when we turn the hot water on it takes almost two full minutes before it ever gets warm, must less hot. So I am building a smaller unit to go under the kitchen cabinet and then another to go in where the hot water splits between the bath tub and sink and from there to the washing machine. 

Anyway, I have several more jobs people want me to do so it might be a little while before I can even get that finished but I'll get it done in the next couple weeks.


Now as far as the tractor goes. I bought a Craftsman Lawn Mower with a 19.5 H.P. V-twin, for a bit over a hundred, but it needs a tractor and the rear tires but I till have the good Tractor Lug tires that I can make fit.

I don't have a very large yard to mow and have a good push mower so I am going to drop the deck off the tractor and use it this year.

I didn't realize just how small my shop was until I put the firebox for the boiler into tank and got them both back into the shop for me to finish all the designing, fabricating and welding. I also picked up a few more tools and there just isn't enough room down there to build a tractor in there I have decided to get back on my saw mill and complete that and go ahead and build me another shop out back.

So I'll get all the pictures on here of the boiler as soon as I can. Until later, Godspeed.



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