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Help With 1963 Gravely 7.6 Super Convertible

carburetor fuel flooding

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Posted July 11, 2014 - 05:00 PM

i am new to this site and cant find specifically where to post, so i apologize if im posting in the wrong spot. i need help with my gravely. its a 1963 7.6 super convertible walk behind i do not know what motor it has the tag is gone. i can get it to fire by putting fuel down the cylinder. but as soon as the carb kicks in it flood the cylinder with si much fuel i can take the spark plug out and shoot fuel six feet in the air. i have taken the entire carb apart and cleaned every thing and put on a new gasket, set all valves closed. i started turning all valves open little by little. i had it running for about 24 seconds then it died. so adjust the air and fuel again. flooded. turned them back again and did one by one. again flooded. start all over. this time doing one adjustement then the other. eventually flooded again. it gets sooo much fuel i fill the cylinder and it spits it out of the exaust.


the carb is cast aluminum and brass floats, the float is good.


if you need further information tell me how to find it on the tractor. the motor i can take a pick of and figure out how to post if needed.

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Posted July 11, 2014 - 08:03 PM

Welcome to the forum!


If you have a 7.6 you have the old Gravely T-Head.  It was made by Gravely for Gravely. 


Gravelys are very easy to flood.  Make sure your magneto is tripping the impulse (you'll hear the metallic "bang" as you turn the engine over) so the timing is right and make sure you have a bright blue spark.  If the spark is not good enough, it will flood.


To start a Gravely, and I've rebuilt almost 20, usually if I know the carburetor is good and the weather is nice, I set the choke full on and then give it 1/2 throttle.  One pull, and then I set it to 1/2 choke.  The next pull it should start up. 


Too much choke is not good.  Gravelys are very easy to flood.


Do you have manual start or electric start?


But to flood as bad as you say, you've got something else happening. 


Set your carburetor at 2 1/2 out from full in on the main jet and two turns on the idle jet. 


If you took apart the carburetor, make sure the brass jet behind the lower adjustment needle (main needle) is still in place.  Dumb as it sounds, it has happened even to me.  If it is absent without leave, you will get too much gas.  Make sure the emulsion tube (look straight down from the throttle body to the lower housing, it is the tube with the small hex head at the base) is tight.  If it is loose or leaky, it will pour gas out the carburetor.


Make sure the float is adjusted correctly.  There is a specific setting to meter the amount of fuel.


Ben W.

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