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Model 23 Briggs Apark Plug, Gap, And Points Gap?

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#1 engineguy63 OFFLINE  

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Posted July 02, 2014 - 08:28 PM

Well, I am gonna start with new points, condenser and plug. I am looking on line and it looks like I gap the plug at  25, and the points at 20, if that is correct, but what kind of plug do I use, right now I think the former owner had a weedwacker tiny little spark plug in it.....is there a current type that would be best,....I am kind assuming anything that fits in there would do the trick, but may as well be as right as I can Thanks . I think my tractor is pretty early, my engine serial # indicates a March build date of 1956 and tag says model 23.

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Posted July 02, 2014 - 09:08 PM

I'd put a Champion J8C for something of that era.


Ben W.

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Posted July 02, 2014 - 09:12 PM

:ditto: too small and it overheats, too big and it runs too cool.


Plug : .025


Points : .016 to .018


Coil : .008 to .010

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#4 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted July 03, 2014 - 06:02 AM

Look in the manuals that I pionted you to yesterday. They will answer most of your questions and teach you alot more about the engine. Good Luck, Rick
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#5 Bruce Dorsi ONLINE  

Bruce Dorsi

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Posted July 03, 2014 - 08:24 AM

I am kind assuming anything that fits in there would do the trick, but may as well be as right as I can.



Wrong assumption!


Those engines take a sparkplug with 14mm thread size and 3/8" reach (thread length).


There are many sparkplugs which have the correct 14mm thread, but the reach can be 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4".  ....If you use a plug having too long of reach, you can cause damage to the engine, which is obviously not good. :(


There are also 14mm sparkplugs having a projected core (porcelain) which stick too far out of the plug's shell (into the combustion chamber).  ...These should not be used, either.


There are several plugs which are OK to use.  ....Some are Champion J8, J8C, CJ-8, J11, J19LM, Autolite A7, A7NX, A9 or equivalent plugs from other brands.  .....Just make sure the reach does not exceed 3/8", and it does not have a projected core.


Externally, some plugs have a 3/4" hex, while some have a 13/16" hex.  ....Some are longer (externally), while some are shorter.  .....Originally, your model 23 would have used the long plug with 13/16" hex (J8 or J8C).