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Kohler Ch25 Gas Getting Into Oil.

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#1 SearsYellow OFFLINE  


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Posted June 25, 2014 - 08:48 PM

I have to start out by saying I will have to do a lot of praying over this problem.



It started two weeks ago when my lawn mower started purging oil thru the crankcase breather. I thought I overfilled the mower with oil and drained a quart out. After doing this I figured the problem was fixed. While I was taking the oil out I noticed it was quite thin but thought it was just due to the oil being a full synthetic. Next few days I was mowing a customers lawn and it started spitting oil again. I quickly finished up the yard (less than a .25 of a acre) and loaded it up. While I was checking the oil this time I noticed the gas smell in the oil. I ran to the store and bought 2 quarts of Royal Purple with a Wix filter. While changing the oil I noticed I took out over 2 qts of oil and I had only added put 1 1/2 qts in it last time I changed it. My thought was because it was hard to start and not firing that the fuel pump was pumping gas into the carb. When the gas went into the carb it was being injected into the cylinders so it was leaking past the rings and getting into the crankcase. While doing this I have cleaned the carb numerous times. Well today I put 2 gallons of gas into the zero turn and started mowing the yard. It  run great for about 5 minutes and cut off. Obviously any person that works on engines first thought is the float is sticking. I took the carb apart and cleaned everything out and put the carb back on. I started the mower and made it about 100 ft before it cut off again. I got the mower to restart again and it took 2 or 3 restarts before making it back to the building. This time I thought I had missed a little piece of trash into the carb so I took it apart again and cleaned it tip cleaners and reinstalled. This time I made it to the end of my ramp of my building before it shut off again. Being fed up with it by then I went in the house and ate supper. While sitting and eating supper I had a epiphany. What if the fuel wasn't making it to the carb and instead leaking down inside of the valves... Well in the middle of my bowl of spaghetti I ran outside and sure enough... There was a tear in my diaphragm of my fuel pump. The reason it kept cutting off was because the carb wasn't getting enough gas to be able to run on. This problem has haunted me for a good 3 weeks and I am so thankful I am on the other side of the problem now.



I am hoping by typing this I can help someone not go thru all of the problems I went thru. This has cost me 100 bucks so far (oil changes and the persons yard I have to mow for free now because I left a big oil spot on his driveway).



Tomorrow I am hoping to be able to find one in stock somewhere but I won't hold my breath.



Thanks for reading!

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#2 mopargoob OFFLINE  

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Posted June 25, 2014 - 09:07 PM

I see a bright side:

You now have an engine that is very very clean inside! :thumbs:

congrat's on getting it found and fixed before something really bad happened.

#3 superaben OFFLINE  


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Posted June 25, 2014 - 09:08 PM

Boy do I know the feeling.  You want to kick yourself in the tail for missing the obvious problem!  Is it the round pump with two flanges to hold it on, and three fittings for inlet, outlet, and pulse?


If you need one, I have those pumps in stock.  However, I bet you dollars for donuts your local shops will have one if they are worth their salt. 


Ben w.

#4 SearsYellow OFFLINE  


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Posted June 25, 2014 - 10:33 PM

Its the one that is integrated into the Valve Cover. It's basically all one piece. After writing this I figured out I do not have a CH25. It's actually a CH730.

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#5 zippy1 OFFLINE  

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Posted June 26, 2014 - 12:10 AM

Glad you got the problem solved, now you have to fix it :thumbs:

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Posted June 26, 2014 - 01:03 PM

Most shops have that generic plastic one that you can mount someplace. Uses same amount of hoses. I would change the hoses too just to be safe. These are only about $25 at my shop. Have used on Tec engines with the pump built on carb. Have to close off the ports on the old pump if still on there, to keep the dirt out. I was going to mention this pump, but see you already had the problem figured out. These new engines are pretty High Tech, like the new cars now days!