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Tire Sealer Woes

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bryan 110
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Posted June 13, 2014 - 08:03 PM

I just buy a tube the sealer dose work in most cases but growing up on a farm and never having luck with it myself I just go and spend a little more and put a tube in. I also don't have to worry about making a mess or worry about cleaning rims when or if I have to change a tire. I have a set or rims I bought that had the sealer used in them and I had such a hard time cleaning then up and think the rubber off I ended up just buying a new set. (They were going on a restored cub cadet129)

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Posted July 04, 2014 - 05:59 AM

My wife's car had alloy rims and they kept going low on air. I would just add air every so often to keep them up since the air compressor line ran to an outlet by the door.

After several years we bought new tires that come with the free rotation air fill and some other little things from a national tire chain.

We were on a 10 day vacation away from home and the tires got low on air. I went to the chain store in the area and they aired up the tires no charge. Again before we got home they were low again so I again went to one of the chain stores for air. I was expressing my option on the mounting of those tires and the beads probably not having been sealed properly so the guy said he would ask the boss about doing a dismount and remount to make sure the problem was not dirty beads.

They did it for me free of charge, but the store owner did tell me that those alloy wheels have a reputation for leaking and the older they get the worst they get. We discussed a way to seal the wheels and he recommended this product so I told him to do it.




Never again did the tires go low on air on those wheels even after we bought the next set the tires held air. I also hate slime and don't think it works worth crap. I bought one of those slime filled tubes for my mountain bike and it still would not hold air all summer.


:D    Al

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