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Have You Ever Been Voluntold?

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Posted June 05, 2014 - 12:33 PM

When I worked factory jobs (union) the understanding was you only took orders from your immediate superviser. If a higher up wanted to boss you he had to go to the immediate super and tell him.


When I hired on to the Illinois Tollway,  which is one huge bureaucracy, everyone is your boss. Asst. Foreman, Foreman, District Superviser, Crew Leader, the people driving down the road(they think), everyone. And, their not all on the same page.


When the boss tell you to do something and it turns out well, it's to his credit. If it turns out bad, it's all yours. It's the closest thing to being in the Service, I've found. 

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Posted June 05, 2014 - 01:22 PM

I am starting to wonder if the biggest reason you got shoved into this is he needed someone with enough brass to do what needed done and no real friendship ties (new-ish) with many of the guys there.

Being the designated arse kicker is a thankless job that usually sucks the soul out of you. I wish you good luck and remember, you are doing your job.


I kind of think that may of been his plan.  I am not going to mess around with these guys.  They are watching the operation fall down around them, and they have been behind on their production numbers EVERY MONTH SINCE DECEMBER.  And they just don't seem to care.  They will shut this place down if it does not improve.  In a way, it couldn't matter less to me if they shut it down, but I do care because I care about the company as a whole.  If they shut it down, I go back to my office job and my life continues as it was planned.  I have 3 other operations I am responsible for in other aspects.


I am the immediate salary supervisor of about 30 people right now.  10 per shift.  I've never had this many people "work" for me.  I put "work" in quotes because they really only show up and half do what they are told.  I'm not a slave driver.  Get done what I ask to be done, it might take you 8 hours or it might take 4 hours.  Do what you are asked to do, don't make excuses, and if the job takes 4 hours, I DON'T CARE what you do for the remaining 4 IF your work is done.


All I know is I am off till Monday now and working at painting a house.  A project I both hate and enjoy at the same time.

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