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My 50" Deck Died

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Posted May 30, 2014 - 09:34 PM

Mowing the homestead  this afternoon, and my deck died. It started Not cutting with the center blade. Put an old 50# weight on the 318's seat so I could run the deck and carefully look under to see what was/wasn't happening. The blade on the drive pully wasn't turning, but the drive pully was turning, but very wobbly.


Took the deck off the tractor, and found the drive pully was indeed not connected to the shaft, the shaft looks very worn, and the bearings are turning very rough.


Looks like at the very least, I need the sheave (pullys), shaft, bearings, shaft key, and probably new snap rings. At JDParts, that comes to almost $170. Plus, it shows that at the very least the dealer would have to order the sheave and the shaft.


Not really asking for help, just needed to vent a little. One good thing, I have a line on a used 46" deck off a 318, for $275. I've always thought the 50" deck was too wide a cut for at least some parts of my lawn. 



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Posted May 30, 2014 - 10:03 PM

Keep an eye peeled for the other 318 deck, the 48". It was not sold with any 318's new, but so many 318's were sold that they made a replacement deck for them after the production run was finished.

Just another option.
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Posted June 09, 2014 - 03:32 PM

Well, the 46" deck didn't work out, and I mowed my lawn (.5 acres minus house and driveway, ets) yesterday with my 21" self-propelled trimmer mower. Took about 2 hours with a lot of up and down hills. So it looks like i'll be ordering replacement parts for the 50" deck.


I can order the whole center Spindle assembly AM39956 assembled for about $321 from JD (a little cheaper from other sites $311 or so).


Or I can order Hub AM32955 assembled with bearings, etc. for $99.75, spindle AM39918 (now AM39914) for $40.42, and pully AM39954 for $97.66. Again from JD, and again a little cheaper from other sites. Has anyone pressed the spindle thru the hub bearings, and if so, how hard is it to do that? I don't have a hydraulic press, but might be able to cobble up something with my bottle jack.


There is also an alternate pully AM116141 that says it increases the blade tip speed by 10% (better cutting quality) and costs about $80. Has anyone used that pully, and  does it sound like a good idea?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Posted June 09, 2014 - 04:10 PM

I rebuilt the center spindle on the 48 on the 314 I had.  For the minimal difference and due to need to have the 318 going I would buy the complete unit and go from there.  Oh yeah... I ruined two center spindle housings in the process...  :(