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Causing Unintentional Trouble Again.

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#1 BillTheTractorMan OFFLINE  



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Posted May 14, 2014 - 04:26 AM

I am enraged, ferious, there isn't a word to describe it angry.

MNDOT is replacing the highway infront of my house (long over due). I never got any notification of it. This doesn't anger me though, I'm excited about it actually.

Here's what angers me.

My driveway is right off the highway. (not a problem I would have thought)

HOW EVER I learned something today. There is this evil Ford truck running around calling its self a pilot car. And supposedly every one is supposed to wait for this thing to leave driveways and go what ever direction. ( I didn't know this, got no notification)

Growing up in the cities we never had a pilot car, we always waiting to be signaled, or if there was no person to signal, waited and followed the flow of traffic.

So I waited to leave my driveway to go do my chores on the farm and check on grandpa. Jumped in behind a red Ford truck and a white car thinking alright traffic is flowing. NOT! next thing I know I'm herded off the road and into the ditch until this evil white ford and a a few cars pass. I was slightly confused but went about my way after they passed.

Now I'm on my way home and the lady stops me with her stop sign. I'm waiting 20minutes and getting mad cause I'm going to be late for work. I wave her over and she explains it to me about this pilot car.

Another 15 minutes goes by and I'm irritated.

I tell the lady either the pilot car hurries up or I'm taking off. She huffs and puffs and walks away. So I'm madder then a wet hen now, I take off down the ditch. (mind you we've gotten a ton of rain and it's muddy)

I get up to my house and they have it blocked off. I ask the guy if I can quick get into my drive way and he told me to go down to the gas station and walk up to my house. (mile walk, I have 1hour to make a 45minite trip to work) I park in the ditch and he throws a fit about it.

{ Took me almost an hour to go 4miles }

So now I'm irate! Jump in my truck, drive across the fresh asphalt and park in my driveway. Another guy came up and told him to get back to work. I'm assuming a supervisor.

So now I'm leaving for work(50 minutes til my shift starts). I shoot across to the ditch and drive into town. Had to stop at the gas station to tell the neighbor lady something.

I go to leave and this evil lady had my truck blocked into the parking lot with cones and didn't want me to back onto fresh asphalt to leave. (my truck is 25ft long and needs 40acres to turn around). I'm beyond irate now. I drive over the cones and cut across the asphalt again. This lady has a hemorrhage! She starts screaming at me. I finally wised up and just drove off instead of getting even more irritated.

So now I have some letters to write to MNDOT, and whom ever else it may concern about this. The total lack of communication about the pilot car and what to do has me mad now. None of us along this stretch of road ever got a letter informing us of what to do, no one came to our doors to tell us, and there was no public meeting.

I guess I'm just waiting for the state patrol to show up and deliver my tickets or for tickets to show up in the mail now. Will definitely fight it even though I wasn't the best behaved.

I did manage to get a picture of the only labeling on the pilot car as to what it is.


sent from my telecomunication device, from the seat of my imaginary tractor, working my imaginary feilds.
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Posted May 14, 2014 - 04:37 AM

Wait until they bill you for the asphalt you drove through.



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Posted May 14, 2014 - 05:20 AM

I understand how frustrating it can be, the total lack of communications and air of superiority that often goes with jobs such as that.
I was told that in the state of PA there is a maximum distance and supposedly a target max wait time (10 min?) without someone getting in trouble over it. What trouble means? Who knows.

Here, most work is done by paving companies. These are not even State employees and usually will have a chip on their shoulders the size of Gibraltar and a swagger like Robert Conrad. I have made several phone calls to PennDOT regarding their behavior over the years and how they are not good representitives for the Commonwealth.

They repaved one of the main roads in to town last year. The one lady flagger was awful. She would hold the sign half way...would make cars wait longer than needed, even smiled about it. You could tell she enjoyed making people suffer and squirm. One morning, I narrated it to the lady at PennDOT. While she was strutting and smiling, I was narrating to the person who butters her bread... She was there the next day, but from then on, the traffic moved much better.

The other flagger, I didnt mind so much having to wait. She was quite pretty and very apologetic about the extended wait times. More than once, as the time stretched on, she would let the lead car know what the holdup was if she knew.

As for your situation, If you received no notification, then you might get a pass on the first incident or two... But once you were notified, regardless of inconvenience, you're probably hosed on subsequent incidents. If they had a public notification in the paper or the "follow me" mandate is state law that might be worse.

Also, it's a good bet you will be walking (or worse) if they can convince the judge or jury that you put anyone in danger by your actions.
I would say I would be very careful in what I write to anyone for fear of admitting guilt too. Be prepared for at least one of those vehicles to have a dash cam.

Good luck Bill.
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Posted May 14, 2014 - 06:14 AM

That doesn't sound like a very good start to the day. I hope the rest

went better for you.

I wish you luck in your battle, but I'm thinking you'll find that you're

wasting your time, writing letters. If they cared enough in the first

place, you wouldn't have to write the letters.

I hope you don't get ticketed, and my hat is off to you for taking a stand

and letting the road crew know that they're not alone in the world. :thumbs:

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#5 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 06:27 AM

Its probably a contractor for your state. My last job was as an inspector on a job with a big paving contractor. Whenever I wrote them up for noncompliance, they would just call their politicians. The department of transportation rep would tell me to let it slide. I wouldn't. That is why I was never hired for other jobs.


Write to your DOT, State Rep, and Mayor. Do not admit to what you did. Only point out how they are behaving and adversly affecting you. A letter to your local paper may just backfire so, becareful about that. Good Luck, Rick

Edited by boyscout862, May 14, 2014 - 06:32 AM.

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#6 toppop52 OFFLINE  

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 06:32 AM

What I took from all this is, boy, you're trees don't have many leaves yet! :D

I use to get irate over such things quite easily and still can, but I've learned that if I can't control it, don't let let control me. :smilewink:

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 07:31 AM

Thank you for posting this.  I am going to let me wife read this and show her that I am not the only one who gets upset about stuff like this!

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#8 jabelman OFFLINE  

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 07:47 AM

Wow i dont how much i want to comment on this one. I work surveying engineering field. Most of my work is on the roads. From my side please obey traffic control. We have enough to watch out for last thing we want is some angry driver.
Yeah its a inconvenience but be glad your road is getting fixed.
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#9 Texas Deere and Horse OFFLINE  

Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 09:50 AM

I am not taking up for the paving company, But the Pilot Cars are a necessity because drivers can't keep their speed down thru these construction zones and workers get killed. The paving company should be working with you, not treating you like your a problem child, they can't stop you from having access to your home.


I hope you can the situation worked out, Good Luck..

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#10 Team_Green OFFLINE  

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 10:02 AM

Just park up the road and walk a mile??? Seriously..  Yes i would follow the pilot car.. but blocking my driveway.. They would have problems from me with that one.  So your at home and have a emergency.. What.. walk a mile and then get going.  

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Posted May 14, 2014 - 10:42 AM

I wouldn't do any thing for a couple of days and during that time I would think really hard about what happened, my behavior as well as the highway crews. Then if I was going to complain I would try to make some suggestions for changing their procedures to make things better.

#12 BillTheTractorMan OFFLINE  



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Posted May 14, 2014 - 11:15 AM

Wow i dont how much i want to comment on this one. I work surveying engineering field. Most of my work is on the roads. From my side please obey traffic control. We have enough to watch out for last thing we want is some angry driver.
Yeah its a inconvenience but be glad your road is getting fixed.

I don't have a problem obeying laws, watching out for people,and slowing down.

I just have a problem with not being informed.

sent from my telecomunication device, from the seat of my imaginary tractor, working my imaginary feilds.

#13 jpackard56 OFFLINE  



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Posted May 14, 2014 - 12:57 PM

Some good advice posted already on this. Tread carefully...


I feel your ire, we spent two months in the winter being forced to carry mom in a wheel chair across a pasture to a neighbors barn where we could get her in a 4 wheel drive Jeep to traverse the next 8/10ths of a mile to her van to go to Dr's etc. We too had NO COMMUNICATION from the "powers that be" that this issue was coming.


When it was all said and done we did get a letter back from the governors office that really put the wife over the edge (it wasn't pretty) Those of you that know me will understand that she has put up with me for 37 years (meaning it takes a lot to get her to use "those words")...fortunately they couldn't hear her threats and it was just too much effort for her to get to Columbus...a women over the edge is a very dangerous situation.

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