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B1 Vs Newer Models?

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#16 oldiron OFFLINE  

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Posted May 11, 2014 - 12:24 AM

I went to look at the 7116 Sat afternoon, the guy said the hydrostatic trans slips and makes loud grinding noises at lower throttle settings.
Its also not a 7116, its a 7119 that's been converted to a single cylinder BS 16hp. The motor is supposedly brand new old stock but he couldn't get it to start, no fuel was getting to the carb at first but It fired right up on carb cleaner then wouldn't shut off. He had to short the plug with a screw drive to stop the engine.

I drove it around but couldn't hear any grinding noises. Its got no deck, no rear lift or cable, and the hydraulic lift lever is stripped out, it moves the lift down but just slips when pulled back. There's no rust, its got a brand new arm type seat, and a set of tire chains on the rear over bald tires. The front tires look new but both were flat when I got there. All four tires have dozens of those orange plugs in them all over. The one rear tire had several rusty nails and screws still stuck in the tire as well.

The steering was like new, no  slop, the tie rods were perfect, the spindles and front end felt perfect. There's some odd ball rig welded up to the rear lift bracket that I couldn't figure out, there were two tabs with 3/4" holes in them sticking out about where the original lift bracket shaft would be, and two more welded on down low but without holes. There's also a welded on extra heavy tow plate welded over the original tab. The factory throttle lever and PTO levers are gone, the pto clutch is rusted solid and stuck engaged, or maybe welded solid for all I know. It looked freshly rusted, the kind of rust that forms on newly sandblasted steel after it gets rained on.

He's asking $800 but I got him down to $700 but didn't take it, yet.

The motor is the best part, the trans could be anything from low oil to being pure junk, but he swears it drove on the trailer but after the ride there it wouldn't move at first until he ran it at nearly full throttle. Its more than I wanted to spend and more tractor than I need for a yard mule but it does run and if the trans is a simple fix, It may not even act up using it as a yard mule here, my yard is flat and all it'll be doing is moving mulch, grass clippings and leaves picked up from a yard vac.

I have a spare rear lift arm, I'd just need the cable to hook it to the lift, the hydro lift lever feels stripped, maybe a quick fix? And I've got two good used rear tires and a set of tubes would no doubt fix the front tires. So other than odds and ends I may have enough bits and pieces here to make it work.
I also wouldn't feel as bad letting a 7119 sit outside in the weather, I sort of feel that B1 would warrant space in the shed that I really don't have.

The way I see it though the B1 is a lot cooler looking and probably just as tight feeling if not better than the 7119 overall, but I fit better on the 7119.

(I've got a good used set of 26x12x12 Carlisle ag tires that need a tractor, they would look far better on the 7119 then on the B1 and I'm not sure the B1 would pull a 26" tall tire?)

#17 VintageIronCollector OFFLINE  


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Posted July 29, 2014 - 03:12 AM

The b1 is still listed.

#18 oldiron OFFLINE  

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Posted July 29, 2014 - 02:40 PM

About a two months ago I bought an AC 916 with a new motor that needs some rewiring. The headlights and hydraulics are in a box but the tractor is super clean and the motor is a fresh rebuild. 

I've thought about going back and buying the B1 but really don't have the room. I think the B1 was the nicer machine and I think a gear trans would be the better choice for me but I went with the more comfortable running board style tractor instead.