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As Promised A Few Pics Of The Db And Attachments

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#1 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 13, 2014 - 04:24 PM

I've been promising to get you guys some pics of my tractor since I first signed up and while out at the farm today I finally remembered to get them.


I mounted the new motor onto the tractor today and also changed over to the wheels that had the weights on them.


I then got the plow set up and took it out into a side field and gave it a try.

While I was plowing my dad came out to watch and was really impressed both with the job that it did and how easily and quickly it could move through the soil. 

When I finished he said it was amazing but that the DB could work as much ground as a good team of horses. 


The ground was still a little bit wet but I was happy with the job that it did. The tires were trying to slip a little, (just every so often), but a gentle lift on the handlebars was all it took to get things moving again.

All in all I was impressed and happy.


I still have to figure out how to get the throttle cable attached to the motor but I think I have a plan for that. I'll hopefully get to it either this week or next weekend and then I should be ready to go to the garden once it dries up a little more.


Anyway, here's the photos I keep promising:

Attached Thumbnails

  • tractor2.jpg
  • tractor1.jpg
  • motor.jpg
  • field2.jpg
  • field1.jpg
  • disc.jpg
  • blade.jpg

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#2 New.Canadian.DB.Owner OFFLINE  

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Posted April 13, 2014 - 06:03 PM

Nice job on the plowing.  The tractor looks great!


On some of the DBs, the throttle cable ran down inside the handlebars.

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#3 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 13, 2014 - 06:15 PM

Thanks, Canadian....


The throttle cable is supposed to be inside the handlebars on this one too. The previous owner just zip tied and hose clamped it to the outside when they did the original motor swap. 


Once I tear it down for paint I'll run the cable like it's supposed to be. I think it will look a lot better that way.


On the Tecumseh engine there is no hole on the throttle lever so I'm going to have to weld a piece onto the lever so I can attach the cable. I thought about just doing away with the cable but then I thought what would happen if the clutch decided to stay engaged. It really didn't sound like it would be much fun trying to run it down so that I could raise the hood.....grab the lever and kill the engine. 


Again, thanks for the comment and compliment. I'm pretty darn happy with how it did and even more so since my doubting dad was there to witness it. 


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Posted April 14, 2014 - 04:25 AM

Thanks for the pictures. That will make a very nice looking tractor when you're finished.

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#5 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted April 14, 2014 - 05:21 AM

Looks like it did a nice job. Those 2 wheelers are a nice setup. I'm not surprised that it did a nice job. They wouldn't have sold so many of them if they couldn't get the job done.

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