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And For My Second Post....a Plow Setup Question

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#1 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 05:30 PM

Today I mounted the plow onto the tractor and started trying to get it all set up.

When I first mounted it the saddle/cradle was setting level but with this setup the plow itself was tilted way off of flat/level.


To get the plow to rest level on the shed floor I actually had to lower one side of the saddle as far as it would go while raising the other side of the saddle nearly as far as it would go. By doing this the plow is now resting as it should.


My question is if it is normal to have to use such an extreme adjustment.

I honestly figured that I might have to drop or raise one side of the saddle a little bit but I never dreamed that it would be so much.


If someone could shed some light on this I would really appreciate it.

I've looked the plow over really well and it doesn't look as if it's bent or anything.


As always, thanks in advance.

#2 New.Canadian.DB.Owner OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:23 PM

The plow is supposed to sit cock-eye when the wheels are level.  The plow bottom sits flat on the floor when the left tire is 3 1/2" to 4" higher than the right.  That is the way it will sit when you are actually plowing (right tire in the furrow).

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#3 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:24 PM

Your lift arms should be at or near level.  On the shop floor the plow should NOT be level to the floor.  When plowing, your right tire is down in the furrow a few inches, with tractor at an angler.  The angle built into the plow is there to make up for the side tilt of the tractor.  Click on THIS for general setup.  There are other factors, but this will put you in the ballpark.

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#4 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:59 PM

Crap guys....I'm such an idiot!


Thanks for the heads up!


The one step that I forgot about today was BLOCKING THE LEFT WHEEL UP 3 INCHES!


Holy crap I went through a lot of work freeing up those cradle bolts all because I didn't pay attention to the instructions.


I've read how to set up the plow many times over the past few weeks and thought I had it memorized. 

Well I guess maybe my memory skills have slipped over the past few years. 


Thanks a million for the information. Tomorrow I'll try again, the proper way.

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