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Need Some Help....can't Pull Tractor Backward.

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#1 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 05:26 PM

Okay, today I decided I was going to do some work on the DB but ran into a problem right away.

First of all the motor wouldn't start, (not getting gas), but that wasn't a big deal since I plan on changing out motors tomorrow.


My biggest problem though came when I pushed the tractor around to the machine shed to mount and set up the plow.


When I first grabbed the tractor I was able to pull it backwards. When pulling it backwards the wheels would spin like they are supposed to.

After I got it into the shed though, when I tried to pull it backwards the wheels would just slide along the floor. It's like something has locked the wheels up.


I can still push it forward without any trouble but it simply won't spin the wheels when backing up.

I'm sure that someone, (or possibly everyone), but me knows what's going on but I could really use some advice. I was hoping to use this thing for the first time tomorrow but now I'm dead in the water.


Thanks in advance.

#2 DougT ONLINE  


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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:30 PM

Make sure the belt isn't holding on the pulley. They aren't real easy to pull back. You have to get the whole gearcase to turn.

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#3 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:37 PM

And if the clutch is dragging just a tiny bit, it will be like an emergency brake is on.

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#4 New.Canadian.DB.Owner OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 06:45 PM

The DB has a "clicker hub" setup.  The clicker hubs engage when the axle is turned in the forward direction by the engine. Pulling it backwards is the same as the engine moving it forward.  In both cases the clickers are engaged and lock the wheels to the axle, and to the engine through the transmission and clutch.  Check to see if your clutch is engaged or dragging.  If all else fails, pull the belt off.


These photos are of the ones used in Waterloo walk behinds, but they are similar enough to get the idea.


IMG_1200 - Copy.JPG IMG_1206.JPG IMG_1236 - Copy.JPG IMG_1196.JPG IMG_1210.JPG

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#5 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 12, 2014 - 07:06 PM

Okay, I've said it before but I'll say it again.

You guys are the best!


Thanks for the information.


Tomorrow I'm going to swap motors and fire it up.

I'll check the belt tension at that time and also see if the clutch seems to be dragging. If so I guess I can make a minor adjustment with the clutch rod. 


What gets me is the tractor was working perfectly when I brought it home. Of course it did spend a day or two out in the rain so maybe that caused the problem.


Honestly guys you have no idea how much I appreciate your help.

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