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An Update....

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#1 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 08, 2014 - 08:56 PM

Well, for the last several nights I've been working on getting the old paint, primer and rust off of the DB hood.

It's amazing how well this paint has set although I'm not entirely sure that it is original. 

I've been using various grit flap discs, a couple of different cup brushes, chemical aircraft paint stripper and a LOT of elbow grease but I'm finally starting to see some results.


The outside of the hood is down to bare metal and looks really smooth. I think it's going to make for a fantastic paint surface.

The inside of the hood is really pitted and rough and still has quite a bit of paint and rust that needs to be removed. Tomorrow night I'm going to give it another thick coat of the aircraft paint remover and then break out my little "spot" sandblaster. 


Once I get all of the paint and rust removed I plan on sanding the surface rust with 320 grit sandpaper and then wipe it down with mineral spirits. After that it will get a quick coat of primer on the exposed metal. This will probably take place on Thursday or Friday night. 


Although I'm not restoring this tractor I want it to look good. I don't want to take the time to fill all of the pits on the inside of the hood with primer so it will still look somewhat rough once I'm done.

I'm not planning on showing the tractor but instead working it. Because of that I just want it to look good and be protected, while it's working. 


I've already decided that when I eventually tear down the tractor and get to refinishing the implements I'm going to use the large sandblaster that we have out at the farm.


All of this sanding, chemical stripping and flap disc grinding has worked well on the hood but it would be a major pain to try to finish the tractor and wheels using these methods. 

I'd much rather do a quick blast, sand, wipe down and primer in a single day than spend several days using my current methods. 


I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where I'm at with my project. The disc, plow and cultivator are all ready to work, (mechanically at least), but I'm waiting on the weather to cooperate. 

Because of that I decided to start working on getting the hood ready to paint and will work on the tractor and the implements once my garden work is finished, later this spring. 


It's been some LONG nights over the past week but I really have been enjoying myself. I love having a project to work on even if it does make for some long days at work. 


Hope everyone is having a good week.




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Posted April 09, 2014 - 05:34 AM

I use my tractors too and don't get too carries away either on show finishes . I want them to look good but not to the point where I would be afraid to use them . If you have rusty parts that you want the rust to stop I've had very good luck with POR15 , I used some on the DB cultivators last week just to protect them from further rusting , just as it was setting up I misted them with red primer ( that's what the instruction tell you to do )  I'll  put a top coat to TS paint when the weather gets warmer .  Oh yea "where's the pictures ?" lol



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#3 Likesspace OFFLINE  

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Posted April 10, 2014 - 08:03 PM

Alc....thanks for the comment.


I'm glad to hear that there are others who like to use these tractors for what they were made for.

I fully respect those who want a showpiece and fully understand their thinking.....Honestly I think that it's great that there are people who want to protect and preserve these tractors so that others will be able to enjoy them for years to come.


Like I said previously I want the tractor to look good, (it's a personal pride thing with me), but like you said I don't want them to look so good that I'm afraid to use them. Having said that I had a lot of trouble deciding when to stop while prepping the hood for paint.


I went ahead and took the outside of the hood down to bare metal and then wiped it down with Gibbs to prevent rusting.

On the inside of the hood there is a LOT of pitting so basically I just got rid of the oxidized rust and sanded with 320 grit paper, wiped it down with Gibbs and called it good. 


I don't know if everyone knows of the Gibbs product but in my opinion the stuff is fantastic.

It is pretty much legendary in the car restoration business, not so much for it's penetrating qualities but as a corrosion preventer. 


If you wipe bare metal down with Gibbs the finish that it provides will last, (supposedly), for years and you don't even need to clean it off before painting. If you aren't familiar with this product you might do a Google search for Gibbs penetrant.....the testimonials on various forums are impressive.


I've also used the POR products for several years. 

When I first discovered it I was restoring a 1986 Volvo 240 which definitely had some rust issues. 

Using the POR15 product I was absolutely amazed at how it stopped rust in it's tracks. 

During that period I also discovered their epoxy putty which at $20.00 for a pound is a very good deal. 


I presently have the DB hood hung up in the garage and will be giving it a coat of primer tomorrow night.

On Saturday I will give that coat a quick sanding and then give it another coat of primer on Saturday evening.


I don't know when I'll get around to top-coating but hopefully it will be within a week.

Once the hood is primed I'll post up a photo and will also hopefully remember to snap a photo of the tractor when I'm out at the farm on Saturday afternoon.


Hope everyone is having a good week.