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It Followed Me Home From The Country, Can I Keep It?!

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Posted March 30, 2014 - 10:24 AM

Very nice nice rig. Don't feel bad about buying something you really want. It's that special feeling inside that allow's us to let go of a little more money to get what we want. When you get a chance give us a few more pics of the front with the loader raised & the rear showing the hitch. Just don't blow the hoses doing it we can wait a little while. :D  Congrats!


Found out yesterday that the hitch is mounted onto what appears to be the 3PT end of a rear grader blade setup.  I thought it looked familiar, but it wasn't until I went to install my grader on it that I realized this.  


The model number appeared (throught the paint) to be different than mine.   I knew there were two types of graders for the rear, but only one of them that I'm aware is like mine.


The model number (at first) didn't check out to be anything... but as it turns out, I was missing a digit because of the paint.


So anyhow... pics tell the story I guess...


My blade, attached to the 14.



Compared to the bit that came with the 14, which had a trailer ball on it (removed, because it needs a better attachment method):


My blade is a 917.251330



The part that had the ball on it is a.... ????



Hit it with the soda blaster, and it's a 917.60641



So... looking at pics of a 60641, it looks identical to my 251330... I'm not quite sure what the difference is. besides the number.  Of course I don't have the blade that goes with this mount.

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