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Potato Hiller Question

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Posted December 30, 2013 - 06:12 PM

I am going to be building a custom tool bar for hilling potatoes.  I will be using the AgriSupply discs and Buckeye Tractor clamps to a 2x2 bar, unless someone talks me out of it.


My question, should I make it sleeve hitch or make it so it attaches right to the tractor?  Tractors are IH Cub Cadet with their three point hitch and rear lift, and a Ford 80, who's angle steel frame is close enough to the Cub Cadet's three point that I use the same sleeve hitch interchangeably. 

The advantage of the sleeve hitch is I can use it on future tractors with sleeve hitches, and I don't have to make any special lifting aparatus, just the sleeve hitch.

The advantage of skipping the sleeve hitch is it eliminates the hitch, so less to bend or break when it is in my heavy clay.  Less play with one less connection.  Also, no hitch means I can move the disks one foot closer to the rear tires, which is an advantage on uneven ground.  I have had my moldboard plow come out of the ground when the front end goes down hill.


Is hilling in heavy clay enough stress to consider eliminating the sleeve hitch?


Do hilling disks need down pressure, or does their shape draw them into the soil like a plow or Brinly cultivator?


These are the disks I am going to get.







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Posted December 30, 2013 - 07:13 PM

Good question I will offer what little I know. I have the same discs and shanks you do..But I think I got the 16 inch with 22 inch shanks they are plenty big. The 12 oor 14 inch should be fine with a gt.]
However I amusing them on a 20 hp compact with cat 1 3 point. I built one last summer but use a 3x3.5 inch angle and the clamps I made need reworking.
The soil should be loose I too have some clay and it can be too cloddy to cover the potato vines unless tilled first.

I think you should use the sleeve hitch since you may want to hill more than once .
The discs do not have a lot of pitch and will not dig deep like a plow. I thinkknowing what I do now ifi hadit to do over I would buy a pair of middlebuster sweeps(lister plows and mount them on a bar instead. They do have enough pitch to suck down in the soil(though it would take mre traction to pull them). MyFord does weigh just a little over2ooo lbs and withthe middlbuster buried it pulled pretty hard digging potatoes late in the season.
My thinking is you would be most likely to run out of traction before you break anything.

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Posted December 30, 2013 - 11:24 PM

Sounds like a good plan. I would definitely go with the sleeve hitch IMHO