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Weights On Gt?

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Posted November 09, 2014 - 02:57 AM


Question.  How much weight does it take to make a difference?  



Question. Which is better wheel weights or hanging weights


The answer to the first question is dependant on the second question.


Weight in the tires and wheels is primarily for traction. Weight hanging out back is primarily to counter weight hanging out front.


It's a balancing act trying to get the right benefit with the least amount of weight. Most folks just use overkill and get the job done, 50 lb of liquid ballast, 50 lb of wheel weights, and 12 lb of tire chains for each rear tire, and 200 lb of rear counterweight is generally adequate. If steering becomes a problem, lifting the front implement slightly usually cures it.


The best hardpacked snow and snow covered ice traction is available with turfs and chains. Lugged tires do not have a sufficient number of inches of tread edges to bite into hard packed snow as well as the many blocks of the turf treads, and chains supported by the wide, flat turf tread have a broader width over the rounded profile of lugged tires to bite into the snow.


Lugged tires work best in soft ground conditions. Driving across a yard with a foot of snow cover constitutes soft ground conditions where deep lugs have the advantage. Following a blower or plow while clearing a driveway constitutes hard ground conditions where turfs have the advantage.




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Posted November 09, 2014 - 03:05 AM


I don't think I could do this on the front rims.  When using the blade the steering usually isn't an issue.  When using the snowblower is when I have the problem.  I have a slight slope I go down and when I back up I spin.  Ground is frozen hard, so the chains do not bite.  I'm sure weight on the rear rims would help this. 


When backing up a slope, weight shifts forward on the tractor, reducing traction. Having a blower hanging on the front lifting the rear wheels just makes the problem worse.


Drop the blower and drag it up the slope on its skids.

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Posted November 09, 2014 - 12:10 PM

I personally prefer adding weight to the tires instead of hanging it on for the obvious extra wear to all the load bearing parts. Personally I have a 2182 super Cub Cadet  bought new in 1993 that has ag tires. I have used ag tires with 75 lb wheel weights and 3/8 twisted cross link chains for years on a hilly driveway. I did lots of spinning on hills and pushing heavy snow but always got the job done. Last winter those chains were getting pretty bad so I bought a set of v-bar chains from tirechains.com and put them on the turf tires from a second super Cub I picked up for mowing and put them on the 2182 for snow pushing. This new combo of tire and chain is absolutely amazing for the amount of traction it now has. I rarely spin the tires now even up hill pushing a full blade. I have a pair of 42 lb suitcase weights I picked up but have no plans on putting them on now. Pics of new and old setups.  IMG_20141003_150808612_HDRcopy.jpg DSCN0567copy.jpg

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