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Help Id This Gt Please?

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Posted November 10, 2013 - 05:25 PM

Deere he wants to sell me but ive no idea what it is

If someone could provide me with some specs and details about this model it would help me figure out if its worth the 2 hour drive


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Posted November 10, 2013 - 05:50 PM

John Deere Model 60. It's a 400 pound lawn tractor with a 6 horse Tecumseh (stock) and a 3 speed manual. It came with a 34" deck.


Just a guess, that motor isn't stock.


The 60 was made for 3 or 4 years, I think.

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Posted November 10, 2013 - 09:04 PM

Found this over at the WFM site,looks like you're right cat it had a 4 year production run,




looks like you'll have to use the drop down box on the upper left of the page,to get the model 60 info

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#4 johndeereelfman OFFLINE  

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Posted November 10, 2013 - 09:05 PM

The Model 60 was manufactured from 1966 through 1969. The one you have pictured seems to be in decent shape, other than the motor not being original. The original tecumseh VH60 had a tapered shaft for the pto clutch. Since this one doesn't have the original motor in it, I'd be sure that you can operate the mower deck with the clutch/pto set up. If you can't, you should know that finding the original tecumseh motor with the correct clutch/pto set up is next to impossible to find.

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Posted November 10, 2013 - 09:06 PM

They are cool little tractors but would have a hard time investing my time and money in one.  

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#6 hatedge OFFLINE  


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Posted November 10, 2013 - 11:54 PM

OK ty all. The owner tells me its 1963 and the engine has been replaced for a brand new tecumseh 3 years ago. Comes with snow blower and mower. Its in the small category but Deeres are always tempting, most of the time They finance my next project ;)


How far should I bid on this? anyone wanna take a chance with a number? lol

I dont care if I dont get it I'm more into GTs than LTs but I kinda fancy getting that plane faced Deere

#7 Trav1s ONLINE  


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Posted November 11, 2013 - 07:45 AM

Not a '63 since 1966 was the first year.  The info on the 60 from WFM:




The model 60 was the first lawn tractor introduced by Deere and Company in March of 1966. Until 1966, the 110 lawn and garden tractor was the only unit available from Deere. Sparked by the desire to market to consumers in the urban areas who had less need for the large 110, Deere decided their was enough financial opportunity to enter into the lawn tractor business. The 1966 model 60 came standard with the following features:
  • Six horsepower, air cooled, Tecumseh model VH60 cast iron engine
  • Three speed, Peerless Transmission with high and low range
  • Electric and recoil start
  • 1-1/4 gallon fuel tank
  • Fiberglass hood just like the model 110.
  • High back steel seat with a slide over seat cushion
  • Thirty four inch rotary mower deck

The 60 also was designed for safety. The PTO clutch had to be disengaged and the clutch brake had to be completely depressed before the engine could be started. Also, the brakes were designed to work on both of the rear wheels. The seat could be adjusted to accommodate a taller or shorter person. The manual lift lever worked just like the 110s from the left side. The rubber manual lift lever grip was also the same as the 110. The steering assembly was a Peerless automotive design, which allowed for smooth handling of the machine. To change the transmission from high to low range the operator simply removed the thumbscrews from each side of the fender deck and then raised the fender deck out of the way. Once the fender deck was out of the way the operator simply moved the drive belt to the other pulley. This high and low range design was eventually phased out.


The model 60 weighed 461 pounds and had a suggested retail price of $718. This price included the 34-inch rotary mower deck. The 60 was designed for lawn work and not for heavy workouts like the lawn and garden tractors. There were several options, however, that were available for the 60. These options were as follows:

  • Forty two inch snow blade
  • Thirty two inch snow thrower
  • Model 80 dump cart
  • Pull behind sprayer
  • Pull behind lawn sweeper
  • Rear wheel weights
  • Tire chains
  • Hub Caps
  • Hinson winter enclosure

There was approximately 23,500 model 60s produced from 1966 through 1969. The units produced throughout each year were as follows:

Year Serial Number Quantity Produced 1966 1,001 - 8,000 7,000 1967 8,001 - 15,000 7,000 1968 15,001 - 20,000 5,000 1969 20,001 - 25,000 5,000

In 1969 Deere discontinued production of the model 60 and replaced it with the model 70 for the 1970-mowing season. The model 70 was very similar in design to the model 60. It still had the same basic frame. The transmission did not have a high and low range. The 70 was now equipped with a more powerful seven horsepower model VH70 cast iron Tecumseh engine. The steering wheel went through two major changes during the production of the model 70. It first came out with a high angled nickel-plated spoke steering wheel with a molded rubber grip. Later on in the production, a molded plastic steering wheel was introduced. Even the spokes of the steering wheel had a molded plastic covering. The steering assembly was still a Peerless automotive type design. The seat back was lowered by a couple inches on the 70 compared to the 60. The first models had a slide over cushion, which was eventually replaced with a molded seat cushion.


The suggested retail price for the model 70 was $788. This price included the 34-inch mower deck. The options available for the 60 were also available for the model 70. Some of the items such as the snow thrower were slightly redesigned. There were approximately 23,438 model 70s produced from 1970 through 1974. The production information for the model 70 is as follows:

Year Serial Number Quantity Produced 1970 25,001 - 32,100 7,099 1971 35,001 - 40,603 5,602 1972 45,001 - 48,574 3.573 1973 50,001 - 54,874 4,873 1974 56,001 - 58,292 2,291

In 1974 John Deere halted production of the model 70 and introduced the model 100. For lawn and garden tractor collectors, the model 60 and 70 lawn tractors are truly unique and quite rare and would make a great addition to anyones collection.



Attachments add value to package but I would question them working with the new engine.  The PTO clutch setup is rally odd on these tractors.

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#8 Team_Green OFFLINE  

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Posted November 12, 2013 - 02:08 AM

They are great little units.. I use mine to plow over mole hills in the hay field.. 



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#9 backwoods OFFLINE  

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Posted November 21, 2013 - 03:26 PM

T_G you make that poor lil gt look like a power wheel for your boy hahaha