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J.d. 70

nothing but bad luck

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Posted October 30, 2013 - 03:36 PM

I need help with my 70.  Its been nothing but bad luck since I have owned it.  I found it up at the jacktown engine show in Bangor Pa. on Oct 19th and it ran good no smoke at all, but the deck didn't engage, and all I needed was an engine for which I was going to put in a really nice 60.  So I purchased it and drove it out to the truck and loaded it up.  It needed a Battery so you would have to jump it and the next day I went to get it out and hooked up the battery charger and it acted like it didnt have enough juice, but yet was a 13v, after sitting all night which surprised me.  After Cranking it a few times it all of the sudden showed only a half ( .5) volt on the battery charger, and it shut off the charging.  I thought that was odd, so I put in another battery and did the same thing, but this time after letting off the key it dimmed the lights in the garage and acted like it continued to crank the thing even though the key was off, so I tapped the solenoid and it stopped.  Then It wouldnt crank at all, turn the key and nothing.  So I checked for voltage at the key switch and I had it there but not at the solenoid jumper wire, so while checking for voltage at the other terminals on the back of the key switch i must have somehow grounded the kill wire on the back of the switch with the key in the run position... :wallbanging:   I smelled some burning wires and seen some smoke :wallbanging:  After all of that I found the pto saftey was what was keeping me from getting voltage down to the jumper wire at the solenoid, so I finally was able to get it to turn over but now I have no spark :wallbanging:  I have replaced the coil with a brand new one, new condenser, checked the points and cleaned and regapped them, and still nothing, I even tried disconnecting the kill wire close to the side of the engine where the rectifiers and fuses are....nothing....and then to top it off I just tried to remove the new coil from the piece where it slips on and it torn the wire right out of the back of the coil :wallbanging:   I smelled the stator and it smells like a burnt smell.  I have tried everything I know and I cant get any spark, I am so fed up with it and I can only blame myself  :mad2:  Theres no point in even getting the 60 if I cant get the 70 going.....HELP

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Posted October 31, 2013 - 08:39 AM

Just take a little break from them to clear your head.  I'm sure someone around here can supply you with a wiring diagram.  

One thing I've learned from electronic work is that you need a TON of patience.   

Take it slow, get out your tester, print out a diagram, and just mark off points as you go.


Best of luck



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