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Plumbers? Need To Install Clothes Washer Drain....

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Posted December 05, 2013 - 09:40 PM

Thanks. Mom's current washer drains into a large wash tub, then that drain goes into floor which connects into the floor drain then out the basement and it exits down over the hill in the ditch line. I doubt anyone could find it even if they were looking for it. I know where it dumps cause many many years ago, it got covered over with leaves/ dirt, etc and froze during the winter, mom flooded the basement. Took my dad forever to figure that one out, we clean it out down there, but layed clay tile over the exit then kind of camo'd it, not that we needed to. I doubt we would ever have to connect to septic, but if we did, the way I plan to run it, it will be super easy to put a sweep Y on the main trunk and connect. Guy who installed the leach fields back in the late 70's used twice the gravel and piping needed. He told dad with 7 people in the house ( 5 women) we would never overload it plus it's all gravel about 4' under the top soil.

I plan on making sure it's connected to tub somehow. It will be far enough from washer I doubt there will be much vibration, but still will all be tightly attached, hanging under floor joyce until it hits tub.