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Should I Treat Unleaded Fuel

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Utah Smitty


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Posted October 07, 2013 - 10:18 PM

I chose Seafoam over Stabil. 1 ounce per gallon and I'm done. Had them start 18 months later with this mix using unleaded fuel!

My Bolens HT23 took several cranks to start until I treated it with Seafoam last week.  I put about 2 oz in the 5 gallon gas tank, then dribbled Seafoam into the carburetor until I stalled the engine. The neighbors surely thought I was fogging the area for mosquitos due to all the white smoke!! LOL. 


I then closed the choke plate and the throttle, and let the engine sit for an hour or so.  When I started it up, it burned white smoke for another 15 minutes or so, but now when I crank it, it starts right away without any choke, even on a cool (50 degrees or so) morning.


I'm a believer in the stuff.  Gas in Utah is around $3.50 to $3.65 a gallon depending on where you buy it.  Seafoam costs about $9.00 a can at Wally World, or about $7.50 a can when bought from a bulk oil distributor... well worth the investment in my opinion.



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Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted October 07, 2013 - 10:31 PM

As for the original question of lead, all gasoline was originally unleaded.  It was around the 70's sometime the oil giants learned they could throw lead in crap gas and get higher octane and higher profits.   Then the car companies figured out they could get cheap on the internal parts because of the lead, and create higher profits.  When unleaded first "came out" it was actually a step backwards in time.


I'm not sure you are correct, but I don't ever remember using Unleaded fuel before the late 70's. We had 2 bulk tanks one the farm, actually had 3. 1 was Regular Gasoline, 1 was Ethel (Hy-TYest) Gasoline and the last one was Diesel. Emission Control and lLean Burn Engines brought opened the door for UnLeaded Gasoline..

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Posted October 08, 2013 - 06:42 PM

Very informative stuff here. Thanks. I won't say which I'll go with but I'm going to look into the fuel additives like stabill and seafoam.