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Scrap Yard 318

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#16 gopher OFFLINE  

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Posted April 28, 2014 - 07:30 PM

That's a awesome restore job.

#17 Hammerdown OFFLINE  

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Posted April 29, 2014 - 05:34 AM

That's a awesome restore job.

Hello Gopher

I appreciate your kind words. The John Deere 316 Project was a rough one due to all of the corrosion and rust most of the bolt's had to be heated with a torch to get them free. The driving force on the project was the fact that it is a low hour Tractor with Only 349.2 Original Hour's on it  The engine oil was Like Mollasses it was so thick and nasty it would not drain out of the engine it would only drip when we opened the pet cock drain. I had to Place my air compressor blow gun down the oil fill tube and apply pressure to get the oil out of the engine. I doubt that it had ever been changed in it's 349.2 Hours as it still had an Onan filter on it. Once the oil was drained I ran Two quart's of Kerosene down the oil fill tube to flush the Internals of the engine before placing some Shell Rotunda diesel engine oil back in it. It only had Ten hours on it afterward's and we had to change it again as it was Pitch black. I think now it will stay clean a while.I had two Hydraulic leaks one was a Loose Transmission Line and another one was a dry rotted Transmission rubber hose that I replaced. The Transmission Hydro linkage needed to be adjusted as it had some forward creep to it and while I was doing that I adjusted the rear brakes. I took it all down to the rolling chassis and Painted the frame with John Deere blitz black paint and the wheel's with John Deere Yellow paint. I then had to work over the badly rusted and Pitted body panels and used just shy of a Gallon of Body filler on them filling all of the deep rust Pits. The part's were then primed sanded and Painted with Four coat's of John Deere Gren Paint. I had to straighten the left rear floor pan corner by the tail Light, Then I Place a set of Rear tail Light's Instead of the red reflector's that it came with. We Bought a complete 1985 John Deere 317 Tractor to harvest Part's off of and only paid  $100.00 for it. That is where we got the 48" mowing deck from as well as the Headlight switch, Throttle lever, Brake pedal pad, Rear tail Light harness and some other part's that we lacked on the 316 Build. here are some more picture's of the build along the way.The Tractor came with a 50" mowing deck that was hit so hard in the front it was destroyed as it was split from the bottom to the top of the deck. I harvested all of the mowing blade spindles out of it and we located a Decent 48" used deck that I put all of the good 50' mowing blade spindles in Regards, Hammerdown























Here is the donor 48" deck with the 50" mowing spindles Transfered into it. I leveled and adjusted it prior to painting it so when I was done painting it all I had to do was Place it back onto the Tractor










Here is the frame stripped down and Painted with John Deere Blitz Black Paint as well as the engine.















Here are the body panels before paint. The rust Pit's were so deep that I had to Lay some body filler over all of them to fill the pit's and make them smooth. The Tractor had Failed Powder coat paint the remainder of the paint that was still On it came off very tough I had to use #40 Grit D-A sand paper to remove it. Once I had all of the Powder coat Paint off of the metal Panels I washed then down with solvent and placed the body filler on them, Then sanded it down and Primed them before Paint










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