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Your First Real Job.

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Posted September 26, 2013 - 11:43 PM

In '53 my Dad found out our house would be 200' from the planned I-287 and we moved "to the country" in S. NY.  The place happened to border on land rented by a local farmer.  I was "observing" from the yard and the tomato picking crew boss asked me if I wanted to make some money.  Later that year I graduated to after school corn picking and then picking the biggest pumpkins I'd ever seen (made it tough to ride a bicycle by the end of the day!)  While in 10th grade I got a job weekends working on an egg farm which turned into after school and weekends and then to full time Summers. (I think the boss had some kind of exemption from Child Labor Laws!)  During a slow time at the farm I worked for Woolworth's in the stockroom during Christmas season and again at Easter and when the egg farm got hit by "Insurance Lightning" I went auto repair and some body work.  Military caught my eye problems both times I went for the enlistment phys so it was out into the cruel working world to buy motorcycles, boats and...:D  I don't see very good, but I'm better now!:D

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Posted September 27, 2013 - 06:02 AM

I took machine shop in HS and my seinor year year went out on cco-op , 1/2 day HS then to work at a persision grinding shop , started doing basic machine shop stuff drilling tapping climbing into the big wet Blanchard grinder to change the wheels for the boss lol met a fellow whom I've been frieds with for the last 35+n  years . After  about 1 1/2 I was put on nights and asked for a raise , kept asking then I just quit lol At that time ( 1978)  in our area there was so much mfg , around it didn't take long until I got hired at Ingersoll-Rand in there Turbo products Div. The machine where old and big lol .   I would still be there if there where lol  Got laid off in 1982 and at that time unemploment in our area was around 12%   you couldn't even get a applaction let alone a job unless you where a machinist with 20+ years of exp. :(  Things turned out for the best I guess , in 1983 I got hired at a power plant as a utility worker , you know the loest job in the place , worked my way but into the plant  gto my Black then Blue seal boiler license . then a job opened closer to home for a 2nd class fleet mechainc , I had enough exp to get the job , was there until they closed the grarage , went back to the power plant for a few years then a mechanics job open further away but I took it in hopes og getting closer to home some day and off swing shift , was there for 15 years until a fellow retired across from the garage I was in 18 years before . So here I'm am working in a loading dock  bay now, by myself on days , one guy at night but under 10 miles from home :dancingbanana:

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