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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Posted September 14, 2013 - 10:07 AM

Ok, all joking aside now. Here is where I'll get a little weird to some members, but others will understand exactly what I'm saying, or trying to say.


I define "restoration" as a project that not only takes time and money to make something look new again, but it also means that you put your blood, sweat and tears into it also. It's one thing to restore a tractor, a car, or a piece of furniture, but if you really put your mind, talent, patience, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom into it enough, to the point that the finished project looks as good as it can be, and reflects your ability and know how, then the project has restored you as an individual. I see a lot of "restored" collectors, as they are proud of their efforts, and excited about the restoration they did. Then again, I see collectors who just say, yeah, I restored that one a few years ago, not great, but doable.


In my opinion, in order to do a restoration, you have to be wanting to be restored. Be open to knowing the project at hand, how it should look when finished, and be willing to be proud of the results when through. If you aren't happy with yourself before starting a project, maybe full of doubt, then the project when finished, will show that you really didn't put forth the full effort that you could have done. I have restored numerous round fender 110's and 112's, and even though they are mostly all the same, I try and take on each individual restoration as if it was the very first one I ever did.


Oh, so just like that dude on American Restorations. :thumbs:

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Posted September 14, 2013 - 10:46 AM

To me a restoration is bringing the machine back to how it looked when it rolled off the factory assembly line right down to correct paint and decals. All worn parts are repaired and replaced. No modifications such as "Design improvements" or "Repowered" engines. (Time period engines would be acceptable in my mind if the original was completely toast)


The tractor must be fully operational like it was back when it was new so if you were to hook up a deck,plow ect. you could work the engine.


Paint was laid down with a gun and the tires were actually taken off the rim, blasted then properly painted (No overspray all over the sidewalls)


Over the past few years the word "Restored" has sort of lost its meaning since alot of Craigslist/Ebay  people now think that dipping a mop in a paint can and going over the old rust and grease is suitable for a "Restore" and seem to get Restore and Refurbished mixed up.


My definition of Refurbished is when a machine is partially taken apart and given a new coat of paint, not much is replaced or taken down to bare metal.


A proper restoration is something that only a limited number of people are currently doing in the GT community. It takes the proper mindset, time, Money, Patience and respect for history to do a full blown proper restoration in my opinion.

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