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Original Cub Question

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#1 jbumgarner OFFLINE  

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Posted August 19, 2013 - 11:14 PM

A couple years ago I moved to Illinois from North Carolina.  Shortly after I moved, my family settled my grandfathers estate.  He bought an original cub in the early 60's.  He always stored it in the garage and took extraordinarily good care of it.  Literally looked brand new when he parked it for a cheap Lowes hydrostat mower in the late 90's.  Well to get to the heart of the matter, my family sold it without asking me if I wanted it.  The guy who bought it has asked my father if I wanted it.  I know he only gave $500 for it and a complete trailer full of household goods.  I really want the tractor, but not sure what to offer.  I would have to consider driving to NC to pick it up so its hard for me to come up with a price.   Help a brother out and let me know what you all would think I should offer.  I know its hard to say without any pics, but I cant get any until I go to NC.  Take my word on it, its a cherry tractor, 100% original down to the tires and not hardly a scratch on it. 



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#2 jdslednut ONLINE  



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Posted August 20, 2013 - 12:16 AM

I can relate to your pain.  My family seems to have the knack for selling things that I might be interested in.  I think it's just something about those generations that it just doesn't come to mind how we might attach memories of our loved ones to these kinds of machines.  My Dad's cousin sold my Great-Grandpa's Twin City tractor without even giving me a hint he was going to do so.  Years later I think he heard I was upset and he has never brought it up.  Turns out it was serial number 2 also.  Argh!  His Dad, my Great Uncle, sold a pristine '68 F100 for super cheap and I had told him several times I was interested.


In your situation, the new owner had the courtesy to ask your father if you wanted it so I would believe he understands how you feel.  Otherwise he's just put it on CL.  I guess I would start with the original selling price of $500 and see what he might say.  I don't think you can really use your distance as a negotiating tool but I know you need to keep travel costs in mind as well.


Good luck!

#3 T Guiles OFFLINE  

T Guiles
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Posted August 20, 2013 - 02:08 AM

Sorry to hear about the sale of the GT, family has a way of thinking they know what really matters to you with out asking. Have you called home and let your father know you really wanted the cub? He might be able to set something up with the current owner and have some leverage on the selling price. I really wish ya a lot of luck bringing that cool old cub home. Good luck

#4 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 20, 2013 - 08:46 AM

 family has a way of thinking they know what really matters to you with out asking.


That unfortunately is too true. If you want to get me mad, just ask what my mother did with my stuff when I left for the Army over 40 years ago. She thought that she knew best(those old comics will never be worth anything). We can all learn from this too. Talk to your kids and grandkids. Write a will that gives things to the ones that really will appreciate them. Good Luck to all of us. Rick


I think that you should call your Dad too. Dads are supposed to fix things when they can.

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#5 Dieselcubmike OFFLINE  

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Posted August 20, 2013 - 10:18 AM

I would contact the gentleman who got ahold of your dad and see where you can go from there?




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Posted August 20, 2013 - 03:26 PM

I would start by contacting him and asking him what he had in mind since he has asked your dad if you were interested.  You say that he bought it and a tralier full of household goods asa well for the $500.  So that means that he did not pay the $500 for the tractor.  When someone is selling something usually you should make them give you a price.  If you just make an offer and its too low in his mind you may offend him and he may not want to sell it to you then.  See if he can take pictures of it for you and get them to you somehow.  Options will also play a big part in the value of it.  If it has fenders on it they alone on an Original are worth $300.


Having said all that I would say being its a family machine and you do want it I would offer him what he paid for it.  If it is in as good of shape as you say and it is original condition it should be easily worth that price.

#7 toomanytoys84 ONLINE  



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Posted August 23, 2013 - 05:24 PM

I paid 500 for a beautiful original about 10 years ago. Looked great. Had some motor issues.

Not a fun tractor though.

I dont enjoy using it.

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Posted August 23, 2013 - 08:32 PM

There's one for sale that looks pretty good about a mile down the road from the farm, ill stop tomorrow and see what they're asking just for more Input.



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Posted August 23, 2013 - 10:20 PM

Like the others have mentioned I would contact the guy and see if he will shoot you a price first and negotiate from there. You might be surprised and get it for less than what you might think. Would definitely be cool to keep that Cub Cadet in the family.