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Briggs 18 Hp "intek" Never Worked On One --Yet

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#1 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted June 27, 2013 - 10:00 PM

whats there to watch out for? I hear alot of "crap" about the INTEK's  This one has a supposed blown head hasket... 30 years of playing with small engines this will be my 1st OHV one... usually if I am messing with OHV its a car or truck engine.

I have not checked it out yet for myself to verify the condition.... I only got the numbers off the valve cover so far to see about getting parts--any parts-- for it, 1st


all I know about it is that its on a beat up, newer troybilt rider so far....

It belongs to the brother of a buddy of mine, and I guess he had it to the local farm store repair dep't... my wife works at said farm store  and happens to be up front on phone duty the last month or so,  because of being on "light duty" since her elbow surgery.... and she asked if I knew this guy because she was tired of him calling and getting crappy with her on the phone because the repair department wasn't calling him back fast enough... .


I dont know this guy, but this past weekend, his brother (whom I have known for several years) asked me if I'd look at it... I see a "train wreck"/  partly because of the condition of the mower itself and partly because I have absolutely zero reference materials here on these engines on hand....

I prefer the old L heads  the more I hear about the newer equip., the less I think I "want to know" about them....


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Posted June 27, 2013 - 10:11 PM

Flaw in air cleaner allows dirt/grass to bypass filter, cause top end to blow, not many worth working on once they drop a valve or eat alot of dirt. Search YouTube  for "Briggs intex valve adjustment" 15 minute job. The first thing you want to do is set the valves, they are known to get out of adjustment after a few years, if the valves get out of adjustment two things happen, the motor becomes hard/impossible to start resulting in a ruined starter, or the engine drops (dead engine) a cylinder, this happens when the motor overheats due to valves out of adjustment. These are air cooled engines, the way they cool is the exhaust valve opens after the compression stroke and exhaust HEAT, leaves the motor. if that valve opens late or not enough the engine retains heat, it is not dispersed by the air/cooling fins, the longer you run one with valves out of adjustment the hotter it gets and you will never know, no temp gauge.

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Posted June 28, 2013 - 09:13 AM

The Intek does get a lot of bad press. Every machine does have it's flaws and drawbacks, but mine has been very good to me.

 I have a 89, 22 Hp in a Murray (Rail Frame) Performance Pro w/ 52" mower. I have used and abused it(shreded 5 acres of cornstalks the first year I had it) for the past 3 years. It has made a believer of me!! Started 4th time up after sitting all winter.

I have only had two problems with it. Not counting finding the right belts for it. I am picking up a new primary mower drive belt tonight.

1) the fuel shutoff solenoid(on bottom of carb in float bowl) went haywire and it caught fire. I put the fire out and got a new solenoid and wire connection.

2) Had a valve stick, but it came out of it on it's own. I started adding Marvel Mystery oil to the fuel every third Tankfull and it has never occured again. Never tore into it but I suspect carbon built up on the intake valve stem(it was blowing back through the airbox). And the Marvel Mystery oil cleaned it.


It is smooth running and quiet(quite a bit quieter than the Onan in the 318), I would not hesitate to buy another. There are mowing jobs(when the going get's tough) where I prefer using it to the John Deere 318.

It's a Great Backup machine!!

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Posted June 28, 2013 - 11:45 AM

proper maintenance is the key, valve adjustments every few years, clean air filter often, ensure air filter cover is on TIGHT, and oil changes as recommended.