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Been Wanting A Big Wheel

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#31 machinist OFFLINE  

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Posted June 22, 2013 - 12:56 PM

No. I can SEE the lack of gasoline in the transparent fuel line. A few bubbles and mostly air. All I have to do is temporarily hook an elevated tank of gas to it, and it runs like a song. Right up until I lower that tank to below carb level. That carb is new throughout and works like a champ.

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Posted June 22, 2013 - 01:44 PM

Oh! I just got done fighting a Kohler K532 with the same problem. Vacuum fuel pump, switched to a mr gasket electric. To far from the gas tank so it wouldnt suck. Mounted it below the gas tank and it still didnt do very good job. Put hose clamps on the suction side and now it will shoot gas 5 feet out of the line! Oh yeah, before the new pump, new filters, new lines, cleaned the carb, invented a few new words etc...

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Posted June 23, 2013 - 12:16 AM

I have fought this same problem for FOUR YEARS on my 448, to no avail. (I described that in another thread.) Last thing I did was to put hose clamps on everything, but no difference. I don't know what to do with the tractor. I have WAAAY to much money in it to sell it and get it back. So, it is sitting in my garage looking nice in new paint and 90% restored. It just WON'T RUN!

Sorry you bought into the same problem. If I had the answers to it, I'd be fixing mine.

I hate that tractor. All I have to do is LOOK at it and it makes me mad. Worst money I ever spent. I really hope you can get this licked.

I had the same problem with my 446, until I got some replacement heat shields on the engine and it went away. But the 448 doesn't respond to anything I've done to it. Bad fuel pump I think, although it is new.

What I've done so far:
Repaired heat shields, rebuilt carb, new fuel pump, 3 new gas filters, new transparent fuel line from tank to carb(I can SEE that gas is not getting to the carb), cleaned the gas tank twice (no dirt in it), blew out the tank fitting and checked that there is NOT any tank screen inside to get plugged up, drilled out the gas cap vents, drained the tank a 3rd time and put fresh gas in with Seafoam added, assured that the gas line is not pinched or kinked, etc..

I can unhook the gas line at the carb and lower it near the floor and drain 3 gallons from the tank in just a few minutes. NO obstructions in that part of it.

I've had the gas tank off so many times the bolt holes on the whole back end of this tractor are getting worn out. I have killed 2 new batteries cranking the thing, charging the battery, cranking it more trying to diagnose it. Now, I just leave the battery charger on it for a day before I try to work on it. I probably have 80 hours or more fooling around with this. I've worked on small engines and large ones successfully for going on 60 years, until this one.

I initially gave far too much for it, $900 for the tractor, mower deck, and tiller. Then I rebuilt the tiller hydraulic motor, put new bearings and drive chain and new paint on it. I have been able to use the tiller for about half an hour before the tractor died and had to be towed into the garage. I spent another $1,000 on new rear Ag tires, new front tri rib tires, sandblasting, painting, new decals, new hydraulic hoses and couplings, rebuilding the steering, replacing the muffler (heat problem), repairing the oil cooler and mounting, and lots of other small things, like starter solenoid, starter cable, ignition switch, lights, and I don't remember what else. Probably over 2 grand in it now, but I haven't added it up.

It is a money pit. Still won't run.

I hate this tractor. I hate this tractor. I hate this tractor. I hate this tractor. I hate this tractor.

Machinist I remember you doing all that work . Way to much money for dust collector. Both you have fuel delivery problems I think vacuum problem.I vote with  olcowhand put elec. pump on see if that get your tractors going.

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