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Is My Ingersoll Rare?

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Posted May 30, 2013 - 02:06 PM

I was looking at this:





In 1989 the serial numbers go from 14129400 to 14129793. If you subtract 14129400 from 14129793 that equals 393. You would knock one off from the because the 29793 was the first serial in 1990. Does that mean they were only 392 of that machine made that year? If you from 90-91 14129793-14155600. If you subtract those 2 it would be 25,807. Maybe I am over thinking this and I may need some enlightenment.


Please fill me in.




My serial number is 14129590

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Posted May 30, 2013 - 03:55 PM

Welcome to the crazy world of Case / Ingersoll. :D

They were never real good with numbers and as far as how many were made it's very possible your number's are right but that's only a guess. After Case sold the line it slowly started to die a slow death, until we are at the point it is now, which isn't good if you are a dealer, but great as an owner of one. The thing we have going for us as owners is that were made so good and made to last. As far as "rare" no, but it's unique in today's GT world.


P.S. Just look at there website, hasn't been updated in years, they don't even have a brochure, no advertisements, but there may be soon hope as a major player CPD has stepped in and taken over parts management for Eastman, where this leads no one knows yet, but many don't think they would've stepped in if there wasn't a future for Ingersoll?Case.

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Posted May 30, 2013 - 04:43 PM

Rare and value are two different animals as well. John Deere Made a million 318s and they are worth DANG good money, Allis only made 1500 416Hydros and it's hard to get 500 out of nice one, Maybe because there are many more JDs and Cubs many more people collect them, not so much on 400 series Allis. The older Case tractors seem to bring good money and the newer 4000 series as well just becasue they are a modern machine. I've had 5-6 Case tractors, love the way they look, but I'm not able to drive them, course with my eyesight, I'm not doing well in the truck either, but the Case tractors throttle on the left, lift on the right confuses me to the point where I'm pulling the wrong lever all the time, NOT good when your looking over your shoulder to look at the 3 point and you lift the throttle all the way, exciting, but not good.