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Bought A D Series 18 Automatic And Attachments

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#1 glgrumpy ONLINE  


    Getting Out!

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Posted May 17, 2013 - 06:30 PM

Here's few shots of my new D series. Believe it is 73 year.

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  • 2013-05-17 009.jpg
  • 2013-05-17 010.jpg
  • 2013-05-17 011.jpg
  • 2013-05-17 012.jpg

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Posted May 17, 2013 - 06:38 PM

Looks to be in pretty good shape.

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#3 larryd OFFLINE  

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Posted May 17, 2013 - 07:08 PM

Looks like a good find



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Posted May 17, 2013 - 07:18 PM

I like it looks good

#5 Tankman OFFLINE  

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Posted May 17, 2013 - 07:19 PM

Nice Horse, looks sturdy enough.


Have fun, lucky duck! :thumbs:

#6 glgrumpy ONLINE  


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Posted May 17, 2013 - 08:43 PM

Tractor is first year model I was told. Not labeled as a D180 like later ones. Just an 18 Automatic on stickers. Looking for a manual for it. I have found the manual that has the A,B and D all together, but would prefer separate one if they exist. Would need owner's and parts mostly, maybe a repair one if such exists. Is there such books? 


wondering about seat adjust. Diff seat from norm on tractor, all the way back and still seems too close. Wondering how that intracut seat mount lift adjust assembly works. Looks like slots in bracket sides to move and a big spring in back. Is this supposed to be a spring action as you ride, or just an adjustment that locks into place?

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Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted May 17, 2013 - 08:51 PM

GL, 73 was the only yr that WH labeled the D 180 as the Automatic 18. 1974 started that letter series of tractors. The seat should slide back and forth by using the lever under the seat just like a car.

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Posted May 18, 2013 - 05:43 AM

The spring under there is for ride comfort and it works. That is one tough tractor. The weak point on the early D series is the differential. WH used 5/16 grade 8 bolts to hold it together. The 5/16 were too small and would shear. When that happened two things could happen. The pieces of the bolt would become lodged in between the diff and tranny housing and if forced, it would crack the housing. The other was that the user would keep going, not blowing out the housing, and the diff would start putting metal shavings into the hydro system. That would damage the hydro.


The fix was to increase the bolt size to 3/8. The bull gear and both diff plates have to be changed out to do this. They can be found on ebay for about $75 total. I would suggest cruising ebay and getting the parts. They may be harder to get later on when you need them. you may never need them, some of these diffs with 5/16 bolts are still running strong after all these years of hard work.


Bottom line you got a great tractor there. It looks great and you will be happy with how strong it is. It is a true SUB SCUT.