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Older 300 Series - Open Frame Or Closed Frame?

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Posted May 12, 2013 - 11:47 AM

Up until recently, all of my Deeres have been closed frame models (316K, 110RF, 110 SF), but I picked up a 316 onan as a rolling chassis.


I've got a sweet kubota diesel 3 cylinder (D600 @ 16hp) that is going in something! Had planned on putting it in the roller since everything else is running at the moment. But then got thinking, would it work better in the 316k?


So here's my question - ignoring engine and power steering, which platform do you prefer? And why?



Here is what I have so far:


I kind of like the removable nature of a 3 point hitch/pin hitch on the closed frame. I keep a 110 square fender in Florida to cut my small yard there. I could interchange 3 pts, rear accessories and such if I ever needed to (the 110 will have hydraulics eventually). The open frame model's 3 pt is a different design - easier (no additional hydraulics) but not interchangable and tied to deck lift.


The closed frame seems (to me) to have an easier design for adding attachments on the back - frame is stronger?


The electric clutch rear pto of the open frame is more versital than the full time rear pto of the closed frame. I know factory ones are hard to find and the closed model would be easier/cheaper to build. But being able to turn it on and off would be a plus....


The later design of the open frame (?) steering (again, not the power steering models, but the "arm-strong" models) is a little quicker than the earlier designed close frame system. Not sure whch is a "better" design...


I may be wrong, but the hydraulic systems and drive systems are comperable(?) Is one beefier/more durable than the other?


Not applicable to me since I already have both, but the closed frame models are less expensive than the open frame ones from what I have seen.


What did I miss?


I know the open frame models are more desirable, but that is mostly based on engine and power steering, if you take those out of the mix, which design do you prefer?

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