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Belt For 50C Mower On My 782

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#1 cumminsmannow OFFLINE  

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Posted May 07, 2013 - 07:15 AM

So i took the new 782 out for a mow the other day and about 3/4 of the way thru the yard it ate the belt.
I had a heck of a time finding a listing for what size it was online and ended up buying a few different ones because the sizes that are sopposed to work are too short.
The first listing i found was a 5/8x 72" and was way off. Now im up in the low 90's i have a 92" on order that should be in today at oreilly. It is a gates B89.
Why is it that the 82 series tractors arent listed very much. I can find everything for the older ones and tons of stuff for the newer 1000-5000 ones but during the changeover time its hard to find belts ect.
The 50" does cut awesome especially for how terrible the blades look. The main complaint is the steering on the tractor. This this has a turning radius of a school bus. And it is very hard to turn the wheel. I did grease and adjust the gear box which helped but if im going to rebuild it i will just buy a power steering setup for it. And it is gonna take probably all summer for me to get used to the hydro on the dash. I am so used to foot controls which may be a future project.

#2 Jlaws OFFLINE  

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Posted May 07, 2013 - 04:05 PM

Cumminsmannow , I just bought a Gates belt for my 582 with a 50C deck PTO and it was a B86 , which is a 89" belt .

Mine takes the 954-3071 which is supposed to be 5/8 X88.5 , but I think Gates doesn't make half sizes or at least my auto parts place doesn't carry them .


I also see that under 50C PTO  deck belts that they list a 954-3006 which is 21/32 X 93 .

As much adjustment that there is in the belt tensioner ,  I would think a 5/8 X 92 would fit , also where the undercarriage arms bolts to the mule drive it has two sets of holes , which gives you a little more adjustment .


The only thing I can think that would cause the difference in belt length ,  is that there was a change in the size in diameter of the PTO pulley shorty after the 82 series was introduced . So the size difference in the belts might have something to do with that ??



Most of the time that cubs are hard to steer is because of old ( harden ) grease or rust and dirt in the axle spindles .

Only way to fix that is the take the spindles out of the front axle and clean/ regrease them .

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#3 cumminsmannow OFFLINE  

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Posted May 07, 2013 - 05:41 PM

Now that you say that, i did move the mower carriage forward to the front holes trying to get the b86 to work and i was able to get the belt on and functionable but the center spindle was getting warm and the auto adjuster was way out of whack. So before i smoke the bearings in the spindles i will be putting the longer b89 on before next mowing.
I also tried to grease the spindle shafts but both grease zerks are froze up and wont take any grease. So when i get a spare moment i will be taking the spindles out and drill and tap and install new zerks so that i can properly maintain it.
The column im not sure i want to dig into... With the hydro lift bolted to the column it didnt look like as easy of a job to r&r it as i was hoping for. Maybe i will try it before i spend the $350 on the hyd steering kit a local guy has for sale. Otherwise i will keep watching epay.

On a side note i found a pretty sweet looking 782D on cl in northern wi for $2800 with a tiller. Im not sure if it comes with a deck or not but if i had $2800 i could part with right now i would be going up there this weekend!