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More Info On Tarter Industries 3 Point Rototiller

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Posted April 08, 2013 - 09:13 AM

You may remember that last fall I bought a 48" tiller for my Ford 1500 at the Thiesen's Farm store in town.

I was a little confused in that they had showed me a picture of a King Cutter Countyline, and when I got it it was a Tarter Industries Gear Drive  tiller that looked like the same tiller excepting it was gray.

I was in Tractor Supply last week and asked about it.

I was told that King Kutter at one time contracted the building of this tiller for Tractor Supply.

But demand exceeded their production capabilities.

Tractor Supply owned the patents and blueprints and could not find one manufacturer to produce enough to meed demand.

So They Contracted with Tarter Industries to produce all tillers sold east of the Mississipi.

And Behlen Manufacturing in Columbus, Ne. to produce all tillers sold west of the Mississipi.

Along with the agreement to produce for Tractor Supply was an allowance for the manufatureres to sell the units under their own name as well. So they are all the same and parts can be gotten at Tractor Supply for Countryline, Tarter and Behlen tillers.

Incidently I have looked at several other impliments in the Countryline ,Tarter and Behlen lines and it apears to be the same with Rakes, Boxblades, discs etc.


Yes I am west of the Mississippi, and Theisens is in Wisconsin but aparently  some of the Tarter stuff is swimming across the river.

One last note, I used the tiller this weekend and could not complain at all. I must say that I'm glad I did not get a bigger tiller. My Ford is rated at 17 hp at the pto and the tiller reccomends a minumum of 25 Hp.

In my soil the Ford runs the tiller fine and lays out a beautiful seedbed, but any more would be a load.

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Posted April 08, 2013 - 11:35 AM

That is interesting reading but over my head, but thank you.




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