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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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One Of Those People

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#31 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 08:58 AM

I love the hobby. although my dad hates me bringing stuff home and kids say things to me at school about it. but they dont understand, just like i dont understand y they smoke weed


Congratulations on being more intelligent than the others. You are being practical and learning in the bargain. It may help with your Dad if he understands that what you are doing is a kind of apprenticeship at no cost to him. You are learning mechanics and business on a practical "real world" level.  Plus you get satisfaction at it. Good Luck, Rick

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#32 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 09:09 AM

My wife and I go round & round on this issue.  I have a GT because she has 5 gardens. It's older because that's what we can afford.  As such, it needs to be repaired.  Problem is, she has 5 gardens because she want to go green & grow our own food.  "Being self-sufficient", she calls it.  Anyway, we clash at the point of spray paint.  Necessary for preventing rust & further repairs, bad for the environment.  Winter is the best time to do repairs, worst time to spray paint.  


Other than that, she is supportive of the hobby.  Keeps me home & I can make a little side money fixing & reselling.


Some days I feel like my tractor has more of my blood on it that paint.

Congratulations on having an intelligent(she married you) and ambitious wife. You can have a very simbiotic garden relationship. She wants gardens you want tractors to do the gardening. She will need atleast a heavy tractor with a hydraulic lift and a dedicated rototiller. Then a light tractor with cultivators. You need a mower and a snow remover. You should be able to justify 4 tractors anyway.


The paint issue may be addressed with an old technique I saw in 1970. I was working in a gas station. The owner was close to seventy years old and was going to repaint his car. He did it at home. When I saw it, it looked great. He then told me that he did it with a brush. He had thinned the paint with a slow drying solvent and the paint flowed out very nicely. Maybe she will be happy if you try that. Good Luck, Rick

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#33 farmer john ONLINE  

farmer john
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Posted February 28, 2013 - 09:20 AM

my wife said i was nuts collecting old tractrors and fixing them up, so after years of complaints i told her i was giving it up. i would go to a coffee shop or a movie for a few hours and she would call looking for me, i would tell her i was at the strip club in town, it didn't take long before she suggested i get another tractor to play with, its been quiet on the home front since. ha ha ha!!!!

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 10:59 AM

I get the same from my family and friends, they thing I'm nuts when I tell them I have 8-9 garden tractors. I have less in them than any car I could buy and it's much cheaper and easier to fix for the most parts. I had 3- late 2nd gen camaros at one time, they were worth less than I put into them. Plus cutting grass in the field for 2 hours or plowing a garden for someone is somewhat relaxing. Most people just don't get the addiction. :smilewink:

My addiction doesn't seem to crazy when they need me to plow their garden or move some mulch :thumbs:

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#35 oldedeeres OFFLINE  

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 11:54 AM

I hear you, Tahoe. We had the same attitude shoved at us over our herd of registered Charolais cattle. Too big, wild, dangerous etc. etc. untill someone needed colostrum for a calf. Then they came running because my Olde Deere # 2 could milk most anyone of fourty of those wild, "killer" cows. Funny how need alters opinion. Long live G.T.s and those who love them.

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#36 mtoney ONLINE  

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 12:05 PM

I collect and enjoy garden tractors because my neighbors would have a fit if I brought home a Famall M ect. LIving in suburbia puts a limit on what you can do with tractors big or small.  Garden tractors are cheaper to haul, cheaper to restore but not necessarly cheaper to buy.  Some of the more rare models like the diesel cub cadets are more than I could buy most of the older Farmall models for.  The Farmall Cub is about the most expensive localy with the M being the cheapest due to its size.  Cant do much with a M but farm or pull hay wagons or bush hog.  But we have a gentleman that mows his yard with a Fcub and a Woods belly mower deck.  Living in farm land, most everybody is envious if you have a nice tractor, be it big or small.  While I rotate what I own, I am the only one in the area that has a garden tractor.  So I am always getting requests to come yank bushes out of the ground, turn gardens over with the plow in the fall or clear snow when we do get a good storm.   Mike

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#37 Nato77 OFFLINE  


    Old Iron Junky

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 02:04 PM

My wife and family are use to me having stuff laying around. So having a bunch of GTs is nothing new. But the wife is always giving me grief about how much I'm on GTtalk. Since she got an Iphone she never uses the computer much. But I don't understand how she can say anything about me being on here  when she's on facebook or pintrest half the day gabbing and pinning about nothing useful. I tell her "Atleast I'm helping people or getting an education when I'm on the computer" and not complaining about so and so and how ugly they looked in their outfit today.

Anywho, there's just not alot of people around here that are into GTs, so you still get goofy looks from people time to time. Everybody has their own thing, GTs is just one of my things.

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#38 HowardsMF155 ONLINE  



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Posted February 28, 2013 - 02:22 PM

Great thread, now I don't feel as alone when someone is teasing me about my "tractor porn"

Alan, I know what you mean.  I found another forum with a LOT of vintage Massey 135's and 150's etc, which is what makes my heart jump.  I almost felt like I needed to be holed up in a closet with it.



I told my wife either I do the GT's or I go get a girlfriend. She told me to do the GT's.

Before or after she fell out of the chair from laughing so hard ?

:bigrofl:  :bigrofl:  :bigrofl:  :bigrofl:  :bigrofl:



Forgot to post to the original question.  I suppose I don't give anyone a chance to try and "steal my sunshine", if they ask why so many I mention that Dad and I collected them together and with his passing I inherited all the Gravelys, and that the Massey's are memories of childhood.

     However, I do remember when I purchased my first Gravely and was so enthusiastic about attending my first Gravely mow-in, in Charleston West Virginia at the original Gravely factory in 1995.  The first obstacle was that it occured over my wife's birthday weekend.  Plus, she didn't think anyone could be as crazy over Gravelys as I was.  However, after seeing some of the guys and how meticulously they had restored their tractors, plus meeting some of the few women who attended, she realized I wasn't so crazy.  And when I bought a two-pack of Hostess cupcakes, stuck a candle in each one, and led a group in singing Happy Birthday, she came around.  Are 4 Masseys and 6 Gravely's too much for her?  I think so.  But she doesn't complain, she likes the way the yard looks and if I'm having a good time doing the work, she's ok with that.

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#39 Amigatec OFFLINE  


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 02:45 PM

Before or after she fell out of the chair from laughing so hard ?
:bigrofl: :bigrofl: :bigrofl: :bigrofl: :bigrofl:

My wife really told me good luck finding a girlfriend.

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#40 antiquetractors OFFLINE  



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Posted February 28, 2013 - 04:20 PM

I am relieved to know I am not the only one who has a rough time with the hobby. My dad is the only one who shares the interest in GTs. He has several himself and is the one responsible for my addiction LOL.

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#41 IamSherwood OFFLINE  


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 05:19 PM

I find that most people are somewhat interested in my hobby, and some

fake their interest to humor me, maybe because they think I am crazy, and

those that totally disagree with me, end up in the hospital. :smilewink:


But really, most think it is a cool hobby.

And to those that question it, I just say,  I am having fun.

That they seem to understand.

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#42 crittersf1 OFFLINE  


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 06:16 PM

I don't pay any attention to any of the "nay-sayers".

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#43 Titus OFFLINE  


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 06:16 PM

I hear it all the time, and I'm only 27. My friend at the fire house all bust my chops about what I do and how I collect. They then ask what garden I have (still don't have one) I just reply "A garden of rust!" I used to collect paintball guns heavily as that's one of my trades, I really enjoyed all the different parts and pieces and the history of the sport in general.


I then moved where I have land, and discovered my hidden love for GTs. In rust we trust!

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#44 Michiganmobileman OFFLINE  


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 08:59 PM

A hobby is defined in various references with the words pleasure and relaxation , and the phrase typically done during ones leisure time in the definition.  

I think that I get both of the above in the limited amount of leisure time I have.  I dont get bothered or teased by anyone, my wife has given up on me a long time ago.  If I was rolling in dough and space I would have a 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS restored to look like my first car.  As I am lacking in $$ and space for such a thing, my tractors provide me with a healthy, relatively inexpensive, and usable pastime. 

#45 Bolens 1000 ONLINE  

Bolens 1000

    DR. Bolens

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 09:13 PM

I'd say most people I talk with generally Like or atleast think the Hobby is interesting. There's always the few that think I'm completely Nuts but It dosent really bother me because maybe I am.... I mean What normal person would spend an entire day lining up all their working tractors for a Family Photo :thumbs:  :rolling:





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