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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Reproduction Parts - Your Thoughts?

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Posted February 26, 2013 - 10:52 PM

Troy, I want to say something I did not say already. Tractor brands such as Springfield is a great example here. I get excited every time I buy one, or an accessory, even if I don't have the room... I know they are original. The one thing that happens is once I have the original accessory, the excitement is then in sourcing the parts and making the brackets to mount a replicated accessory (or modern equivalent). One such item is the tractor light kit. I was so excited to get an original tail light, and then a tractor that had the headlights and then the third tractor with the correct switch. So now between three tractors I have a complete kit, but the problem Is there are three tractors than can have the kit. When I do shelf shopping I find the headlights are standard off the shelf, there is a similar style switch that fits the dash hole close enough, and the tail light... there is a modern equivalent (plastic housing) and the brackets I can make. So then I will have three with the lighting kit, one OEM, and two that I replicated, and that was the second fun. All can tell it is not quite right, and I don't care to admit that. Ok, mabey I said it all already, but still fun.


I can still remember the time I disappointed someone when they asked me when Springfield built an electric tractor and I told them the truth. I somehow find great enjoyment out of telling people they never made one. Now for a quote you can put on a bumper sticker:


"It is more important in the hobby... to have honest people, than honest tractors."

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Posted February 26, 2013 - 11:32 PM

This is a interesting topic that I hadn't really related to our hobby before now. I think you have valid points and I understand them completely. I watched an episode of American Pickers where they were in an old junkyard full of great old cars and Mike noticed some original parts on a car hood. He asked the owner about the worth of the parts and he said they weren't worth anything because of all the reproduction available, they just left them there to rot. I myself had planned on making and selling sleeve hitches for Massey Ferguson MF10's and 12's. I got the idea after it took me years to find one original hitch and I still wanted more for my other tractors. I looked at the original and said "I can make this" and thought why not make extra so I can sell them to others who are searching for them and don't have the means to make their own. I wanted the hitches to be as close to original as possible so myself and others could be confident in the quality and have something that looked like it belonged on the tractor. I never thought of them as reproductions. MF10's are special to me because I used one for my small lawn care business from when I was about ten years old until I was 18. I thought if sleeve hitches became readily available for these tractors that they would become more useable and therefore more desirable, I want to see more at plow days. When I see a tractor for sale one thing I always consider is the availability of parts and accessories. I want to be able to use it at home with my brinly attachments and take it to plow days. All my tractors are workers and I don't mind putting anything tasteful on them that will make them more useful. If I was going to restore a trailer queen I would want it all OEM parts but would be willing to put on a re-pop until I found one. I still believe true collectors will pay more for originals. I haven't had time to make any sleeve hitches to sell and I may never do it. Not because I don't feel right about it but because it takes more time and money than I thought it would to build them to my standards. If I did build some to sell I would never try to pass them off as original. Actually now that I have seen this thread and gave it some thought I would probably change something to make them easily identified as non-original.      

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Posted February 27, 2013 - 12:29 AM

I want to come back on this one as well with another example...


I am presently working on a Ford LGT. I THINK I want to put a rear PTO/drive shaft on it... Ford made them, I have seen a couple, seen the ads for them, but have never seen the rear pto kit for sale. A couple of the PARTS went for much more than I was willing to spend on a "famous auction site" :D


I will end up making one, and will likely duplicate the factory setup. It will be something for me to use and an engineering exercise to design and build. I would never try to sell it as an OEM - if I did sell it, there would be full disclosure....


I even think, in my case, for my intended use, a repro is a better deal. Instead of using/tearing up a "rare" part, or doing without some original I can't afford/find, I make something that works for me. In this case, I can build it a LOT cheaper than I could buy it.


On the other hand, if Ford/Jacobson were still making them (or they were commonly available at a reasonable price), I would buy OEM - unless I just WANTED to build one (been there and done that as well...)


And if I were trying to RESTORE the tractor for show quality, I would find an OEM one or do without it...

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Posted February 27, 2013 - 07:37 AM

In the 60s and 70s a good friend of mine belonged to a Revolutionary War Reenactment group. He is an excellant blacksmith so, he made alot of gear for himself and his group. This included tomahawks in the pattern of the 1700s. He marks all his reproductions with his initials. In the late 80s, he was at a gun show where a guy was selling a tomahawk that he claimed to have dug up at Ft. Ticondaroga. The problem was it had my friends initials. He just walked away from the crook.


Any reproductions will later be flogged as originals but, there really isn't much that we can do about it. I will use reproductions on my working tractors. I don't sell my rare treasures anyway. The working ones I may.

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josh deaven


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Posted February 27, 2013 - 02:16 PM

We will see more parts reproduced as the gt hobby goes.There will be more collectors.I see where Troy is coming from, but this is the same thing that has happened in the car hobbies.With todays technolgy any part can be reproduced if you have enough money.I myself am having molds made for some ford gt tractor parts made as we speak. This out of my own pocket.These parts are always broken and you can no longer get them through the dealers. The gt hobby is growing very fast. Just go on ebay and look at the prices of the tractors being parted out.In one year look out how many more collectors on this forum are getting Lagt! The one thing that I have noticed is some members on Gttalk have come on the site and are looking for parts , and few days later the parts show up on ebay for sale.These are all growing pains of a growing hobby! :wallbanging:   :wave:

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Posted February 27, 2013 - 04:00 PM

Repo parts aren't always a bad thing. ....

There are a few parts on the tractors that I collect that I wish someone made repo parts for them.

I've had to make a few parts myself because the original parts are imposable to find by themselves.

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Posted February 28, 2013 - 12:11 AM

Repo parts aren't always a bad thing. ....

There are a few parts on the tractors that I collect that I wish someone made repo parts for them.

I've had to make a few parts myself because the original parts are imposable to find by themselves.

I tend to agree, A few of my tractors have plastic dashes or other pieces that are cracked and ugly, but otherwise functional. All the parts tractors are just as old and most are in worst shape than mine. So what would be wrong will an aftermarket replacement part? The tractor will never know the difference, and by now, most of the work machines have had many parts replaced with factory replacement bits, either NOS or off a parts machine.


I’m not knocking anyone who enjoys this hobby and wants to show their “spot on” tractors, (I don’t show) but this hobby is fun for me because I like to take someone’s junk add it to someone else’s junk and make a good machine out of two or three that were destined for the smelter.

I look at it this way, as a hobby, what would you rather see, one or two “perfect” restored tractors at a show or a whole line of nice looking machines even though not truly “original"? As these machines get older, more and more will need to be parted just to find “that one piece.” If a few reproduction pieces save more machines, than reproduction parts are O.K. with me.


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Posted February 28, 2013 - 06:44 AM

If I can find the original, I will go for it. Almost anyone has the original part. If it's an antique I go to my connections and look around at shows. If it's a newer part I'll look on JDParts. If it comes down to no-one has it, but I find a piece of equipment somewhere with that part, then I go for a donor piece. A Reproduction part is always my last place.

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