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Tell us about your romantic valentine

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#1 Guest_hooligan_*

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Posted February 14, 2010 - 11:01 PM

Mine started with coffee and working on a old Agri-Fab garden cart, got the wheels and tires on and the new latch on it. I found another one just like it with a flat tire for 10.00 the next town over on craigslist, so i called and arranged a afternoon meeting, I also saw a 4 year old female Llama for 75.00, again made arrangements for afternoon pickup. I'm working on our new Church, I thought it was about time we made our presence known after a long absence, so we made the 10:30 service, it's been a couple of months since we'd been so it nice to be back and see some of the people I've come to know in the last 15 years. After church was lunch at Waffle House, scattered smoothered, capped and peeled hash browns, hmmmmmm, So off to Skiatook to pick up the garden cart, picked it up, and left it at a friends storage, since we decided to forgo the horse trailer and use the Dodge custom conversion van for the Llama recovery,(it was kind of cold) and they both wouldn't fit. We drove the 40 miles to Supulpa and met the guy with the female Llama, he also had 2 juvenile males and a large fixed male for sale, no thanks. The guy thought we were nuts ridding in a van with a loose Llama. She looked out every window and sniffed us repeatedly, pretty funny, old hat to me, a gorilla in the van would be new. On the way back my wife mused how our young male Llama, who had been chasing the mares for the last couple of days would receive his new friend, I lied, and said I had no idea. I knew the minute we pushed this "ready" female in the pasture it would be like the 7th fleet hitting town. We got the feed buckets and brought the horses and Shep our Llama into the stalls, then we unloaded "Sheila" she went right into the barn and all the animals came out to investigate, Shep was first, and preformed what I thought was impossible, He actually can run on his back hind legs while chasing sheila, attempting a romantic liason, I told my wife we should have gotten him a cod piece, but she didn't listen, now I have a fully erect, in more ways than one, Lama chasing his new found valentine with the tact of a bull moose, and all the while the wife is video taping the "event", she laughs so hard she wets her pants. After getting cleaned up we have nice dinner at Olive Garden, hopefully I'll do as well as Shep. I included an after romance picture of Shep, man is that a satisfied smile or what?

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Posted February 15, 2010 - 05:09 AM

OMG, that's hilarious. Hopefully you fared as well as Shep.

#3 Bill56 OFFLINE  



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Posted February 15, 2010 - 10:51 AM

That was funny! What a great smile on Shep!!

#4 Bolens 1000 OFFLINE  

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Posted February 15, 2010 - 08:23 PM

That was funny! What a great smile on Shep!!