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One For The Music Lovers!

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#1 WNYTractorTinkerer OFFLINE  


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Posted December 25, 2012 - 06:06 AM



1) Elvis Presley

2) Roy Orbison

3) Beatles

4) Abba

5) Bee Gees

6) MichaelJackson

7) John Lennon

8) CelineDion

9) Frank Sinatra

10) CreedenceClearwater Revival

11) JulioIglesias

12) Queen

13) Neil Diamond

14) PaulMccartney

15) Rolling Stones

16) Pink Floyd

17) BruceSpringsteen

18) Elton John

19) U2

20) GeorgeHarrison

21) Cliff Richard

22) Tina Turner

23) Bob Marley

24) AndreaBocelli

25) Dire Straits

26) BarbraStreisand

27) Eagles

28) Madonna

29) Simon & Garfunkel

30) Ac/Dc

31) Bob Dylan

32) Dean Martin

33) Andr? Hazes

34) Tom Jones

35) EricClapton

36) John Denver

37) ErosRamazzotti

38) Deep Purple

39) Led Zeppelin

40) Rod Stewart

41) Status Quo

42) Louis Armstrong

43) FleetwoodMac

44) BryanAdams

45) JimiHendrix

46) Barry White

47) Nat King Cole

48) Santana

49) MichaelBuble

50) Gipsy Kings

51) DavidBowie

52) AdrianoCelentano

53) RobbieWilliams

54) CharlesAznavour

55) Metallica

56) Doors

57) Shakira

58) Beach Boys

59) Cat Stevens

60) BonJovi

61) Ub40

62) Joe Cocker

63) WhitneyHouston

64) PhilCollins

65) EnriqueIglesias

66) RickyMartin

67) Ray Charles

68) K3

69) Zz Top

70) Van Morrison

71) RingoStarr

72) Stevie Wonder

73) GloriaEstefan

74) Supertramp

75) JethroTull

76) Black Sabbath

77) MarcoBorsato

78) Guns N? Roses

79) Neil Young

80) Chuck Berry

81) BillyJoel

82) Sting

83) Kinks

84) R.e.m.

85) LauraPausini

86) Genesis

87) Who

88) Monkees

89) Animals

90) Simple Minds

91) Prince

92) ArethaFranklin

93) B.b. King

94) Iron Maiden

95) Pearl Jam

96) ChristinaAguilera

97) Alice Cooper

98) Depeche Mode

99) Nirvana

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#2 Michiganmobileman OFFLINE  


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Posted December 25, 2012 - 07:18 AM

WOW thanks!!

That is quite a group of artists you linked to.  And it looks like most every other artist is available on the website.

COOL  :thumbs:

#3 larryd OFFLINE  



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Posted December 25, 2012 - 10:56 AM

Nice group of artist and their songs. But where is George Jones and the HONKY TONK SONG?



#4 daytime dave OFFLINE  

daytime dave

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Posted December 25, 2012 - 12:59 PM

Thanks, that was a nice collection and some great songs.  I appreciated it.

#5 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


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Posted December 25, 2012 - 01:41 PM

Quite a verity of artist there.  Thanks.

#6 larrybl ONLINE  


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Posted December 25, 2012 - 04:29 PM

Thanks, but.... what were you doing up at 5:00 this morning? Trying to catch Santa? :D

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#7 WNYTractorTinkerer OFFLINE  


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Posted December 26, 2012 - 08:08 AM

Thanks, but.... what were you doing up at 5:00 this morning? Trying to catch Santa? :D

Been waking up to nightmares alot lately..  Woke up @ 03:40 actually dreaming about real-life issues and as I wake up it seems like it is really happening and it wakes me right up..  Scary crap-ola and it's been happening way too much lately..   :wallbanging:   


So Christmas day was spent watching the grand kids opening all of their presents at home then they all came up to our house to open the ones we got them..  Seems that one of them gave me a gift of a cold..  Blowing my nose alot today.. :wallbanging:  Our daughter-in-law bought our son a gun safe that had been in the shop awaiting them to take it home..  We all went into the shop and she told him that something doesn't belong in the shop so if he sees it, he can take it home..


**I saw him eyeing the JD 425 AWS so I clarified that her suggestion in no way implied ANY power lawn equipment as it was right there in the middle of the shop floor!! :shoot2:    I had pulled the deck off it and had to get the tractor out of the way so of course I had to go play and do some 'drifting' in the snowy/icy driveway.. :rocker2:   My grandson wanted to get the other mowers out and chase one-another around but that would most likely result in some damage due to the conditions..  Nahhhh..  I Helped him load the safe up and send it on it's way home as the gun storage plans rolled around in his head.. We went down to their house later for dinner and loaded up on honey-glazed ham and taters and such..   :good_job:  

We were supposed to hit the road in the afternoon and head down to Tennessee and see our other grand kids but it turns out mother nature had another idea about that as there is a big ole storm coming outta Texas that we would have driven smack into..  No Thanks!! :bs:

So grandma was bumming all day as she wanted to go see our other G-kids but could not get there safely..  Also the storm is supposed to pack quite a wallop here when it gets here due to all the lake effect that will be generated when we are lucky to get since we live close to the Great Lakes..  The trip would have been a nail-biter both ways I'm sure.. :hitting_self_roller: So we will see how the weather behaves in the near future so maybe she can get down there soon..  Time will tell.. 


So we came home and hung with Chet the dog and I watched the movie I got from the wife (I had seen it when she bought the thing the other day!) Clint E.'s latest 'Trouble with the curve'  It was OK but I liked gran Torino lots better..  Oh well..  So one more day off to hang with the dog and reflect on another year almost gone and its trying events and a few successes amid the future's bleak outlook has got me in a mellow / somber mood..  Music has been something that has helped me to withstand life's crap in the last few years and I like that website's compilation of great tunes even though they don't have George Jones.. :tapping_fingers:


Have a good rest of the year folks! :driving_big_tractor: