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Christmas Season Brings Out The Loonies!

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Posted December 25, 2012 - 12:14 AM

we have lynxes and other wild animals, too. but no wild dogs. for using weapons here you need a license, which is very hard to get.

this is one of the elemantar differences between europe (and we have to much private weapons, too) and the states - no one here really needs a weapon. and if i have trouble with my neighor, we drink a beer and the probs are forgotten! i think, this is the better way - but its only my personal opinion.


btw: loonies see the easy handling with guns in the BS movies. maybe they are not able to distinguish between movie and reality...

I have black bears, cougars, wild dogs..   on top of that i use em for filling my freezer with meat. 



If they outlaw guns--->  Only outlaws will have guns??  


Assault weapons ARE questionable though..  The TV's here have been abuzz with coverage all day..  It's awful for something like this to happen Christmas eve..  In total 7 lakefront homes were burnt down..  The surviving two firefighters are doing OK but it sounds like one may lose his lower leg..  Time will tell..  The dude that did this was convicted of killing his grandmother back in 1981 & served his time but really showed no signs that this was coming as reported by friends & family members..  His sister is missing as well..  Terrible..  I'll say a prayer for all of those folks affected by this terrible event today..   :(



Really a ASSAULT rifle is so near a semi auto hunting rifle. only difference. i can't get a 30 round mag for my semi auto hunting rifle (nor do i want one).. 

Same here, and I always will!  I wish the police had gotten to put the gunman down like the rabid dog he was!


ya know what makes me even more sick of all of this crap thats going on is the cowards are taking their own lives after..  Stick guys like this in general population...

This scumbag was convicted in 1981 of beating his 92 year old grandmother to death with a hammer. His recent act of violence was preventable and even foreseeable, what kind of system lets a freak like this back into society. Outlawing hammers would not have prevented this guy from hurting someone else. We need tougher laws and tougher prisons. If you take away someones right to live you should know that ALL your rights are forfeited. I don't know that I like the death penalty, the idea of executing someone being part of a job description troubles me.I do however, believe that every prison cell for serious crimes should have some form of humane drug/device in it so that an inmate can choose to end his own life if he wants to. I also believe that prison life should be so miserable that they make that choice.


Here's a link to the article:      http://news.yahoo.co...-163105823.html

Im not sure of the right way to deal with scum like that.. I would still love to see em dealt with instead of them taking their own life.  I would want a few words with that dirt bag if that was my family member... 

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