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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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The Adventures Of My New Hat

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Posted May 17, 2018 - 09:40 AM

It was $2.42 in SC 30 cents cheaper than NC
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Posted May 17, 2018 - 12:32 PM

Paying $1.50 or so here... Quit your whining lol!

Little late to add... Paying the above price per litre

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Posted May 17, 2018 - 12:40 PM

Ouch, that's about $4.76 a gallon US!!  I bought gas yesterday and it was $2.76 if I remember right.

Yeah, that was yesterday. Today it's 3.05 a gal. in Indianapolis area.

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Posted May 17, 2018 - 02:25 PM

I'm no stranger to the rain...





Yesterday we woke up to a downpour. So we stayed inside. It rained on and off all day. 




At 1 we finally got to go outside to look at the Jeep. I ordered a kit of insulate the injectors to keep it from misfiring. 


I took it for a test drive down the road. I came around a corner and there was a terrible thump. I pulled over and found nothing. I turned around and went back home. There was a broken stick on the side of the road where I heard the noise. All I can figure it is got clipped by a tire and hit the bottom of the truck.


Back home I opened the hood to check for gas leaks. I found a coolant leak.


There is a plug under the radiator cap. I have never seen a radiator made like that. The plug appeared to be leaking so I put a new o-ring on it. Then I drove it down to Autozone. It was still leaking. I went in and got some antifreeze and a new radiator cap. I put the cap on it in the parking lot. 


I drove home and it was leaking again. I pulled the plug out and put some clear RTV on the o ring and put it back on.  By then it started to rain again so we went in and called it a day. 


This morning I went out and topped off the antifreeze and and started it up. It leaked. If I pushed on the cap the leak went away. SO I hunted through all the vehicles and found a lever lock cap. I put it on and the leak stopped. Finally.


Steph drove it down to Autozone and to the hardware store to get some stuff.



I took a look at Katie's mower. I pulled the carb bowl off and the float and needle appears to be working right. There was a big glob of something in the bowl. I cleaned it out, hosed it all with carb cleaner, and put it back together.  I started it up and let it run til it ran out of gas. It didn't leak a drop. 


Darryl's rims were horrible. Bad enough that I didn't think I could get them to seal without cleaning them. So out came the big wire wheel on the angle grinder and the gunk went away. Whatever he put in the wheels was horrid. IT was in massive clumps. 


One of the things Steph went to get was a valve stem tool. Mine grew legs. Since I couldn't put the tires on ti without changing the stems, I attacked the axle shaft with sand paper. The shaft is about 3 1/2 feet long it was rusted from end to end. I think the hubs had water in them at some point. I got a small ratchet strap and hooked the shaft to the desk in the shop and went to town on it. 


Steph got back just as I finished up. 


While I wrestled the tires on the rims, she finished up the deck on Katie's 188.


Then we put the tires and drive system back together on the Gravley.


Steph came in the house and got the new starter for the Gravley and I put it on. Finally, it turned over correctly.( I have the same Kholer 18 hp engine on the Ransome so I will order the same starter for it. IT sometimes needs a smack to start.)


We got the engine cranking and it had no spark. I looked on the Kholer in the shed and the coil is missing. 


About that time it started to rain. So a quick tool pick up was made, and we came inside. 


The rain is supposed to let up in an hour or so, and we will go back out and harvest a coil off another engine.


I did have to strip out of my sweat soaked clothes before Steph would let me on the furniture. Although it was not very hot, it was insanely humid outside.

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Posted May 18, 2018 - 07:20 PM

Soooo much mud.




This morning I had a dream. I was standing beside the interstate and a dam broke. There were cars being washed down the interstate - and one guy on a zero turn mower. The roar of water was deafening. Then I woke up and the roar was still going. IT was pouring rain.



So I went back to sleep.


Around 1030 the rain was still coming down. 


Finally it stopped at 11. We sloshed our way to the outdoors. 


Steph had put the deck for Katie's 188 back together, so we slid it in place and she put it back on. 


I went to Darryl's Gravley and started working on it. 


The starter had only spun when I hooked it to jumper cables, so I knew there was a problem between it and the switch. 


There was one wire dangling out of the switch so I looked at a wiring diagram and figured out where it should go. Then I put a connector on it and pushed it back through the plastic plug.


Turning the key still had no effect.


I pulled out the solenoid and tested it. No good. 


We hunted through all the derelicts and couldn't find a matching one. I sent Steph to the local mower shop to get one.  


Before she left we got the 188 off the stand.I drove it a short distance and engaged the blades. Two of them were not turning. 


Gertie picked up the front of the 188 and I found that the center and right side blades where freewheeling. I told her I would figure it out and to go on to the store. 


After scratching my head a while I took off the one blade that was turning. IT had an extra washer that the other two did not. So I hunted up some washers and put them on. Then I mowed with it till Steph got back. I did find that the blades were as low as they would go - as evidenced by the bald strip down the property line. LOL. I raised them up and it cut perfectly.



She got back and the new one was bad. Arrrrgh. I walked in the shop and found a brand new one on a shelf. I guess I should have looked there first. 


Once it was on the key switch was only making contact once every couple of turns. I was getting tired of having to push the terminal I soldered on the wire into the plug. We were out of terminals, so I sent Steph to Walmart for some. I went in search of a switch. I found one on a derelict and carried it to the shop. 


I got some sand paper and cleaned up the terminals on the switch with a piece of sandpaper.


THen I got back on the 188 and mowed some more.


Heath got home. I never heard the bus. Fortunately, Emily was home and ran out to get him. 


Steph got back and I put the new female terminals on and threw the plastic plug into the trash.


Now we had a working starter system. 


What we didn't have was spark. I pulled an ignition coil off another Kholer and it was bad too. So I was out of parts and it was time to pack it in. 


I hopped back on the 188 and mowed everthing that I could. 


Then we moved Momma rabbits cage to fresh clover that I had not mowed, we moved all the trailers and cars that ran. Then I mowed more.


I put all the trailers back, and then went over and mowed Graham's yard. 


The 188 ran perfectly, it didn't catch on fire, it didn't stall out, it ran absolutely perfect even after mowing 5 acres. Tomorrow morning Steph is going to take it over and mow MawMaw Wander's yard. Then it is going back to Katie. Maybe they can get along this time. 



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Posted May 19, 2018 - 07:25 PM

I thought I was off today.



This morning Steph, Heath, and her friend Anna went to pick strawberries. I didn't have parts to work on anything, and it was supposed to monsoon again, so I stayed in.


About 2 weeks ago I emailed a guy an offer on a car. He said he would never accept it. Then today he did. He started emailing me about 11. No definite plans to pick it up, yet.


About 1 a guy called and said he had 2 cars he needed gone. I gave him a price. He accepted. I told him we would be there after 4pm. 


I called Steph and told her to be home by 4 and we had 2 cars to get. 


About 5 minutes later the original guy asked if I could come get the car today. He was close so I said yes.


She got home and we hooked Tim's trailer to Moby, and BettyBlue got the tow dolly. 


The two cars were only about 9 miles away, we go there soon enough. 


There were several people there working on a Ford Imploder.  In the front yard there was a Ford F150 with chains on the tires, chained to a Mitsubishi Gallant. He couldn't pull it. 


I hooked it to BettyBlue, and the guy couldn't get enough traction in the Furd for me to pull them both. I had enough of messing around. I told him to unhook and we pushed the car back in his driveway. Then I backed Moby and the trailer in and loaded it up. 


The Nissan Maxima was sitting behind the house, down a hill. He said he would try to pull it out with his truck. I said no and backed Moby, trailer and all, to the top of the hill. Then I pulled truck, trailer, and both cars out. I think I hurt his feelings.


We loaded The Nissan on the dolly and headed for home. 


The Nissan got dropped, the tow dolly and trailer traded trucks, and we left again. 


The second guy was about 12 miles away. His car ran, so it was a simple matter of jump starting it and driving it up on the dolly. 


ON the way home we stopped at a store and got Gatorade. I was dry.


We barely got the truck stopped in the yard before Heath was climbing all over the new cars. 


Moby's wheels were nasty. I didn't feel like washing the whole truck, but if you don't keep the brake dust off the aluminum wheels it etches them. So I did some wheel washing. 


Steph woke up Gertie and moved a pile of bunny poop over to her garden.


Now we have vehicles to take to the crusher this week. I am already tired. 

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Posted May 22, 2018 - 08:57 PM

It's been a long couple of days I'm tired update. tomorrow
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Posted May 22, 2018 - 08:59 PM

Same here.

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Posted May 23, 2018 - 07:24 PM

This is the earliest I have been in from work all week. 




Sunday I didn't do much, except for go down to look at two forklifts a guy had. Turned out there were Skytracks. Way to big for my trailer. I ran to Autozone to get an ignition module for the Bronco II. Then back home to sit some more. 


Monday we hit the ground running. Since the Mitsubishi and the Honda Accord were loaded up already, they were on the chopping block first. Steph started gutting them, while I took Katie's 242 back to her. I used Miriam's Jeep.


I went through everything with her, hopefully they can get along better now. I headed back home


We left to the scrap yard. I drove Moby, Steph drove BettyBlue The scrap yard was an absolute zoo. 


We got back home and loaded the Lincoln Continental on the trailer, and put the Nissan Maxima on the tow dolly. 


Steph started gutting them, while I went to work on the Bronco II. IT needed valve cover gaskets. It wasn't easy to do. Everything is in the way.


Heath got home after I got the first gasket on. So we left for the scrap yard.


We got back and I wanted to get the other valve cover gasket on. While I was doing that I got a call from a guy not far away that had 2 cars they wanted to get rid of.


Once I got the valve cover on,Emily's car also needed an oil change. So we drained the oil and pulled the oil filter.


 we headed up there. 


He had a Mercury Grand Marquis and a Ford Taurus. The Mercury was easy to load. He said the Ford ran so, even thoughit was in a spot that was going to be hard to get to, it should have been easy. HA.


First the battery was dead. So we pulled the battery out of BettyBlue and grabbed the jumper cables. I got it to crank, but it would not run. He had a can of starting fluid that got it running, but it would not pull. After a bit I had enough of that. 


He had a 4wd Ford pickup, he said he could pull it back there, if his wife said he could. She said no. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. 


Moby got freed from the trailer and I backed her through a spot between the side of his house, and a drop off to a creek. The Ford go hooked up and I pulled it out. 


His wife said I would get stuck in the yard. I didn't even spin a tire.


Steph headed for Bojangle's to get dinner, I went to Autozone for an oil filter and oil for Emily's car.


At 10pm I got her oil finished. I got in the shower, then in bed.


Tuesday we were off and running again. 


Steph gutted the Mercury and Ford while I put a new got back on the Bronco. 


The Taurus cats were aftermarket, and hard to get to so she left them on. She got 4 umbrellas and a bunch of other stuff out of the cars.


The ignition module on the Bronco is mounted on the distributor, and is about an inch from the firewall. I also needed a very thin 5.5mm socket, which I didn't have. I got a 5.5 and put it on an extension and attacked it with the bench grinder. When I got it just about as thin as I could without making the socket useless, it fit. 


I managed to slice my hands up pretty good getting the module changed. Then the truck ran like crap. It would barely stay running, and it had a wicked miss when it did. After messing with that for a while, we had to leave.


We got back from the scrap yard, and loaded up the HOnda Passport on the trailer, and the Olds 88 on the tow dolly. Steph went to work on them while I went back to the Bronco. I wasn't having much luck on the Bronco.


We had to run up to Indian Trail to get parts of a Geo Tracker. It was free so it was a good deal. We also got an upright freezer. 


We stopped at Steak and Shake for dinner.


It was 10 when we got home. Once again, we showered, and went straight to bed.


This morning I didn't get up early, as a matter of fact I slept till 11.


Steph got out and slaughtered some rabbits.


I pulled the new ignition module off the Bronco and put the old one back on. The truck ran, but still has a miss, and the check engine light is on. I took the new module and headed off.


I took the tracker to the scrap yard for a grand total of  9 vehicles and 1 freezer for the week, and it is only Wednesday.


On the way back I stopped at Autozone to swap the ignition module. The guy in there I had never seen before. He took the module out of the box and said it was old. I said no it is brand new, I bought it Sunday, he said it had nasty white stuff on it. I said it is dielectric grease and it is supposed to be on there.  


I had to run out to get the receipt out of the truck, and I think the other guy told him to stop arguing with me. He didn't say another word, but exchanged the module.


Back home I put the module on. It ran like crap again. So the old one went back on.


The check engine light was on so I attempted to pull codes on it. On an OBD 1 Ford you have to use a jumper wire and an analog meter. Nothing. NO codes. After tinkering with it for a while, I sent Steph to Autozone to get a Ford OBD1 scanner. 


She got back. Still nothing. I have a feeling the computer may be fried. 


I sent the owner a text and told him I was going out of town tomorrow, He could come get it and drive it running badly, or let it sit till I got back. 


It had originally come up to have the AC charged. So I decided to go ahead and do that. It needed two o rings in the compressor then it took a charge. 


I told Graham that if he wanted his AC fixed to get it over to me. He did. 


It wouldn't hold a vacuum. An investigation turned up a loose connection on the evaporator.  I fixed that and charged it. It never got real cold. I suspect the orifice tube is plugged. I told him to run it like it is and I will look into it when I get home. 


Finally all the tools got picked up, and we came in. 


I got a shower and I turned on my computer for the first time since Sunday.


Tomorrow I will get Moby in shape for the drive to TN.




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Posted Today, 03:34 PM

That Bronco must have the same ignition module as my son's old Escort GT. I had to go buy a special socket. Haven't used it since I replaced the ignition module on his car. Oddly it died right in my driveway.

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