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The Adventures Of My New Hat

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#4591 adamjd200 OFFLINE  

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Posted March 30, 2017 - 09:09 PM

Idiots are everywhere, up here people get mad if you stop for a stopped school bus, I was stopped for one yesterday and a guy was a trying to pass it, gotten so bad that we now have to stop going both directions on US20 a 55mph four lane.
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#4592 SimplyRad OFFLINE  

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Posted March 31, 2017 - 03:00 PM

We used methanol to clean sharpies off of the picture tubes when I worked in the factory. Window washer fluid is methanol. 

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#4593 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted March 31, 2017 - 07:04 PM

I was too busy to think much today.




I put Heath on the bus then got in my truck to follow the bus down the road in hopes of spotting the idiot in the Jeep Cherokee. I didn't. It started to pour before the bus got to the end of the road.


I got back home and 


Then I got to sit for a bit. I checked my emails and did some other inside work.


At 9 I got a call from a guy in Hickory who had Nissan Frontier that he needed gone by 3pm. His apartment complex was going to have it towed if it wasn't gone. 


I swam out and got the tow dolly hooked up and then started up to get it. The rain let up shortly after I left.


When I crossed the river I was a bit surprised at how much water there was. It is right at flood stage here. It is usually much lower and there are huge rocks sticking out. 



ON the way up I got slowed down slightly by a wreck in the oncoming lane. A semi had slid off the road and took about 50 yards of cable barrier out. That lane was backed up a good way. 


I snagged the Frontier and slowly made my way home on back roads. The truck still had the load of steel from last night in it (about 1000 pounds) and it wasn't happy about pulling the Nissan as well. 


I got back and dumped the Nissan off in the driveway. A neighbor stopped by to ask a couple of questions then headed off. 


I backed the tow dolly in its spot then pulled BettyBlue around back. 


Once I had the tractor dried off I pulled it up behind BB. I pulled all the big stuff out of the bed and put it in the bucket. Then carted it over and dumped it in another truck bed. 


The mail ran and I got a pokie flower from LarryBL



Heath got home and played on his swingset. 


The little stuff on the truck that is going to scrap immediately got dumped in the Frontier. It was nice to be able to dump it instead of having to move every piece. 


Once I had the truck all cleaned out Heath and I had to leave. 


On the way out the door my neighbor, Wanda, came over and said she could not get her back door open. I told her I would look at it when I got back. 


I hooked up the trailer to BB and we lit out. We got up to Stephanie's school. I dropped off Heath and hooked the trailer up to her truck. I gave them both a kiss then I had to run. 


It was 430. Home was 20 minutes away IF there were no idiots. Emily had to be at work at 5. She walked in the door at 447.


Since she worked at the Walmart Subway today I went in and got a couple of things we needed and a Sub Sammich for dinner. 


I came home and Wanda was gone. I left her a message on her answering machine and then carried all my stuff inside. 


I sat down to eat and immediately got a call from a friend. We talked for a bit and I got another call and had to answer it. It was my brother. 


I was talking to him when I saw Wanda pull in and went to put my sandwich in the fridge. The dogs were dancing around my feet and I am already flustered today anyhow. I put the phone in the fridge and was talking on the sandwich. When I swapped them out my brother was asking what happened. He said there was a thud then things went silent. LOL.


I went over and managed to get Wanda's back door opened. The lock had broken and a friend of hers had already disassembled the door knob. I managed to get the other piece out of the door frame and got the door open. Then I installed a new door knob for her and came home. 


I sat here for a while and finally wrote a short note and sent it to Becca. I cannot imagine how she feels right now. I figure she is covered up by police officers and family so I will wait till Monday to go see her. 


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#4594 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted April 01, 2017 - 09:37 PM

Today was much better. 



I slept in today. And I mean slept in. I woke up at noon. My body was worn out.



The guy who wanted to look at he Volvo today got called in for a double shift. 


I called Buddy and asked him what time to meet him. He said in about an hour. 


So I  met him. For once he was actually there before I was. 


The gal his youngest daughter is working for had a refrigerator and a washer she wanted gone. So we shuffled her cars around and got to them. Once they were loaded she said she had a big TV she wanted to get rid of. It was a huge flat screen. It was still hooked up so we had to get it all undone. Then we had to hook her new one up. It took a while because the cords were just one big tangle. Then we had to find the remote control for the TV. Once it was working she wanted to know if we could put up some wasp traps and spray some nests. We did that. Finally 3 hours later I left. She was a sweet old gal. 


I headed home and unloaded. 


Then it was time for a yearly chore.


Once things were cool, Emily and I left to go to Gaffney. 


We headed down to the discount shoe store and I hunted around and found a new pair of work boots. The steel toe in my old pair had worked its way through the inside of the boot. It was like wearing a hacksaw. 


Then I bought myself something I have not had in about 15 years. A pair of dress boots.



For all that time I have just worn my work boots anywhere I went.


Emily was hungry and wanted to go to Olive Garden. Girl is expensive. 


After we ate a guy came up and was telling her how the Gorgonzola sauce gave her meal a "better attitude". Emily just looked at him like he fell out of a tree. He left and she said," I think he meant that weird sauce." I told her she was super cultured and we both got so tickled we laughed like hyenas.  


We got home and I fed and watered everything. I am off to bed again. Tomorrow I actually have stuff to do so no sleeping in . 


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#4595 backwoods OFFLINE  

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Posted April 03, 2017 - 07:32 PM

Hope all is well down there stay dry an stay safe
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#4596 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted April 03, 2017 - 08:22 PM

Not much happening today.


It was raining when I woke up, so I stayed in bed,




When the rain let up I went outside. I was going to m ow today, but not in the mud. 


I cleaned the change out of the Nissan I got a couple days ago. 


Then posted it for sale. 


It started raining so I came back in. 


Around 530 Emily and I went off to find food. 


Steph will be home tonight. 

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#4597 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted April 04, 2017 - 07:49 PM

Moving things out today. 


I got Heath on the bus and then immediately got busy.



I had a guy coming and I had to get the stereo out of the Frontier. It wasn't going with it. After about an hour I had this harvested.


And more change. 


I backed BettyBlue over to the building to put all the stereo stuff in it and ran into a small problem. The truck got stuck. I had to get Emily to drive the truck while I pushed it out with the tractor. 


Believe it or not this is where it got stuck.



The guy came and bought the Frontier. Oddly enough it stopped knocking while he was test driving it. Lucky him. 


He saw the BlueOx and said his dad might want it. He called his dad. Dad wanted to look at it. 


He drove his truck to his dads house and rode back with him so he could drive the Frontier home. 


Dad looked at the BlueOx and decided he wanted it more than I did. I fired up the tractor again and pulled it around front. 


Once we had his truck positioned I pushed the Ox up on the tow dolly. 


The guy somehow managed to roll his dad's suburban so they wanted the body. 


Ben called and needed some stuff moved. SInce he just had open heart surgery he isn't allowed to do anything. So I rode down and did his stuff. 


Back home I showered and then set about doing nothing. I am looking online for a dump trailer. Haven't found much in my price range yet. 


A lot more stuff happened ( people coming in and out) but not much important. 


Not a very entertaining update, but I am tired. 

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#4598 backwoods OFFLINE  

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Posted April 04, 2017 - 08:14 PM

Congrats on the sales hope you found a dry spot, I can relate to the rain since that's all its done on an off for the last week.
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#4599 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted April 07, 2017 - 07:54 AM

Days like these I feel my tenuous grasp on reality slipping away. 


For the past two days it has rained. Not misted, or drizzled - real rain of Biblical proportions. By yesterday morning my property was a swamp, even though it had not rained in 12 hours. 


As it was hard to walk when I took Heath to the bus yesterday morning I decided it was probably wise to give things a day to dry out.  Things got a helping hand with drying. 


It was windy. As in, "we aren't in Kansas anymore," windy. I sat here and listened to thing blow around the yard.


My internet was barely working so I called AT&T at 1030 or so. After a hour on the phone with a gal in Kentucky things were working.


At around noon the power went out. I waited about 15 minutes and it didn't come back on. When I called the power company it was the first they had heard about it. I guess I was the only one home.


In about an hour it came back on. 


I had to get out of the house. 


The yard was still soaked, although getting drier with every gust of wind. I went to the shop. 


Since I bought new tires and wheels for the hand truck 2 weeks ago I finally got them put on. Then I turned on the computer in the shop and played a game.


Grady came over and paid me for the work I did on his truck. His dog, Shandy, was in the back seat. She got so excited to see me. So Grady's wife, Mary, put the window down. While I petted her, Shandy - not Mary, she stepped on the window switch. When the window hit her she thought I had rolled the window up on her head. She sat and pouted. It was pretty funny. 


When they left his AWD Explorer actually engaged the front axle and spun the front tire when he left. Yep, still wet. 


The yard needs to be mowed, so I started to move things. Once the hoses were up I noticed the tire on the Gravley was flat again. The rim is evidently eating tubes, so I decided to foam fill it. 


Heath got home and he and I left for Walmart to get a can of GreatStuff. 


After too much struggling I managed to get the tube I had just put in the tire out and was putting the tire back on the rim when Steph got home. 


I fought for a while getting the tire to seat properly. While I was doing that the phone rang. A guy in Concord had a Chevy Malibu he wanted me to pick up. I told him we would be up as soon as we could be there. He wanted us there by 7.


As it turned out, one can of great stuff was not enough. I sent Steph back for more. She got two cans. They were barely enough. 


We left the tire  and headed to Concord. 


The drive up was uneventful. Well, except for the guy calling every few minutes to find out where we were. When we got into Concord he called and I told Steph to answer. He spend 15 minutes telling her how to get to his house and saying he would meet us at a gas station (that was way out of our way). I kept going the way I was going. He called in 5 minutes and wanted to know why we weren't at the gas station. I told him I could only follow one set of directions, if he wanted us to buy the car to go home and wait. Otherwise I was turning around.


The guy was high as a kite when we got there. Fortunately he was only about knee high and as big around as a straw. While we loaded the car up he got in a shouting match with someone next door. We left and he got in his car and followed. I have never had that happen before. I took my pistol and put it between my legs, and called him to find out why. When the phone rang 3 times he stopped in the middle of the road, backed into a driveway, and turned around.


I asked what was going on. He said nothing. I asked why he was following, He suddenly couldn't put a sentence together. It was the only time I have been genuinely concerned while getting a car. 


Heath had seen a Chickfila on the way in and that was all he had talked about. SO we went to eat. 


In the parking lot they had set up big boulders to keep people from driving over the curbs. Big like knee tall to me. The lot was tight so I guess they had a lot of people driving over the grass. 


While we ate we watched the cops stop a car out front. The genius driver stopped in the turn lane and turned off his lights. He got a ticket. FYI- never stop in a turn lane. There is no safe way for the cop to approach the car and they will be far less inclined to let you off.


We came back out and one of the huge boulders was out in the middle of a drive and a sign pole was down. We never heard a thing in the restaurant. 


It was 930 when we got home. I went straight to bed.


This morning I overslept. I woke up at 7:05


In a rush I got Heath ready and got myself dressed. At 7:15 we were outside. The bus, however, was nowhere in sight. 


At 7:20 we went back inside.I thought it had already run and we missed it. I started getting ready to drive to school.  At 7:26 I got a text from Jess, a gal down the road, asking if the bus had run. Good to know it wasn't me that missed the bus. 


At 7:35 I told Heath to get in the truck. I figured the bus had broken down and wasn't coming. 


I couldn't find my wallet. Last I had seen it was on the dash of BettyBlue. Heath got buckled while I looked. I searched everywhere. No wallet. Since I need my ID to get in the school, I decided Heath was not going today.


I went out to get him. The bus appeared. I hurried to unbuckle him, told him to get his book bag and hurry. He sat there looking at me. I kept telling him to get moving. He kept looking at me like I crawled up out of the seat cushion. 


I thumped him on the head (not too hard, calm down) and told him to get moving. He finally got the message. I think his brain needed a kick start. He did drag his feet all the way to the bus though. 


When I walked out to the road I noticed that there was state truck behind the bus. I asked the driver what happened. She said the bus had lost reverse. I asked if her reverse was following her. All the kids yelled yes. 


Then the little black bunny decided to hop out in the driveway. Sheer pandemonium broke out on the bus. Kids were yelling about the bunny. It took a bit to get them back in their seats. I got off the bus while I was still standing.


I walked back in the house, and the first thing I see - my wallet. Sitting on a table I had looked on three times before. I swear we have a ghost who is trying to make me lose my mind. It is the same one that hides tools when I am working. 

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Posted April 07, 2017 - 09:53 PM



After things settled down here I sat in my recliner and looked for a dump trailer online. I had already found a that Greenville, SC had about 15 of them on a GovDeals auction for today. I was waiting for the end of them to come closer to start bidding. 


As I sat here I soon realized I would not be awake for it. I set an alarm for one hour. I figured if I was too tired to stay awake I might as well not fight it too hard. 


I never did doze off, but it was better than fighting it. 


It came time to bid and I got busy. I knew my upper limit and the auctions all ended about 10 minutes apart. I guess that is how long it took them to list the next one. 


The first three went for way more than I had. The fourth one however... In the last 12 seconds I put in my maximum bid, which was 900 more than the highest so far, Someone else had the same idea, and had a budget of one dollar more than I did. Dang it. 


With no dump trailer in my possession I headed outside to get some work done. 


I needed to get the Impala off the tow dolly and get a video of it. I unstrapped it and tried to get it to start, dead battery. Before I could get back out of it Dan pulled in the driveway. 


He had left me a voicemail last night and I forgot to call him back. IN between talking to him and tinkering with the battery charger I got it unloaded. The tow dolly had a big puddle of trans fluid on it. Makes me wonder if there is a simple fix to the transmission problem. 


Dan finally left and I had to get batteries off to sell. I figured I could make a video this evening. 


I used the front end loaded to move all the batteries. I didn't have all that many, but Graham needed a battery for his tractor. 


I headed off to the battery guy. Unfortunately, he told me that could no longer get the cheaper mower batteries and I could get one cheaper at Walmart. I collected my cash from him and headed off. 


The prospect of going to Walmart didn't fill me with happy feelings. I decided to go to Lowe's instead. The battery was about $5 more, but I didn't have to deal with the idiots as much. 


I came back home and sent Graham a text to come get his battery. Heath was already home and was down in the field on top of the Buick having a big time. 



Reid came over and wanted to look for a part for a mower. While we looked Steph got home. 


I didn't have the part he needed, but he found a couple of other things he needed for another project.




I told Steph that I had to leave to go with MawMaw Wander to get a washer. She told me I had to take her to Shelby. She is going to Atlanta for her grandparents 4000000000th anniversary and she is riding with a friend down there. I had no idea I was taking her to her friends house. 


Reid left and Wanda and I headed off to get a washer. I had to hurry a little bit due to time constraints. 


With the washer secured we headed home. 


Wanda got dropped at her house, the washer got dropped in the trailer (long story, but the washer she picked up was not the one she was supposed to get. It was a piece of garbage that is only good for scrap. Ex son in law shafted her.), and Steph and Heath loaded in the truck we headed off. 


It takes a hour to get to her friends house.


At 8 I got back home, made a video of the Impala


Then I parked my butt. I didn't get anything done outside, but I got a lot of driving in. 



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Posted April 09, 2017 - 07:04 PM

I am worn to a nub.



Yesterday Sam and Tyler came over so lots of things got done outside. 


We moved cars and mowed and shuffled things around. 


At around 1130 we stopped and Tyler got a phone call. It was Emily's boss. He had tried to call me, but I didn't hear it with the tractor running. Emily had passed out at work. 


Tyler and I went to get her. He had to drive the truck back. 


We have no idea why she fell out. She didn't want to go to the doctor. She did sleep most of yesterday and to day. 


Once we were back from that and Emily was inside, we got back to work. 


We loaded allt eh appliances up on the trailer. IT was so much easier with the front end loader. 


Then we went over to Dan's house. He had a pile of mulch we wanted spread around and had a couple more appliances he wanted gone. He also had 2 phone poles he wanted gone. We took the poles first. 


While I was moving the mulch I lost all down pressure on the loader. I managed to finish up in spite of it. I put a scoop of mulch beside the trees he wanted mulched. 


He gave me a couple of bags of pork rinds for my trouble. 


After a quick clean up I took the boys and Emily out to dinner. 


When we left Emily and I stopped at Autozone., There were two cops getting oil for their patrol cars. We had a good talk. 


Then we went over to Walmart to snag a couple things Emily wanted, and some rabbit feed.


Emily and I got back home at around 830.




This morning Sam got here at about 10. He needed me to fix a couple of things on his van and Dan wanted him to help get the mulch spread around


I carried him up there and then got to work on his van. 


Two years ago his mom had a windshield put in the van. Tuesday he got in and opened the overhead console and water poured out. The seal on the driver side was not in tact. I got some windshield sealant in there and we are hoping for the best. 


His speedometer was not lighting up. I got the panel dug out and found two bulbs out. I also found a crushed bulb in the light for the key switch. The lights in the Toyota van were green. I went and looked in the Pathfinder and found the same bulbs, but they were blue. They have little silicone condoms on them to make them colored, but if you try to take them off they fall apart. 


When that was together I turned my attention to the tractor. I pulled out the dipstick for the hydraulics and it showed nothing. I put a gallon of fluid in it and it still showed nothing.  I went down to Walmart to get more. They had a 5 gallon bucket so I grabbed it. 


On my way back Sam called and said he was done and back at my house. He wanted to know if the van was done. I told him it was. He headed off. 


I got back and could not get the oil level to come up to the full mark. Even after 5 gallons. It isn't going on the ground, and I couldn't imagine it having worked at all if it was that low the whole time I had it. 


Frustrated with that, I turned my attention to the Ransomes XT3101. I had tried to fill the steerign tire with foam, but that was less than successful. I decided to try to find another rim. 


A search turned up a Snapper that had 4 lugs and the same sized tire. I pulled it off and carted it back up the hill. When I started to put it on I saw that it had a big hole rusted through it. I checked the other tire on the Snapper and found the same thing. 


I needed to get in the little barn down the hill, but it was surrounded by blackberrys and a small tree. I had to use the Ford to find the door. 


I found a rim, but the tire was taller. I decided to try it. 


I had to drill two holes in the rim for the bolts that hold the weight/spacer on the back of the mower. That was easy enough. It went right on. 


Then I lowered the deck down and went off to mow. 


In a short time I had pushed the steering tire off the rim. I aired it back up and it did the same thing two more times. I don't know if it is because the tire is too tall, or if it really needs a tube back there. 


The third time it pushed off I put it back on and then the mower would not start. I tried to jump start it, but no joy. It was too hot. 


So I left to run a could of errands. I had to go tot he pharmacy and then go get some dish detergent.


When I got back home the mower started right up. I finished mowing what I could mow without moving trailers, then I pushed the tire off the rim again. I parked it and came inside. 


I am nasty, sweaty, and tired. I have to wait for Steph to get back from Georgia so I can go to pick her up in Shelby. I will be taking a pain pill tonight. My back is in knots. 

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Posted April 10, 2017 - 08:54 PM

After the past few days, my back put things to a stop. 




Last night I had to take a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. I woke up at noon,



Then laid back in the bed till Steph got home. My back demanded it. When we got home last night I could barely get out of the truck. 


Steph got home at 430. We got into work clothes and went outside. 



The trailer got hooked to BettyBlue and we took it down the hill to empty it. Then we headed off to Leebo's house. He is the guy I traded for some tractors he had.


Steph had told me that the trailer broke a weld. What she didn't tell me was the whole back part of the trailer broke off and was just flopping around. I only found out after I had backed the trailer up to his shed to get the tractors. 


He saw the break and got out his little welder and fixed it. I gave him $20 for it. I would have had to pay to get it fixed anyway. 


We loaded up one Cub Cadet pulling tractor (that didn't have the engine installed)  then headed home to drop it off. We grabbed the hand-truck and headed back to his house. 


We loaded up the other Cub Cadet pulling tractor and the engines he had in the shed and headed out.


We stopped at Walmart to give them more money and then headed home.


I started lighting the burn barrel and Leebo pulled in the driveway to look at the Impala. He may buy it.


I came in and planted myself in my recliner. Steph made Sloppy Joe's for dinner.  


My back is still a bit sore, but feels much better. I will get pics of the Cubs tomorrow.  

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Posted April 11, 2017 - 11:05 AM

As promised here are the pics of the Cub tractors. You will be seeing them again in the for sale section. 






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#4604 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted April 11, 2017 - 06:55 PM

It was a short day, all because of me. 



This morning I overslept. Heath didn't get to school today. Oh well. 


At around 10 I went out to get the pictures and video of the pulling Cubs.


The black and white one (the heavy one of course) was still on the trailer and did not want to come off. It would not roll forward or backwards. I thought about getting the battery cables out to release the winch. Before I did that I stepped on the winch cable with my left foot. I just needed it to move a tiny bit to release the cable.Heath was sitting on the tractor., He knocked it out of gear. It came flying forward and pinned my ankle between the winch and the tractors front weight bar. OUCH.


I thought it was broken for a minute. I managed to get it back off my ankle then spent some time gently moving my foot around. The ankle was not broken.


I got the cub unloaded and started and shot the video then came limping in. 


I didn't do much till Steph got home then we went out and got the engines off the back of BettyBlue. The front end loader makes that stuff so much easier. 



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Posted April 12, 2017 - 07:27 PM

Hopping today. 



This morning I got up and put Heath on the bus. Then I saw bunnies hopping all around the yard. Evidently someone told them it was Easter and they needed to hide eggs. 


I managed to capture 4 of them, but 3 remained at large. I gave up. 




I did a little online stuff then there was a knock at the door. A neighbor wanted to look at at the Nissan Pathfinder I have out back. 


He looked. After a while I came in. My ankle was killing me. 


After a hour off my foot I headed back out. 


Graham came over to get the JD242 to mow his yard. I aired up the perpetually flat tire and he headed off. 


I had a job to do with the front loader so I had to going. 


I looked for, and found the hydraulic filter on the tractor. Then I got on the shop computer and looked for one. Everyone I found local was $65. Yikes. I found two on Amazon I ordered them. Before I could get back out of the shop the neighbor was back. He wanted to ask a few more questions. 


While we talked Graham brought the mower back. He finished mowing and was reaching for the PTO button when the deck blade came off. Oh well at least he got it mowed. 


I fired up the Ford and headed down the road. 


A friend bought a house that has a place out back where for the last many many many years has been used to toss rocks out of the field and all manner of other debris. He wanted it all pushed down into another part of the property. 


I spent about 3 hours pushing. Since the Ford is small I had to take small bites. It took a while. 


He came back from his doctors appointment and looked at my progress. He showed me more stuff to move. 


At 430 I had to head for home. 


Steph got there about 3 minutes after I did. She changed clothes and we headed out. 


We stopped at Autozone to grab some tire slime for the big trailer, then headed over to get a car. 


We got that loaded them headed back for home. 


We captured one more rabbit then baited the humane trap with apples. 


I am tired. 


Ankle still hurts. Not sure if it is better or worse. 

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