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The Adventures Of My New Hat

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Posted June 09, 2016 - 09:59 PM

I can not find the post,someone was looking for what you have,they were from Wilmington,and was going to be at Denton during the fourth

Maybe they will answer the ad when I get it posted.
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Posted June 10, 2016 - 01:13 PM

Yesterday was fun.





After Heath and I took Jenni to work, we stopped at AutoZone (since it is across from the restaurant she works at), and snagged a meter to replace the one I let the magic smoke out of. (I dropped the positive lead while the meter was on Ohms. The lead fell and stuck directly into the positive battery cable. ) Then we headed home.



We kind of staggered around the house till about 1030.


I didn't thing it would tank long to the the Craftsman (now named the ProblemChild) ready to deliver. I thought I had solved all its problems. 


It had been on the charger all night (that only worked on trickle charge) and the battery showed full charge. When I turned the key it dropped to 4v then came back up to 12. Even hooked up to CB it wouldn't start. So I pulled the starter. Hooked directly to the jumper cables it would turn, albeit begrudgingly.


I snagged a starter off another tractor and installed it. The battery was not up to turning the engine. So I needed a new one. 


I jump started PC and drove it up on the trailer.


I searched around and pulled all the old batteries from the junkers. Then Heath and I loaded up and headed to Boger City. 


Buddy Funderburk has a battery recycling operation. I sold him the old batteries and got a brand new one. Money out of my pocket $4.


We turned around and headed south to Shelby. 


About halfway there Steph called. She asked if we could go home and wait for her because she wanted to come with us. 


About 20 minutes later we were all in CB.


Buddy (Dyer this time) was still roofing his house. He has it all torn off and is fixing the sheeting before he puts the metal roof on the back. The front is done. 


It took me 15 minutes to get him to stop talking to me from the roof and come down to the ground. He was telling me he knew how to operate a mower. I finally told him to get down before I came up and threw him off. 


I showed him how to operate the tractor. He had no clue how a hydro operated. It took me about 4 attempts to explain it to him. He kept wanting to use the clutch to shift gears. 


We sat and talked a bit then we had to go. 


We headed down to Harbor Freight. They are having a parking lot sale and since I am an inside club member I get early access. 


I got a new charger, some grinder wheels, and Heath got a flashlight.


We were hungry and Steph wanted to go to IHOP.


We got all filled up and headed home. 


It was 9 and the night was beautiful. None of us really wanted to go inside. So I lit the burn barrel and pulled up a chair and lit a cigar. Once Steph was through feeding animals she came and sat on the Wheel Horse. Heath was jumping on the trampoline with is new flashlight.


When the fire burned down Steph went inside and found more boxes and papers. With the barrel refilled it flared up again. 


About 11 we all headed in and went straight to bed. 


I was exhausted, but it was a great day. 





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#3933 oldedeeres ONLINE  

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Posted June 11, 2016 - 01:29 AM

That sounds like a wonderful evening, Willie. Enjoy what life has to offer, when it's offered.
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Posted June 11, 2016 - 06:44 AM

Nice day Willie
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Posted June 13, 2016 - 11:19 AM

And the weekend update...




Saturday I woke everyone up with Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner.



After we all loafed around a bit we gathered up all the AC parts that had come in for CherryBerry, and went out.


In  short time I had the parts replaced. Well - almost. When I put the 134a adapter on the accumulator the port twisted off. Cheap chinese parts. I sent Steph to AutoZone for another one. 


When she got back we continued the process. 


With everything installed, I hooked up the vacuum pump. It would not draw a vacuum. I checked everything and found nothing obvious. Finally I rigged up an adapter to put air pressure in the system. Still nothing obvious. We squirted everything with soapy water. BINGO. Bad seal at the back of the compressor. With that fixed we tried again.


Still would not hold vacuum. As I was about to pull my hair out I found that the o-ring in my gauges was bad. I didn't have one that fit. 


I sent Steph back to AZ to get an el cheapo charge hose. 


While she was gone Jenni and Graham wandered over. We talked a bit. Graham said his car wasn't cooling like it should. I told him to pull it over and I would give it a snort of Freon when Steph got home. 


She got back and I hooked up my gauges to pull what vacuum it would pull. While that was happening I put some Freon on Grahams car. He was happy. 


I tried charging CB, but it wasn't happening. It refused to pull anything in. Air in system. So I stopped. 



Sunday we headed down to Gastonia.


Heath had lost his new hat. So we went to Kmart and got him another one. He was ecstatic. 


We made a couple more stops then went to Harbor Freight to get a set of manifold gauges. 

we went through the soap application process. Or should I say the dump gallons of soap on the truck all at once process. Blue bubbles came out of the vents. Before we were inundated with soap I had to shut it off. It got a bit steamy in there. After we were clean on the outside we took advantage of the free vacuums to remove the mounds of dirt and soap residue.


After we grabbed a bite to eat we headed home. 


I had to sit down a while. I was hurting. 


Around 6 it was cooler outside so we went out to charge CB.


I didn't trust the old pressure switch so I grabbed a new one. Right off the bat I dropped it - right down in the frame of CB. Since it wasn't steel I had to get a coat hanger and fish it out. That took a bit of time. 


Once we had the new gauges hooked up it pulled a nice vacuum to -20 and I let it sit a while. Then I pulled a vacuum again to evacuate all the moisture. Then we charged it up. 


I got it to blowing 39 degrees on the vents and called it good. 


I came in and found Decades TV was having a Vega$ marathon. So I watched Dan Tanna catch the bad guys. 



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Posted June 14, 2016 - 04:30 PM

Long hot one today.


Yesterday I drove up to get Allison. When I got to her aunts house I found they had no water. Her idiot brother had disconnected it for various reasons. He said it would take 4 days to get it back on. I called him and he had his wife answer. I didn't talk to him, but amazingly enough the water was back on by the time I got back home with Allison. the brother is scared of me just a bit. 



I was in bed early last  night. I was worn out. 


I wasn't up early. Like I said I was worn out. 


I got up and did some reading on how to remove the transmission from an 03 Hyundai Accent. I found a couple of things to look for and finally called Graham and told him I was headed outside. 


At 1030 it was scorching. Humidity was ungodly.


I pulled the Gravley out of the tent building so we didn't kill ourselves getting tools. 


With Steph's help we got the tools moved to the driveway and I decided that there was no way I was going to work in the sun all day. We took about 20 minutes to get the popup canopy fixed and moved to the car. The tools were already too hot to touch. 


With some shade thing went much smoother.


I had to run down to Tim's to borrow a ball joint separator.


When we got back Steph said Gunner had caught one of the escaped rabbits and hurt it pretty bad. She went ahead and slaughtered it. One more for the freezer.


Other than Gunner trying to help we had no real problems getting the transmission out. There was one bolt on the starter and one bolt on the transmission that fought us, but other than that it came right out. The flywheel looks like someone took an angle grinder to it. 


It was about 230 when we started picking up tools. We had gone through 2 gallons of Gatorade and lots of water. Everyone but me had tea from Bojangles that Claire ( Grahams step daughter) brought us. Since I don't stop to eat during the day when i am working they had all the chicken to themselves. 


I came in and got in the shower. I bet I washed off 3 pounds of grease. 


Once I was clean I came in to harass Allison. 


Around 400 Jared and Sam arrived. Both of them dived into my fridge. It was like being attacked by a plague of locusts.


They collected Allison to go to something with one of her cousins. 


I fixed a screw in Sam's tire. Jared got all the clothes and stuff of his that were stored in the BlueOx.


The left and I came in and collapsed in a chair. Steph brought me the last piece of BoJangle's chicken. I may not move till bedtime. 

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Posted June 14, 2016 - 07:45 PM

And the weekend update...




I came in and found Decades TV was having a Vega$ marathon. So I watched Dan Tanna catch the bad guys. 

         I Loved that show!

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Posted June 18, 2016 - 09:48 AM

So I did too much.



Thursday Jared and Sam came over to help me get some stuff done. Sam brought his brother Nehemiah (hereafter known as N). N is special needs, but is a really sweet kid.


They were supposed to be here at 9, but true to teenaged form they showed up a 1030. 


First thing we did was load the bandsaw I have had sitting next to my shed for a couple of years up in Christine. Then Steph and Heath took her, and the boys and I loaded up in CB, and we all headed down to Ben's house. I traded him the saw for a wood stove. It took Jared, Sam, and I all to get the stove off the porch and on Christine. Then we headed home.


Before the boys got there I started mowing a part of the field with the Gravley. It cuts beautifully, but it will beat you to death. Once we got back from Ben's I finished up. I told the boys to pick up any trash they found in the yard. I dumped the last of the gas in the can in the Gravley and I sent Steph out for gas. 


When I had a suitable sized parcel cut I parked the Gravley we started moving things. I was going to use the Hemorrhoid, but it refused to start. The fuel pump was spraying out the side so I changed it - no go.


The WheelHorse was empty so we filled her up. I told Sam and N to empty the bed liner full of scrap into the trailer.( I put an other bedliner on the trailer so stuff would not fall through.) Any aluminum was to go in a different trailer. I gave them both magnets to test things with, Jared and I were going to move tractors. In short order I realized that was not going to work, Sam was loading everything he could find on the trailer, not just the stuff in the scrap pile.  I got Steph to come help me and told Jared to help Sam and make sure he only got what I told him. I took time to sort the stuff on the trailer out and get the non ferrous stuff in the right place. 


After Steph and I got a couple of tractors moved the WH stopped running. I tried to diagnose the problem. If I blew air back through the fuel line it would run for about 20 minutes then die again. 


SO I got the Falcon. We ran it for about an hour and then it ran out of gas. We filled it up. It ran for 30 minutes and died. I blew air back through the line. It ran for 30 minutes, and died. I did that several times over the next few hours.


Finally I got tired of messing with that and hooked the trailer up to CB to move it around. 


N moved all teh push mowers, tillers, and other small things with wheels down next to the tractors. I think he worked harder than the big boys. WHen he had all them moved I gave him a pair of wire cutters and told him to cut the cords off of the stuff they dragged out. 


Jared got so hot he had to go inside. He is not used to NC humidity.


If Sam and N had not been stopping to play with the turtle they found every 5 minutes they would have gotten a lot more done.


At 3 Steph realized that no one had eaten and ordered pizza.


Tim came over to look for an engine. While he was here N's sister and Allison showed up to take him home. His mom is a bit over protective and thought we were making him do to much. In actuality I was trying to slow him down. I gave him $20 for helping. 


While the girls were still there we all went in the house. Heath came in screaming, he got stung on the foot. A paste of aspirin made the pain go away. While He was still screaming, Tim walked in with the pizza. It has showed up while we were doctoring.


With a stuffed living room we all ate pizza.


Tim, Allison, Sarah, and N left. Garland showed up. He wanted to borrow my tow dolly straps. We had to look all over to find them. I had stuck them in the front seat of the parts Suburban. If I recall correctly it was starting to rain and I tossed them the first place I found. 


We got back to work. It didn't take long to get the last of the bedliner emptied and load up the appliances. Two went on the trailer, 4 went on Christine.


We did a bit more picking up and then we came in. 


Somehow Jared and Sam were hungry again. Steph made pork chops. 


Once they had cleaned all the pans and bowls of any scraps of edible substance, they left. 


I took some pain meds and went to bed early. I woke up at noon.


Friday I was moving slowly when I finally got moving. 


We were headed out the door when Allison came walking. Sarah had dropped her off. We loaded up in the trucks and headed for the scrap yard. 


Fortunately they used the big magnet to unload the trailer. I don't know if I could have unloaded it before they closed.


We got back home and my back was screaming. I collapsed into a chair. 


This morning I had two choices as to what I could do. I could go up to the race we are sponsoring, or go to the tractor show in Shelby. My back dictated that I do neither. So today I am taking it easy. FIgures it would completely give out on the day I was going to do fun stuff. 

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Posted June 18, 2016 - 10:35 AM

So I did too much.  So today I am taking it easy. FIgures it would completely give out on the day I was going to do fun stuff. 


Kinda how it is here.  But DO take it easy!  The body needs it!

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Posted June 18, 2016 - 12:20 PM

Working out in the heat and doing non normal things has a way of sucking the energy and causing pain! Take a break! Hope the back feels better soon.

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Posted June 18, 2016 - 05:41 PM

105* heat index here. I started weed eating this morning and gave up at 11:00. I did use RED to mow the whole property. I'll finish weed eating in the morning. PS, after re-leveling RED's deck it is making a nicer cut.

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Posted June 20, 2016 - 07:22 PM

Well it's Monday.




i was actually feeling halfway human when the telephone awoke me. 


My friend, Tim, wanted to know if it had a 1 3/4 deepwell socket. I told him I didn't think I did but I would look. 



We got up and got moving around. Before I was quite ready to go out Garland came over and wanted to borrow my trailer. He is going to bring me some goodies so I let him.


After we were all dressed and fed, Steph and I went out to finish up the repairs on the popup canopy that the storm destroyed Friday. We had to cut off the screws that I put it it when I fixed it Sunday. We carried it in the living room and I worked on it in the air conditioning.


With the popup reassembled and set up over the WheelHorse, Steph backed CherryBerry over and we unloaded all the tools. Steph, Allison, and Heath were going to Gastonia so they needed the seats. We needed to vacuum the back of it out anyway. You could almost grow crops in there. 


Once my mobile battle station was assembled



I got to work. 


The bad gas we got had completely crapped up the fuel system. First I tried to shut off the fuel the valve started leaking when I did. So I stuck a bucket under it and let it dribble while I unbolted the tank. 


I knew I had to address the leaky shut off so I started there. I took it apart to check the o-ring. It was in pieces. As I attempted to put a new one in the handle broke off in my hand. It turns out that it was something that was cobbled together some time in the tractors life. 


Since CherryBerry had not left yet I hopped in her and headed down to the weld shop. Without all the tools in the back it rode like a different truck. Like a dummy I set the broken pieces on the dash. The rod rolled between the dash and windshield. That took about 10 minutes to retrieve.




Once it was reattached I headed home. Steph left as soon as I got back. 


I got a new O-ring in it and put it back on the tank. Since the tank was still laid on its side it still had gas in it. The valve would not stop the fuel. I brought it in and got it under my magnifying light. The plunger was not long enough by almost 1/8th inch.


So I got in Christine and headed off. 


First to AutoZone. They didn't have the shutoff and were out of fuel filters. I did buy one of those filter funnels. More on that later. 


I headed to NAPA. After some messing around in the back he came out with pieces that would make up a fuel shutoff. the price was $35. Nope. I headed to Advance. They didn't have shutoffs or filters. I guess everyone got bad gas. 


So I headed to Ace. They had filters. Then I got a helpful hardware man to help me cobble together a shutoff. Price plus the filters and 3 carmels - $30. Much Better. 


Back home I surveyed my mess.



Then assembled the shutoff and installed it. 



I poured some carb dip in the tank with a handfull of nuts and bolts and shook it all up. Lots of crud came out.


I tested out the filter funnel.

All fuel will go through it into the tractors now. 

All I had was the can of gas Steph got Thursday. I wasn't putting that back in there. I dumped it in Christine with some seafoam. 


Steph called and said she was almost home. I decided to let her go get fresh gas.


I tried to start the Gravley so I could move it from where I parked it Thursday and it would not start. Like a big dummy I tried lots of stuff, then thought to look in the gas tank. It was bone dry. I must have driven it up there on fumes.


Steph got back and I gassed up the WH. She started up and settled into an uneasy idle. I think I am going to have to tear into the carb to clean it out. It only runs on half choke.


Then I poured gas in the Gravley. It started right up. The bad gas didn't seem to affect it any. Maybe it is made of sterner stuff. 


Steph wanted me to mow a path to the blackberries. So I did. Then I decided to mow the field a bit. I made about 5 laps. The grass is about 5 feet tall down there so I had to mow with half the deck. One pass knocked the tall stuff down and the second pass the other half of the deck mowed it down pretty. 


Then I had a problem. I could either use the drive, or engage the blades, but not both. I may have got stuff wrapped around the blades since it is not really a field mower. 


I parked it and got the WheelHorse and snatched the Falcon out of its place of death and hauled it over to the work station. 


Steph wants me to keep the Gravley and teach her to use it. I will have to think on that a bit, but I will probably do it.


When I finally dragged myself inside I was hurting. I am now perched on my massaging cushion. 



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Posted June 21, 2016 - 07:17 PM

Three patients healed.



Last night Allison and I stayed up till about 1am watching youtube videos. It was fun




This morning I didn't get up early.


When I finally arose.





I sat on my massaging cushion for a good while to get to where I could bend. 


Around 2 I finally got outside. I didn't thing I was going to get out there at all. 



I tore into the Falcon. The tank was plugged with rubber chunks (same thing I found in the Wheel Horse) and the fuel line was collapsing. 


Heath and I hopped in CherryBerry and headed down to Autozone to get fuel line. Then to Ace to get some new nylock nuts for the fender bolts.


It didn't take long to have it running when I got back. I had to get Steph to lend me a hand putting the fender back on because I didn't have quite enough hands.


Once I had that done I pulled it out of the repair area and went for the Gravley. It didn't take long to find the problem.



Mule tape is some tough stuff. 


When that was off I attempted to adjust the gear linkage that keeps popping out. It was only finger tight.  I tightened it up and took it out for a test.


Going down the hill in the field I discovered nothing had changed. It was a fun, frightening, fast ride to the bottom. The biggest thing I don't like about it is the lack of brakes.


I finished mowing the field and then tackled the side and front yards. 


I made about 4 rounds of the yard when Graham walked over and got my attention. He was in an accident on the way home. He is ok, his car is damaged on both ends.


I got back to mowing. and in no time I had the front and side yards done. The 50 inch deck really gets things done in a hurry.


The things I like about the Gravley are:


It runs perfect. 

It mows beautifully.

It is easy to maneuver.


Things I don't like


It has no brakes.

It won't stay in gear.

The seat is rather unforgiving.


I am still debating on keeping it. If I can figure out the transmission problem it will go a long way toward making up my mind. 


I came in and showered. I was filthy.


Now I am sitting in my chair debating taking my last muscle relaxer. 


I did take a pic of the yard out of my dirty office window. I really need to clean it one day.


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#3944 UncleWillie OFFLINE  


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Posted June 22, 2016 - 07:47 PM

The humidity is a living, breathing, vengeful thing. 


This morning I was awakened by  a text from Graham. He woke up in pain from the wreck yesterday. He needed me to drive him to the ER. 


So I got up and got dressed while Steph made coffee. 


It didn't take all that long to get in the room. It took them forever to get him seen and x-rayed and medicated. No major damage. A mild concussion and some strained muscles. 


We left there and drove down to his pharmacy and got some prescriptions filled. It was 2pm when we got home. 


It was hot. I didn't feel like being out in it, and the er chair messed with my back.


I sat and did nothing till 730. We thought it would be more hospitable outside. It wasn't.


The storm we had a few days ago knocked a large tree limb down. It was still barely hanging on the tree. We tied it to CherryBerry and I climbed up a ladder and cut the little bit that was holding on. Then Steph pulled it off. 


I got in the truck and pulled the limb down to the burn pile. 


Then Steph, Allison, and I picked up the back yard so I can mow it tomorrow. 


I was only outside for about a hour, but I looked like I had gone swimming with my clothes on when I came in. Allison said it wasn't hot like this in AZ. I laughed. On the tv at the hospital they said it was 115 in Phoenix.


Tomorrow I have to take Graham to a doctors appt. Then I am going to mow the back yard. then I will probably collapse into a sweaty puddle in the floor. 

Edited by UncleWillie, June 22, 2016 - 07:47 PM.

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#3945 toomanytoys84 ONLINE  



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Posted June 22, 2016 - 08:09 PM

She probably isn't used to the humidity more than the heat. Last time I as in vegas it was in the 100s. It didn't feel anywhere near that hot and I never sweated at all.
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