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The Adventures Of My New Hat

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#2296 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 13, 2014 - 09:05 PM

Long day may get longer.




This morning I got up and




Then I had to go get Jared to get him registered for school. We thought of everything to take, but his social security card. No big deal though. I did text him mom and ask her for the number and she didn't know it.


After we left the school I figured we would go to the SS office. So he headed down to Shelby.


Christine was starting to worry me. She was making a noise like she had a flat tire. We stopped twice to check the tires and I couldn't find anything.


I decided ti was time to eat so we stopped by the Shelby Cafe. It is an important place in Shelby. It is a small diner that everyone eats at. I told Jared there would be big wigs there and he didn't understand. We both got liver and onions. While we ate the Sheriff came by and was talking to everyone in the restaurant. I told him who it was and he understood the big wigs. The Sheriff had been sitting at a table full of guys in expensive suits so it could have been other government members – or he joined the mob.



Then we drove by the SS office. It was closed. For some fool reason they close at 12 on Wednesdays. Since that was a bust we stopped by Depot Salvage and had a look around. They are not keeping things near as neat as they used to. It looks like the stuff is carried in by the wheelbarrow and dumped in the floor.


I did make one nice little discovery though...



It wasn't complete, but it might be handy for something else. I will go back in a day or two and see if it is still there and what they want for it.


I took Jared back to his Grandmothers house. We had a good time goofing off most of the day.


I headed home.


After a quick change into work clothes I headed outside. Steph put Heath down for a nap and came out.


She jacked up Christine while I poked at Grady's tractor. After getting the hood off I could clearly see the bolt he dropped down in there.


I managed to get it out with a magnet.


Once Christine was up in the air we took a look at it. I didn't find the exact problem, but I did find the pinion yoke was backing off. I know it is not the right way to do it, but the truck has 500,000 miles on it, so I just tightened it up with a little bit of SWAG and we will hope for the best.


While Steph dropped Christine’s butt back to the ground I tinkered with the tractor. Right off the bat I found why Grady had trouble with the choke. The cable had been kinked. I searched every tractor I had and none of them have the same choke cable. I hopped in Christine and headed to AutoZone. Then I had to turn around and go back to get my wallet. It was in the pants I changed out of.


The truck was still making a flapping noise, but it was a little better. I had Steph drive up and down the road while I leaned out the passengers door trying to find the source. Nothing. Like I said it has 500k on it.


So I headed back to AZ and got a cable and headed home.


It took a couple of minutes to get the cable on. The battery was too dead to start and my back was hurting so I hooked up the charger and came in. Steph stayed out to do a couple of other things.


There were about 3 uneventful hours before things got interesting.


A repo truck backed in to my neighbors driveway and shut off its lights. Since Wanda is 75 and her mom is nearing 90 I got up and went over. I know both the cars in the drive are paid for.


There was a guy walking toward the house. Wanda's tiny dog, Lilly, was outside. My shoe weighs more than the dog does. He pulled out a stun gun and zapped it towards her. I told him he had gone far enough. He asked if Wanda's son was there. I said all I can tell you is that Wanda lives here. He said he was not leaving till he talked to her son.


I could just picture Wanda hiding behind the door in fear so I told him to leave. He got all bent out of shape and said he didn't have to. There was a pretty tense standoff in the driveway for a while. I had left my phone on the desk so I couldn't call the cops.


The said he wasn't going to leave unless I left too. Basically he wanted to get to Wanda and scare her. He pulled his stun gun out and then I shined my flashlight in his face to get a good look. He started telling me that was assault. Then he said he was going to get something out of the truck to use on me.


I guess he was too stupid to realize that he was talking to a man who was standing there wearing a gun on his hip.


Finally Wanda's son came out, told the guy that the car they wanted belonged to his ex-wife, he had talked to the repo company once already today and told them the car was not there, and the guy needed to leave.


The guy threatened me again.


He finally left, but said he would be back tonight.


I went in to talk to Wanda for a minute. Then I came home and called the cops.


Cop said the stun good was good for attracting bullets. Said I had every right to put a hole in him, but he thanked me for for not doing it.


Hopefully the guy will not come back. If he does a report has been filed. He will go to jail.


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#2297 oldedeeres OFFLINE  

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Posted August 14, 2014 - 12:43 AM

Sure wish our cops had that attitude!!!

#2298 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 14, 2014 - 08:03 PM

I knew something like this would happen.




Well this morning started off well enough.





We had to go up to Charlotte to get a sign from a gas station, but I had to get the little trailer unloaded so we could take it. So we fired up the falcon and dragged the broken axle Craftsman off of it and then hooked it to the BlueOx and left.


One stop at the QT for gas and food and we were off and running. The sign was a bit bigger than the guy told me. I figured we could move it was hand trucks. Nope. After wrestling with it for a few minutes and getting it over on its side, I backed the trailer up as close to it as I could to it. From there it was a combination of the hand truck and the come-a-long to get it loaded. Took us about 20 minutes total.


Then we headed home.


On the way back in I got a text from the ex that she had talked to the school (not sure how they got her number) and had told them that Jared was a runaway. She also told em that she doesn't want anything to do with Jared anymore and won't fight me if I go get custody. I told Steph that was going to cause problems. And I was right.


My plan was to take the sign of the trailer and then finish the repair on Grady's tractor. I came in where we got home to release some coffee back into the wild. Before I could get back outside my phone started ringing.


One of the calls was from a detective. The principal at the school called and told them that Jared was a runaway. After talking to her a bit she agreed that Jared needs to be where he will finish school. She told me I needed to go to court and get custody in order for him to enroll.


So I called a cop buddy of mine to ask if he had any ideas. He said to call Social Services. So I did. Social services gave me a hand full of phone numbers and websites to check out.


So now I have to get custody of Jared before school starts. I put in a call to legal aid and hope that they can help somehow. At we moment we can't afford a lawyer unless he will take a tractor in trade.


While I was on the phone, Heath was down for a nap, and Steph was mowing the front yard.


Steph came in and said she was going over to the neighbors house. I told her to bring the neighbors car over here and park it in the shade so I could change the belts on it later.


She brought the car over then I heard the Falcon start up I figured she had driven it across the street. I was wrong. Graham stole it to cut his yard. At least he puts gas back in it.


When I finally ran out of things I could look into and people I could call I went outside. I had to call Steph and tell her to have Graham bring the tractor back.


Once I had it back I hooked it to the mobile crane and then ran about 1/3 mile up the road to get a Craftsman. The guy has been after me for about 2 months to come get it. So I did. He couldn't figure out what I was going to do with the crane till I picked up the front end and drove away.


On the ride back I had a thought about the crane. I have needed some metal to use for the planned modifications. The gas station sign is made out of beautiful 2 1/2 inch square tubing. And it is almost the right size already. I will take it down to Reid (the fabricator) soon and let him get to work on it.


When I got home I told Graham to come over so we could work on his fiances car. It took about 30 minutes to change the three belts on it and then he took it back.


I gave Gradys tractor a look. It will start if you pour Seafoam in the carb. It will die in a couple of seconds. I have a feeling it has bad gas. Tomorrow I will give it a look. I didn't feel like messing with it tonight.


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Posted August 14, 2014 - 08:13 PM

Best of luck with the situation with Jared. Be careful on the tractor for law services talk, they might read this and know you have an FF.
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#2300 MH81 OFFLINE  


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Posted August 14, 2014 - 08:31 PM

Sorry to hear the ex is such an issue. Hope there is a lawyer that is doing pro bono stuff.

#2301 toomanytoys84 ONLINE  



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Posted August 15, 2014 - 07:02 AM

If she will just sign the papers I am sure with some research you can represent yourself in the matter.  If she isn't fighting you then there is no reason for a lawyer.  Lawyers are only there to make money over disagreements.

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Posted August 15, 2014 - 07:20 AM

Talk to a court clerk. They can some times offer very good advice. Or even a Judge if you know one! My daughter is going through a custody battle here!

#2303 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


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Posted August 15, 2014 - 09:38 AM

Willie, here in GA we have Temp custody that the probate court can grant.  This is how we got custody of our granddaughter.  If you Ex is willing to sign the papers then the court clerk will fill out the paper work, both parties sign it and it is done.  The Probate Judge conducted the signing and explained the rights of each party.  I'm not sure if your Ex has to be present or not.  We do have to file some paper work each year on the anniversary of custody telling the court basically that she is OK and doing well.  This will be the last year we have to file.  I can't remember if we had to pay anything or not, but it was not very much if we did.  You may want to check on this.  Good Luck.

#2304 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 15, 2014 - 01:09 PM

The problem is that I only have one week to get it all done. He has to be enrolled before the start of the school year.

#2305 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


    Freedom is not Free. Thank those in uniform for your freedom.

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Posted August 15, 2014 - 01:21 PM

We had it done in less then a week.  I think it only took 2 or 3 days.

#2306 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 15, 2014 - 04:57 PM

I am going to talk to a legal aid attorney on Tuesday. That is the earliest they can see me.

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#2307 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 15, 2014 - 07:17 PM

Yep an aneurism is imminent.




This morning I got up and resumed yesterdays madness.




I had a bunch of calls from people about my CL ads so after I waded through them I called Legal aid.


I explained what was going on to the intake clerk and she got so confused she called one of the paralegals to try to sort it out. Finally I was told that there is a child custody clinic at the Shelby library on Tuesday and I need to do there and talk to the lawyer who holds the clinic. Hopefully there won't be too many people there.


Then I spent some time figuring up what I could charge a guy to go to Maryland and get his Jeep. He will get back to me later.


Once all that was finished I had to call Jared's Grandmother and explain all this garbage to her. It took a bit for her to figure it out. She is not happy with her daughter right now. Kind of odd when my ex mother in law likes me more.


It is amazing to me that all my ex had to do was say that Jared could attend the school. What she did instead was start a crap storm. I know why she did it, but this is a family site so I will not say it out loud.


After Heath went down for his nap Steph and I went outside and got to working on Grady's tractor.


Right off the bat I got a phone call from a guy who wanted to buy the Husqvarna I have had listed for sale for over a year. Squirrels at the gas tank on his.


Back to Grady's tractor, it would run when I poured gas in the carb, but not on its own. I drained some gas into a jar and found lots of water. SO that got drained.


With some fresh gas in it I tried again. It would not pick up fuel. So I ran down to AZ and got a new fuel filter, a piece of line to replace the cracked piece, and a shutoff. It started up and ran for about 10 minutes then died.


I restarted it and could get it to run under half choke but nothing else.



I realized the filter was not filling with fuel as much as I am used to seeing. I pulled a fuel pump off another tractor and put it on and the filter now fills up. It still will not run without being choked. I am trying to do this for as little cost to Grady as possible. If I can't find another solution I may steal a carb off another engine and put it on to see it that cures the problem. I know as soon as I open one up I have to buy a rebuild kit. I have never gotten one apart without destroying the gaskets yet. It is a horizontally opposed Briggs. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Finally my back had enough. I staggered in the house and sat down for a bit. About 45 minutes later the guy came for the Husqy. He looked at it and handed me some cash. I grabbed the falcon and the mobile crane, and with Steph's help and Heaths co-piloting, we got it dropped on h is little trailer with no problems.


As soon as that was loaded my neighbors son called and wanted to come look to see if I had a toolbox for his truck. He was 5 minutes away so we waited outside for him.


I decided to drive the Falcon over to the shade so Heath and I jumped on it. As we started moving I realized that Steph was riding on the tongue of the crane. I am sure we looked hilarious going across the yard.


I didn't have a box that fit his Toyota so he headed on.


We came in for baked potatoes and baked chicken.

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Posted August 16, 2014 - 10:49 PM

Well I had one small thing to do today – then the phone rang.




This morning was all woke up at about the same time which is unusual.



All I had to do was fix the carb on Grady's tractor. Then the phone rang.



My old friend, Gary, called to ask if I could bring his daughters van back to Greeneville since it was fixed. He said he would mail me a check for gas.


So I figured I could go out and fix the carb then get the van and head it down to Gtown. HAHAHAHAHA



About 30 minutes later I got another call. A guy had a Mazda pickup he wanted me to come get. He said it had to go today because he had caught his wife in bed with her ex husband and he was leaving. Without checking my wallet I agreed to buy it.



When I checked my wallet I found that I had money to either deliver the van or get the truck but not both. So I called Gary and explained the situation and asked if he had a payapl account. He didn't, but a mutual friend was close by and he said he could deliver some cash.


Once the cash arrived we headed out. First to Newton to snag the Windfart.


It had the weirdest thing I have ever seen happen to it. The oxygen sensor wiring that runs over the catalytic converter fell down and melted. Then it shorted out and melted some contacts on the back of the fuse panel. It took 3 mechanics at 2 different shops a full week to find it.

We stopped on the way home got get some gas. We were on pump 14. I told Steph to go get $50. When the pump turned on I started to pump. She came out and told me to stop at 50 because the woman in side smessed up. The guy at the pump 13 asked me if the clerk gave me his gas. I had no idea. At $46 the pump shut off and then the cashier came over the intercom and told me to stop at 50. Steph was on her way out so I told her to go back in and get the change.


After we left I asked her if she had paid with a gift card and got a discount somehow. She said no. I told her that the gas was only $3.07 not $3.17. She said that the guy on pump 13 had come in and said he was on pump 14 and has bought 3 drinks to get .10 off per gallon. So I got his discount. `


Then the WindFart was towed down to Shelby and dropped in Buddy's yard.


A 30 minute drive from there netted the Mazda – which has the strangest modifications I have ever seen. I will get some pics tomorrow.


And back to Buddy's to drop the Mazda and pick up the Furd.


From there we headed over to Chick-fil-a and got some grub. Heath was turned loose in the playground. Some other kids came in and he had a ball playing.


After we ate we headed off to G-ville. There was no traffic and we made good time at speed of quiet.


With the van delivered we headed back to Shelby. It was 945 when we go there. At about 1030 we had tired of talking to Buddy and harassing his family so we stole his truck to pull the Mazder back up on the tow dolly and headed back to my side of the world.


Steph wanted some cereal and I wanted a beer so we stopped at Wal-mart and she ran in.


Finally at 1120 I am finished with the nothing I had to do today – 215 miles later.

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Posted August 17, 2014 - 09:01 PM

Well we got some things accomplished.




After my morning activities.


gas of life.jpg


We didn't do a whole lot till about 1. I needed the rest.



We finally got outside after Heath went down for a nap and got to work.


First we needed to see if the Mazda I got yesterday ran. So we stuck a battery in it and fired it up. It ran perfect for about 30 yards. Then wiring under the dash caught on fire. My big feet got tangled up in some wiring that the PO had done for some reason.








While I was slicing the crispy wiring out of it Grady came over to borrow the Hemorrhoid to cut his grass. Hopefully it treats him better than it treats everyone else.



Back to the Mazda. I got it started and drove it up the road. It ran pretty good. Till it ran out of gas.


SO I parked it and went over to Grady's tractor.



I pulled his Carb apart and found that the little jet in the bottom of it has been massacred by someone else. It is supposed to come out with an allen wrench. It looked like someone tried to drill it out. I am surprised it ran at all.


I hopped on the Falcon to go look for a carb. It ran out of gas.


So I stole a carb off of a Lawn Machine and combined to two to make one good one.


It ran perfect and then it ran out of gas.


I went up to TSC and got a new oil filter for Grady's tractor and some gas.


With fuel in everything they all came to life like they should.


With everything running I came in toe start posting ads for the Mazda. Hopefully someone will snatch it up soon. I need some cash.

Video will be here when it finishes processing.



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#2310 UncleWillie ONLINE  


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Posted August 18, 2014 - 06:41 PM

Today was today.




This morning I was slow getting going.






Then I fielded 400000000000000 phone calls and texts on the Mazda. No one has handed me any cash yet. I do have one interesting offer of a trade for an El Camino.


At around 2 I squeezed in Christine and headed up to get Jared.


We headed back adn when we got here Steph and Heath were gone, but the Ox was still here. A quick look across the street revealed that the neighbors car was gone. SO I knew where they went. The Neighbor needed tires on her car. They went down to the tire shop.


Jared and I took a look at the tail lights on Christine and found that the bulbs were messed up. I tried to call Steph and got no answer. I tried to call the neighbor and got no answer. SO I called the tire shop. I could hear the two of them in the background. I told Steph to get some bulbs.



They got home and Jared and I went out to put the bulbs in. Now she can get it inspected and legal tomorrow.


Tomorrow Jared and I go down to talk to the lawyer.

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