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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Are Gts Made Of Gold Or Something

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#16 Brando OFFLINE  

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Posted November 16, 2012 - 09:36 PM

The ones that want to much and dont know a thing about what they have gets to me the most.

#17 OldBuzzard ONLINE  



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Posted November 16, 2012 - 10:28 PM

The actual worth of these old GTs and accessories is something that is impossible to put a firm figure on. In the end it's what someone is willing to part with in order to own whatever is being sold, and even then you have to take a number of things into consideration. What is it? Where is it? What condition is it in? How rare is it? How bad does the buyer want it?

A couple of those things are interdependent as well. What & Where can help determine Rare. Take Bolens for instance. There are places like southern Michigan, and areas in Pennsylvania where the old Bolens and their accessories seem to be just littering the land scape. In other places of the country you can mention Bolens, and people ask what is a Bolens?

A perfect example of this is when I sold a round back tiller for the tube frames. Here in NE Ohio, Bolens stuff is somewhat middle of the road for availability. They aren't just falling out of the sky, but they aren't rare as hen's teeth either. I had one in very good original condition, and decided to sell it, so I asked in the Bolens forum here, and got a number of suggestions. In the end I decided to put it on CraigsList for an INFLATED price of $250.00. Now, I really was only wanting $125-150.00 for it, which would have been a fair price. But knowing how the average CL buyer wants to beat you up on price, I decided to start high, and let them do it.

The day after I listed it I got one call, and another the next day. I told the 2nd caller that I had given the 1st person "right of first refusal", and told him I'd call him back if #1 passed on it. The 1st guy showed up the next day, took a look at it, saw that it was operating as I still had it mounted on my G10, and said "I want it". Then without even dickering, he reached in his wallet, peeled off $250.00, and we set to dismounting the tiller and getting into his pickup bed. While doing that, we were talking and it turned out that he was from WV, but was in this area visiting relatives. Where he was from Bolens stuff was pretty hard to find, and when he saw mine listed he jumped on it as quick as he could, price be damned.

So, even though I was listing it at what I thought was way too high a figure, he thought it was reasonable, paid for it without a second thought, and went away with it happy as a clam. You just never know.

The other thing I see all the time is guys saying I'd sure like to have that, but it's too far away from me". I guess that a lot of that is based on each individual, but "too far" is something that should be flexible. As the guys over on the Bolens forum know, I'm VERY flexible about what 'too far' is. I just came back from an almost epic 7-day, two stop, 1600+ mile road trip. I brought back three very desirable attachments, and a danged rare tractor. Would I have done that for a Bolens 1050 (which Bolens sold a gazillion of) and a front plow blade? No. But for an HDT1000, a tractor that was supposed the be for export only, a barely used Brinly Planter with 8 seed plates, a MacKissic tractor mounted sprayer, and a Haban Flail mower, I didn't give it a second thought.

I guess in the end, each of us put our own ideas of prices, and there will always be other that think our 'prices' are too high and others that think that they are way low.
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#18 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted November 17, 2012 - 08:14 AM

True Old Buzzard.

I find that when I'm out of work there is time to chase GTs but little money. When I'm working, there's money but no time nor energy to chase deals. These all lower the price I will pay.

As you said the area makes a difference. I'm in the crowded northeast so, there are alot of opportunities nearby. Our town had a bolens dealer up until about 1997. He sold me a bunch of old stock engine parts before he died 5 years ago. The Bolens parts were already gone. Bolens stuff turns up every so often and is usually cheap. I paid $100 for an HT23 last year. It supposedly runs but has no attachments. It is beat, rotted and painted JD colors (as I've seen several humiliated that way). But, I love large frames! It will get a full overhaul.

#19 robert_p43 OFFLINE  

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Posted November 17, 2012 - 10:12 AM

While I wouldn't be interested, those Bantam's go for big money. Not sure how high, but I think since Rick on "American Restorer" charged a few grand just to restore one like that, it drove people's expectations over the moon.

I think he picks stuff that need lots of money to restore so everyone can say, "WOW!" when they see the finished product. It makes for a good show. I would restore lots of things if I had sponser money to do it. :)
Craigslist sellers are funny. You will see an old running Sears Suburban for $200 one day. Another day, someone will list one for $1500 that doesn't run and looks like a parts tractor, just cause they think it is highly collectable.